Lohan Behold

January 31, 2013

Lindsay Lohan’s Prison Tattoos

Yeah, she avoided jail time yesterday, but does anyone doubt that headline will be true at some point? Are they […] Read More
November 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Arrest Videos

Hot damn. Another day, another Lindsay Lohan 4am bar assault. Two videos of her breaking out of jail in NYC […] Read More
September 21, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Steals a Child

LiLo’s cross-country crime spree continues! Your move, Amanda Bynes… Chasing Lindsay: Lindsay Oldhan Lindsay Lohan’s Ass Hair LiLo Makes a […] Read More
August 10, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Drug Store Run

Man, does Lindsay Lohan love a good drug store or what? Here she is picking up some stuff in Beverly […] Read More
July 5, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Her Roots

Out of work, hitting the clubs ’til 4am, hanging with questionable friends, recklessly taking the wheel … she’s not just […] Read More
June 5, 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor Malfunction

Now that Lindsay Lohan has completely trashed her own reputation, it’s time to wreck someone else’s — LiLo’s Liz Taylor […] Read More
May 4, 2012

Lindsay Oldhan – 2

“They Told Me I Could Be Anything, So I Became 60″ You might have seen this awesome meme around, but […] Read More
February 9, 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s Ass Hair

Dear God… What the?.. It’s coming out of her sleeves!… We haven’t seen a coat that hideous in a while. […] Read More