Celebrity Tattoos

February 20, 2013

Chuck Norris Tattoos Kick Ass

There’s a thin line between badass and bad — you decide who’s crossed it (we don’t wanna piss off Chuck […] Read More
January 31, 2013

Lindsay Lohan’s Prison Tattoos

Yeah, she avoided jail time yesterday, but does anyone doubt that headline will be true at some point? Are they […] Read More
December 31, 2012

Best of 2012: Celebrity Tattoos Gone Wild!

Maybe inspired by David Beckham’s all-over body art and courtesy of those crazy kidz at Worth1000 — 20 Celebrities Covered […] Read More
November 7, 2012

Adam Levine Tattoo Help

Adam Levine has been slowly growing on us, kinda like his tattoos have been growing on him. It’s awesome the […] Read More
September 17, 2012

Gossip Girls Tattoos

Hey, it’s our way to celebrate Blake Lively’s return to the set of “Gossip Girl” — gratuitous tattoo pictures of […] Read More
September 12, 2012

Chris Brown’s Rihanna Skull Tattoo

Seriously Chris Brown? You got a tattoo of a beat up woman that looks just like Rihanna on your neck […] Read More
September 5, 2012

Lady Gaga’s Tattoos Tour

Lady Gaga isn’t just covering herself in fur these days — she keeps getting tattoos, too. Gaga recently got her […] Read More
August 29, 2012

Selena Gomez Tattoo Tour

She’s just getting started, and already has one she’ll be removing one day… “Everybody thought it was a heart, but […] Read More