No Makeup Monday

February 6, 2013

Natalie Portman No Make Up Shocker

Ok, we lied, there’s no shocker, she’s gorgeous as always. Make up & make out: Mary Kate Olsen No Makeup […] Read More
July 30, 2012

Mary Kate Olsen No Makeup Stumper

Mary Kate Olsen is givin’ us a “No Make-Up Monday” mind-bender! WTF!?… She’s smiling. Her skin tone looks normal. Her […] Read More
April 16, 2012

No Makeup Monday – 12

Looking for a way to feel better about yourself on a Monday morning after a weekend of partying? How ’bout […] Read More
December 29, 2011

The Year’s Scariest Celebrities Without Makeup

Not going to lie … you will ABSOLUTELY regret clicking through to see some of these celebrities wearing no makeup! […] Read More
November 7, 2011

No Makeup Monday – 11

Aw, hell! Monday so soon? Well, we’re not putting our best face forward today, so why should our celebs? Some […] Read More
October 10, 2011

No Makeup Monday – 10

Wait, isn’t today supposed to be a holiday or something? Then we can all forget about even trying to look […] Read More
September 12, 2011

No Makeup Monday – 9

There is no way in hell we’re going to even try to look good today. So we can’t blame these […] Read More
August 8, 2011

No Makeup Monday – 8

It’s Monday morning already? Damn, ain’t no one ready … guess that means it’s gonna be another No Makeup Monday! […] Read More