Best Buddy Ever

buddy the wonder dog (10)

A note to long time readers – Buddy the Wonder Dog has passed away. He was 20 years old and a happy pappy to the end. My partner and I adopted him from a NYC shelter shortly after Sept 11 2001. He needed us, and we needed him. He was tough and unruly, and we loved him all the more for it.

When CityRag first started in 2004, Buddy’s life as a New York City rescue dog was a big part of the site. He was often recognized on streets of the East Village, competed on Gawker, and had some awesome fans. As his health slid I stopped posting about him. Blogging can change your relationship to things and I wanted to keep it real with him. Or maybe I just didn’t want to blog his decline. Buddy was an amazing dog – sweet, funny, loyal, always up for an adventure, and a badass to the end. Thanks for loving him with us.

We’ll never forget you Buddy…

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