You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up

March 13, 2012

Wakey Wakey

Time to rise and shine and face the internet. A quick jolt to get yer day going. Click to experience ... Read More
March 7, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction Cover Up

Ok, what is the point of wearing a sure fire, attention drawing, see-through top to a major event, if your ... Read More
February 29, 2012


WTF?… When did 26 become the new 60?… And what’s that bad smell?…The Stinkos at Cinco de Mayo Jersey Shore ... Read More
February 24, 2012

David Lee Roth, Dog Trainer‏

Our WTF video of the week goes to: Sheep Dog Training with David Lee Roth. He’s actually damn good at ... Read More
February 21, 2012

20 Pictures Of Coco’s Ass Puppies

In honor of Coco’s ass puppies being certified pedigree, (the real thing, no implants), we’ve put together a juicy gallery ... Read More
February 14, 2012

Everybody Hearts Boobs!

Female celebrities checking out the racks of other female celebrities is so hawt this week! Click the pics to see ... Read More
February 1, 2012

Gunning for Justice

Guess which celebrity spawn is sending a subtle message to the paparazzi that she’s not taking any of their sh*t ... Read More
January 30, 2012

WTF Tattoo of the Day – 2

Unless it’s social commentary on ducks lips in mirror self portraits, and the scary morphing standard of beauty. Cuz in ... Read More