Tattoos are Personal

September 13, 2004

nothing personal

nothing personal (except the tattoos of course) Read More
August 24, 2004

armed and dangerous

armed and dangerous bold colors and thick lines create a beautiful and striking symmetry as her collection grows… Read More
August 16, 2004

live to ride

live to ride “Viva Para Montar” (literal translation “live to mount”) – pretty much covers his 2 loves… Read More
August 9, 2004


Tiger and for the record, she is. Read More
August 5, 2004

tat bonding

tat bonding tattoos can separate people. in a funny way, they’re designed to do that. but they equally bring people […] Read More
August 2, 2004

hello… kitty

hello… kitty the latest addition to our Tattoo’s are Personal series… “I love Hello Kitty so much, this way they’re […] Read More
July 21, 2004

steady handed

steady handed our first submission to the “Tattoo’s are Personal” series shows off the artistic percision and accuracy of tattoo […] Read More
July 13, 2004

killer knees

killer knees fotologs/photologs offer an astounding wealth of beautiful images, some of the most creative artistry on the web and […] Read More