Celebrity Pot Smokers

July 19, 2010

Paris Hilton's Genius Pot Defense

Deny, deny, deny. (Not that it hasn’t been used before.) 15 Massive Joints Paris’s Weed is Crappy Celebrities Smoking Joints […] Read More
May 20, 2010

Megan Fox Need a Bong Hit

Because her idiotic and hilarious quotes can only get better when she’s stoned, we’ve packed Megan a phat hit of […] Read More
April 23, 2010

Olivia Munn Is Double Jointed

Olivia Munn doing a show about weed, on the beach in Hawaii, without a big fat island joint?? Ridiculous!… Now, […] Read More
April 20, 2010

20 Celebrities Smoking Pot

Tons of celebrities admit to smoking weed, however today, the proof is in the puffing. Click the images to see […] Read More
March 25, 2010

Larry King Gets Blunted

Larry King Gets Blunted This picture of Larry King cruising with Snoop Dog in his Cadillac Snoop Deville was so […] Read More
March 10, 2010

David Letterman Needs a Bong Hit

David Letterman Needs a Bong Hit At first we read this headline wrong – Guilty Plea in Letterman Plot. But […] Read More
February 4, 2010

Michael Buble Needs a Bong Hit

Michael Buble Needs a Bong Hit …and some cake and sex! So it turns out Micheal Buble likes his weed, […] Read More
January 15, 2010

Snooki Needs a Bong Hit

Snooki Needs a Bong Hit As the first season of “Jersey Shore” comes to a close, we gotta give it […] Read More