Boo The Pom Doll!

O.M.G. We just found out the famous stuffed animal company Gund has started making a Boo Doll
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Kim Kardashian Herp Derp
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Art Basel 2013 Photos
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Happy F’ing Valentines Day

Even little chipmunk?…
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Oprah Winfrey’s Boobs Are Spectacular!

Oprah’s Boobs Are Spectacular

After years of speaking out aabout
Finally, people are talking about Oprah’s breasts. Yeah, it’s kinda crass the way Terance Howard put it. However we’ve been hot for her bazonkas for yearsz! and will happilly take the place in the world as the lesbian blogger with the lowest commondenomintor blogging on Oprah lesbian and we’ve been waiting for Oprah’s boobs to come out of the closet.

This might be crazy but we’re gonna try and make Oprah’s boobs right again

is oprah smexy? we say yup

when terance howard makes yer argument for you, you kinda gotta look at who’s side your on.
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How to Pronounce Rihanna
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Art Basel Miami 2013: Wynwood


I’m in Miami Bitch! With a ton of exclusive Art Basel coverage coming up today and later this week. But 1st we’re kicking it off with FCUK BASEL! The best time we had was jumping parties and walking the street of Wynwood. Shit happening all over, open bars, free food, beats booming through the street. The crazies out in full force.

It started raining, and dudes were ripping their shirts off, we huddled under an over hang and stuffed our faces on Arepas, as good the ones in NYC. Kinda like Soho in the 80’s, crossed with the East Village in the 90’s (except people were nice everywhere, it’s a So Flo thing.) Click to enLarge…

Photos by and Kristen Currier Ludlow

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How to Pronounce Rihanna’s Name

rihanna name

As Rich from Gawker so eloquently points out in his supercut video –
No One Pronounces Rihanna’s Name Right, Except for Rihanna (Maybe)

…WE’RE ALL SAYING IT WRONG! It’s Ree-ANN-a. Nice and crisp and fast-like. Not Ree-AHHHHHHHHH-NA, like you’re from the Hamptons and have all day to say it or something. Anyway, we love Rich’s bouncy edits and how Riri cuts the reporter off with “But, YEAH” at the end – like, duh… Rihanna Knows Her Own Name

Justin Bieber and Rihanna Hook Up Photos
Rihanna’s First 10 Tattoos
Rihanna Gets Blunted

Via Gawker

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