living dangerously

living dangerously
smokin up late night, between bands, with a group, in the street, around the corner from CBGB’s.


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nothing personal

nothing personal
(except the tattoos of course)


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Blue Boy

Blue Boy
loves his blanket


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it’s PhotoFriday, yay!

it’s PhotoFriday, yay!
we’re addicted to the incredible diversity and accessibility of photographic art on the net. there are thousands of beautiful, moving and creative photo sites out there, and they’re growing daily. from massive sites like Fotolog to Typepad, it’s becoming difficult to simply jump in and find something new.

so when we spotted PhotoFriday a couple weeks ago (on WhatISee, a site we like), it’s clean, simple and lightly focused style quickly drew us in! each week a topic is posted and anyone can post their photographic interpretation (part of what we love about PhotoFriday is that there aren’t a ton of rules) different topics get different levels of response but there’s usually several hundred. it would be hard to get through them all each week, but we don’t even try. just a few random clicks will yield plenty of interesting and diverse photo sites to look through. click on “linkviewer” for super easy browsing (and the noteworthy section directs you to some of the best.) and entering your own photo adds another way to have fun! here’s our shot for this weeks topic “Blossom” -


Bonus link – a favorite photolog discovered on PhotoFriday:
Fourteen Places to Eat – a visual diary of life in a small town

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hire this man

hire this man
since we’re on the fashion week tip… here’s a photo shot this morning of beautiful, sexy construction guy, working at the massive site on the corner diagonally opposite the Fashion shows in Bryant Park. omg, look at that smile…


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crash this party

crash this party
Levi’s is having a private street party tonight (something to do with fashion week and a launch), smack in the center of Orchard Street between Houston and Stanton, and taking up the entire block (at least this is what the guys setting it up told us.) we don’t have the scoop on when this party starts or what it will offer, but there were like 10 port-o-sans set up and lots of tents, plants and stuff being brought in this morning.


if it looks good, we have some ideas for you on how to crash it. tell the door people:
– you work on the block and need to get through
– you live on the block and will throw water balloons out your window if they don’t let you in
– you work for Content Party Rentals (that’s the name of the company setting up the tents and stuff) and are delivering a part, or bringing the manager his back-up cell phone battery or something…
– you work for A Royal Flush (the company providing the port-o-sans) and someone reported leaking port-o-san (our personal favorite)

we also did a little web snooping and found this cool event happening Sunday on the block: The 3rd Annual Stores A GoGo - The Only Downtown Fashion Week alternative to Bryant Park + the only shows open to the Public + Press.

“On Sunday, September 12, at 1 PM, outdoors on Orchard Street @ Stanton, THIRTY of the most talented rated next L.E.S. designers will present, during Fashion Week, their Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 Collections in a fashion forward afternoon of runway shows (at 2 PM and 4PM), dj Girlina, cuisine from neighborhood restaurants, art, shopping, and after parties. “

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demo derby decadence

demo derby decadence
photos from the Columbia County Fair last weekend, including 4 spectacular rounds of Demolition Derby (women won 2 of the 4 derbies) bright colored cars with crazy slogans, tons of excellent crashing and crunching, a burst gas tank and fire, fights in the stands (more on that next week) – it was insanely FUN!




and that was even before we hit the midway, games, rides, and the beer tent…




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“the Feddy” ? “K-Fed” ? name this now look…

“the Feddy” ? “K-Fed” ? name this new look…
snapped this photo of a stylin’ hottie in front of the Micky D’s on 42nd St this morning. dark blue Yankees cap, tipped to the side, do-rag underneath, white shirt, baggy jeans, short grow around the chin, fat kicks… from across the street we were like, oh yeah, Kevin Ferderline is waiting for Britney Spears outside of McDonalds! (scroll down to the 3rd pic here) but on closer look we saw how clean he was.


so what’s the new name gonna be for this “look”?…
“sportin The Feddy”
“that’s so K-Fed”
“he’s a Ferderling”
send us your submissions!

UPDATE: new photo

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