construction snaps and wraps

construction snaps and wraps
some shots of construction around town… the big showroom on the corner of Bway and Houston (where the “whale of a wash” car wash used to be) is going up fast. Bellevue Hospital is wrapping up the clever expansion they added to the front of the building to maximize their space.


a massive wrapping/scaffolding of the facade of Grand Central Station has been going up over the last few days, wonder what they’re doin. now that Chashama and the surrounding buildings are gone, work has started on the massive hole that will be the foundation for the new Bank of America building going up.


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join the battle – be a swing state hero

join the battle – be a swing state hero
recent election polls have been extremely close. sorting past the right wing media hype – several non-partisan and well respected sources have shown Kerry in the lead -
Wall Street Journal: Battlegrounds States Poll
Zogby: Democrat John Kerry Clings To A Narrow Labor Day Lead


without a doubt, the election will boil down to who wins key swing states. CityRag is encouraging everyone to call, email and reach out to ANYONE you know in these states (family, friends, bloggers, bands, groups) and let them know the fate of the nation is in their hands and to get out and vote for John Kerry!


10 states also strongly in play: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington

Swing-state pendulum favors Kerry
Kerry Holds Ten-Point Lead Over Bush in Oregon
New State Polls; MI, MN. Good News
2004 Battleground States
Twenty states have the closest races
NH important battleground state
Undecideds in key places to determine who’ll be president
Nader’s Top Endorsers Urge “Swing States” Support for Kerry
Why the Race Is a Lot Closer Than People Think
AP Poll: Bush has gained, but not among swing voters
Growing Arizona in Campaign Play
Swing State

Update: How to Swing pt. 1

New York says goodbye to Indian Larry

New York says goodbye to Indian Larry
this Sunday a memorial block party/benefit will be held in honor of Indian Larry


SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 19th 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
(via Brooklyn Vegan a great site)

if you can’t make Indian Larry’s memorial benefit, you can keep a little of him with you by picking up a t-shirt, hat or poster on his site

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one gun salute

one gun salute
today’s smoke-in goes out to all the people in military service. wish you were here.


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Guide to Banh Mi in NYC

Guide to Banh Mi in NYC
Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) have been around New York for a while, and for those who know where to find them, they’re a secret source for one of the cheapest and most delicious foods in the city!


if you don’t know what Banh Mi are, they’re these amazing, one of a kind sandwiches, that are huge, made with all kinds of tasty fresh ingredients (French bread, shredded carrots, radish, slices of cucumber, lunch meat, bbq pork and a variety of sauces/seasoning) and are super cheap! usually around $3 for a massive sandwich that can feed 2.

our all time favorite is Saigon Banh Mi. high quality ingrediants and great care go into making each of their incredibly tasty sandwiches. opened over 15 years ago by Nina and her mother, Nina’s mother has retired and she now runs it with her husband Kevin (the nicest people you could ever meet). they toast each beautiful loaf of bread to order, and load on the fresh vegetables, meats and sauces. there are only 2 items on the menu! delicious, strong and sweet iced coffee and one kind of bahn mi/sandwich (the traditional version) but they will happily make an all Veggie version (or all pork) if you ask. their BBQ pork is so tasty and nicely crispy, hands down the best around. another reason they edge out the rest.


part of the fun of Saigon Banh Mi is it’s almost secret location in a forgotten part of Manhattan, on the outside of the E. Broadway Mall where Forsythe, Division and East Broadway meet (stall #108 on the Forsythe St side, right behind the strip of lined up buses). Saigon Banh Mi is open Tuesday-Sunday. They open early in the morn and close late afternoon or when they run out of the days bread (which happens often so best to go before noon.) another tip – if you stroll down Market St you’ll find some nice ball fields with bleachers where you can eat your sandwich and watch some local ball on the weekend.


there are many other banh mi shops around NYC. Chowhound and Epinions are great sources of info. another favorite of ours is Banh Mi So. 1 on Broome near Mott. they’re a little easier to get to, and have a good selection of funky little sweet and savory Vietnamese side dishes to try (and are also very nice people)

and a cool new addition! Lesevil spotted a Banh Mi shop, Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches opening on 105 E 2nd St, just off Ave A. and there’s a post today on Chowhound that they’ve opened and have good stuff. We’re there!

more great info on banh mi can be found here and here. and for an authentic lowdown, check out the excellent Vietnamese food blog – Noodle Pie

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nature boy – 2

nature boy
Buddy takes a break from stalking bugs…


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“Kings of Graffiti”

“Kings of Graffiti”
a new documentary from Doug Pray the director of the wonderful movie “Scratch” is Clawpawcurrently being filmed in New York City. “Kings of Graffiti” is about the art and lives of seven notorious graffiti writers. from the inside info we got, this looks like an amazing documentary that promises to capture the real feel of the graffiti scene and people who live and breathe it, something that’s yet to be done. as we get more info, we’ll keep you updated on the movie’s filming and release.

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punk rock, tattoos and hot rods

punk rock, tattoos and hot rods
this coming weekend is the annual Woodstock Tattoo and Body Arts Festival. Tattoofestival_1 despite poor recall due to several illegal substances consumed – we can vouch that last year’s festival was a KILLER TIME! the festival (and the rocker, punk, tattoo freaks who attend) take over the town. shops and cafes are packed with some of the worlds best tattoo artists. you can grab a tat or watch some of the mind-blowing work being done. there’s also a “country fair” atmosphere with funny hippie stuff, t-shirts, tasty food and alcohol being sold around town. and the bars and performance spaces are stacked with line-ups of great bands (like legendary NY hardcore and punk band Murphy’s Law, and the kick-ass chick fronted metal band Grounded). $18 gets you into every show and venue for the day. we go early check out all the fun stuff, watch some tattooing, see friends, eat and drink, and then bounce around checking out bands and partying into the night.

AND as luck would have it, the same weekend, right across the river in Rhinebeck is the massive east coast Hot Rod and Classic Car Show, featuring over 1,500 rods, customs, classics & muscle cars. This show is fantastic, the cars are so fucking hot! a nice way to wind down on Sunday afternoon.

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