Orchard St undies

Orchard St undies
we were talking to a friend the other day who, like us, grew up around NYC and remembers trips to Orchard St for stocking up on underwear. the reminiscing gave us a pang to snap some of those great old shops before, LES yuppification wipes them out. it’s shocking how much is gone. there’s only a small handfull of stores and signs left of the Orchard St we remember from years ago…




not much online about Orchard Street’s history. the Lower East Side Business Improvement District website has some good info and old photos. and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum is packed with LES history. and the museum’s a cool place to visit, and especially fun when combined with your own Lower East Side Food Tour!

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my gay wedding

my gay wedding
we did not call it our wedding. it was our 10 Year Anniversary Party, dammit! but our hilarious friends took great pleasure by calling it our “wedding”, and still refer to it as such 8 years later.


so our gay wedding went like this…
picnic Luau, over 120 people, old stone hunting lodge in Westchester (with 100 private acres, and a pond), friends and family flying in from all over the country, festive Hawaiian fashions, badminton, swimming, drinking, feasting, champagne toasts, uncle Nick driving in with his homemade rotisserie from Michigan and slow smoking 24 whole chickens, friends who formed our “wedding band” playing everything from Let’s Stay Together to Magnet and Steel, a beautiful “wedding cake” with a layer made with pot that both our Mother’s tried (knowingly!), mushrooms, bonfire, karaoke, fireworks, ‘smores, more feasting, sunrise.


also, at the party, we both got OM tattoos over our heart. our own version of the wedding ring exchange, symbolism thing. we held hands as both tattoos were done at the same time (by 2 of our good friends Andrea and Michelle.) and we’re planning on somehow topping this for our 20th anniversary in 2006! (political side-note: after 18 years together, and paying buckets of taxes, can we get some rights here)


ending this on a tattoo note, Andrea and Michelle both have their own tattoo shops (lets hear it for the grrlz!) and their websites are gorgeous! check the incredibly rich and detailed tattoo photos (and excellent website design) at Michelle’s site for Dare Devil Tattoo, and the beautiful photos and cool information on tattoos at the site for Andrea’s Lone Wolf Tattoo

(poor quality of pics due to “ghetto scanning” = taking digital pics of old analog photos)

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not another Monday

not another Monday
Buddy’s pulls out some persuasive looks trying to convince us to stay home this morning…


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peaceful and illegal

peaceful and illegal
city rag smoke-ins


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on the job

on the job
Buddy’s off to his weekend job: being a dog


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apple pickin’ season

it’s apple pickin’ season
over the last couple weeks pick-your-own-apples mania has been hitting areas all around the city. and you won’t here us complaining, what’s not to love about picking apples on a clear fall day in the beautiful orchards of an old farm (and grabbing a big supply of fresh hard apples in all varieties at .29 cents a pound)


one of our all-time favorite farms is Boehm Orchards in Climax, NY. a huge old family run farm, surrounded by rural beauty; the orchard is incredible, long winding rows with striking views of the mountains in the distance.


each row is clearly labeled and they have a huge variety (last visit we were able to grab the last of the peach pickin crop.) they even make their own pies right there in the farm kitchen, with the freshest apples and a perfect crust. about the best apple pie we’ve ever had!


Manhattan Users Guide just published an info filled “Apples” edition. and the Chowhound Tristate board is an excellent source for finding orchards around the city. you can do a search or post a request for recommendations. here’s some old posts…Where can I go apple picking in NJ?, Farmer’s Markets – Apple Picking

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friday links – 2

friday links

this weeks laugh-every-time-you-see-it photo, on our new fave site Verbose Coma (via NewYorkish)

wanna know where to stalk, see or eat with celebrities in New York City… Gawker Stalker kicks-ass each week in rounding up the latest NY celebrity spotting

KDunk’s hilarious “What Your Cube Says About You” is a cathartic rant for all of us that work in shitty cubed out offices.

more breaking Lesbian news – Simpson sister is a lesbian (from Unca Grambs)

we love a good burger, and New York’s got a ton a great spots – on the Manhattan Chowhound board this week there were 2 HUGE burger posts discussing which is NY’s best.

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recipes for city kitchens: ny deli frittata

recipes for city kitchens: ny deli frittata
in NY, it can be difficult to find the ingredients for an easy, healthy meal close by; or a recipe that you can make in small apartment without a lot of cooking utensils. one of our favorite standby’s is this quick frittata recipe, with the ingredients easily available at most NYC delis and bodegas… you’ll need butter, bread, eggs, milk, cheese, and whatever vegetables you can scrounge up at the deli.


set your oven to 375 degrees and…
1) butter a pie dish (or square pan about that size)
2) toast 1 piece of any kind of bread/roll, lightly butter it and then tear up into small pieces and scatter on bottom of pan (the bread absorbs some of the vegetable juices, helps it get nice and firm)
3) scatter layers of vegetables in pan to almost the top. we like: layer of grated zucchini, grated onion, torn up spinach, and chopped tomato. use whatever you like and is available, mushrooms, broccoli, left over chicken (sometimes it’s onion, tomato, green pepper, cuz that’s all they got.) 2 tricks to the veg part – squeeze most of the liquid out of the grated or chopped items before you add to the pan; and grating is much faster than chopping for vegetables like zuc, onions and peppers.
4) cut up a couple handfuls of the cheese (sharp cheddar and gruyere are awesome) and add to the top, push the chunks down into the vegetables a bit.
5) crack 10-12 eggs into a bowl (you can substitute egg whites for some or all of the eggs, but use more), add 4 tablespoons of milk, a bunch of salt and pepper and seasoning. seasoning can be crunched up herbs, a scoop of salsa, Italian dressing, hot sauce (reduce milk if you use something wet)
6) mix everything together and pour over top vegetables/cheese in dish. egg mix looks like a lot but once you start pouring almost all should fit!
7) stick in oven for about 30-45 min until it’s firm through the middle (if it gets fully browned before it’s firm, reduce heat to 350 degrees and cover lightly with foil) – let it cool a couple minutes, cut up and serve! (goes great with some fruit, toast, muffin, or even tortilla chips)

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