How to Swing pt. 1

How to Swing pt. 1
as we reported last week – Swing States are the key to John Kerry winning the election. in some states the margin is so close – a few hundred votes could tip the scale.

Zogby Poll for WSJ Shows Kerry Solidifying Lead in 11 of 16 Battleground States

Ideas on how to get the word to people who can make a critical impact in their state:
– think of friends or family you know in these states and ask them to tell everyone they know that THEIR VOTES COULD DETERMINE THE ELECTION
– think of friends and coworkers you know here in New York who are from these states, give them the scoop and encourage them to contact their friends or family and let them know we need their votes
– spread the word on your website

For more ideas, here’s some ways we’ve spread the word in the last few days:
– emailed a friend who lives and works as a park ranger in New Mexico, sent her some links on how critical her state is and asked her to forward to everyone she knows, and spread the word
– talked to my girlfriend about ways we could approach her friends and family in Michigan. then remembered I work with a cool woman from Michigan and sent her an email.
– talked to a friend who went to school in Seattle. gave him the scoop, and asked him to bug his old homies out there.
– emailed a reader who’d mentioned she lived in Va.

every person we spoke to was unaware their state was a swing state, and PSYCHED to get the info and be able to pass it along!! So don’t be shy… YOUR HELP CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE in our future!

media consensus of the core group of 17 states: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin, with these as the top 10: Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

An excellent organization,, has a drive on their site to get volunteers to call voters in Swing States – ReDefeat Bush: Volunteer. And if you can’t participate in organized callings – there’s a page that tells you how to do it on your own.

More swing state news:
Swing-state shakeout is starting
My Sunday: Volunteering in a Swing State
The Swing State Project

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team Buddy

team Buddy
feeling down?… Team Buddy to the rescue…


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donut and coffee shop opening in the LES!

donut and coffee shop opening in the LES!
last week we caught this awning for a new store front, Sun Shine Cafe, at the corner of Allen and Houston. today we peeked in the window and found a work permit that notes the new place will be a take-out “donut coffee shop”. woohoo – right on the way for people who jump on the F Train at the 2nd Ave stop-Allen/Houston entrance! and the Chinese characters give us hope there might even be some killer crullers and egg custard tarts! (maybe even some congee) the inside looks almost ready to open…


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token Arnold

token Arnold
republican poster boy Arnold Schwarzenfaker – huffs like a pro…


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sent with love…


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ol blue eyes

ol blue eyes
sometimes the light turns Buddy’s brown eyes blue


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this week’s PhotoFriday theme “Domestic”, gives us a nice op to throw up one of the beautiful shots sent in by reader Adele, who wrote us about the circular garden she put in this year that was inspired by Adam Purple. “Adam’s dream and hard work lives on”…


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Allen St restaurant in and outs

Allen St restaurant in and outs
spotted a new awning this morning on the west side of Allen below Houston (just below Win49 and Dominos) – that says “Sun Shine Cafe” and has Chinese characters below the name. keeping an eye out for the opening…


the restaurant “Dish” located at 165 Allen shut their doors in August and had a sign up that renovations were going on and they would reopen the beginning of September. the sign is gone and the reopening didn’t happen. on their website it says they are expanding the catering and cooking classes to fill the restaurant space.

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