friday links…

friday links…


Jason Kottke is our Hero of the Week. check out his excellent post I need your help getting the word out regarding the US presidential elections. the Gothamist is also reminding people to register to vote!

and earlier in the week, provided the thrill of the day with this mind-blowing video of a guy surfing the biggest wave you’ve ever seen.

from his Royal Thighness (Thighs Wide Shut)… this site has kept us laughing all week, maybe it gets old the 100th time or something, but still killing us after about 20 visits.

Joey of the Cities (Tale of Two Cities) put up this kick-ass info on CMJ shows, and then posted (from a friend or reader?) this hilarious and informative review of the bands that performed at the Austin City Limits festival

Feddy’s a pot head! well call us a Federling! (from our Sociallite Life heartthrob)

used to spend hours crusin’ the photo sites for funny shots of celebs having bad dress/make-up/hair/face days – but now we just go here (Go Fug Yourself)

our friend NO has a way with gettin hot boys to strip… his site has been updated with some crazy naked photos of new york guys. we especially love the shots of this hottie playing ball in Dumbo. and on his site we found another site with sexy amatuers strippin’ fo cash (*both sites have naked mens – not work safe)

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furry model

furry model
“show us your pensive look, now serious, now dreamy – perfect! you’re a pro Buddy”


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illegal band promotion

illegal band promotion
other than trumped up protester charges, haven’t heard much about people getting busted for postering/flyering in NYC for a while. busting people for putting up posters to promote their band used to be frequent cop active around town (lots of band members were arrested back in the 80’s & 90’s) but these days we’re wondering if the “poster police” squad is still active.

these posterboys have the covert-flyer-operation down… from right to left – the “holder”, the “gluer”, and the “look-out”…


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dueling smoke-in

dueling smoke-in
smokin’ up on First Ave last night with friends. through the magic of Photoshop, one joint becomes two…


(ps – didn’t saturate or change the ember color, came out hot pink all on it’s own)

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not saying we scooped this fad,Federling_1 cuz like it’s so obvious… but we’ve been seeing at least 3-4 Kevin Federling fashion followers a day since we wrote about it a couple weeks ago. caught this guy in the LES last night with full on K-Fed stylin’… tipped b-ball cap (Phillies), baggy jeans and white top, big floppy unlaced kicks, and a nice little line of groomed stubble around the chin.

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beach blanket Buddy

beach blanket Buddy
Buddy’s all smiles in the sun…


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delicious, cheap and fast delivery: Rice

delicious, cheap and fast delivery: Rice
amidst the abundance of great food delivery in New York, Rice on Mott Street is one of our all-time favorites. here’s the scoop on why they rock the delivery scene…
1) delicious food – well made, fresh and flavorful
2) interesting variety of options, all very inexpensive
3) huge delivery range – 6th Ave to Ave A, 8th St to Canal St
4) your address/info is kept in their computer, so you don’t need to give it every time you call
5) great packing, always comes with complete assortment of accessories and free ginger candies


recommended items:
– Vegetarian meatballs $4- wonderful tender tofu meatballs with a flavorful chili sauce (shown in pic)
– Chicken Satay $5 – lots of grilled chicken and a rich nut sauce
– Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings $4.50 – served with a salsa fresca, their wings are always super tender and nicely browned (shown in pic)
– Indian Chicken Curry $6 – with lots of chicken, raisins, mushrooms, topped with fresh banana and yogurt, and served with their homemade mango chutney (shown in pic)

with each entree you select the rice you want (basmati, brown, Thai black, sticky.) and they have a wonderful selection of specialty rice (rice and peas, green rice) for an extra .50 cents – the Thai black with edamame is excellent, PACKED with edamame. there’s also some nice salads, soups, noodle dishes, and an interesting and wide selection of homemade sauces, dressings and chutneys adding more flavors and variety. and for dessert they have the classic rice crispy treat (with cranberry or apricot bits) 4 big disks in a cool package for only $4. they have a sweet little restaurant so you can eat there. but yo, this is all about their GREAT delivery service!

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tattoo festival highlights

tattoo festival highlights
stormy weather lowered the attendance a bit, but we still had a fabulous time last Saturday at the Woodstock Tattoo Festival. highlights: watching beautiful tattoos being done by some of the worlds top tattoo artists, seeing great bands in cool venues, and of course, drinkin, druggin, and partying all night with a bunch of friends.


but our favorite part was touring through all the amazing art exhibits! most tattoo artists are also incredibly skilled graphic artists, illustrators and painters. in addition to specific locations devoted to art exhibits, throughout the festival fantastic art is displayed on the walls of every venue. so many brilliant, intense, moving and thought provoking pieces…


next week we’ll be putting up more photos from our favorite exhibit: Rides of Passage “featuring 120 BURTON Snowboards painted, mangled, mauled, distorted, or made pretty by some of the world’s finest tattooists”

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