Nov 2 – we’re in it to win it

Nov 2 – we’re in it to win it


What economic recovery?
“The latest job figures show that Bush has bungled the economy as badly as he has Iraq.”

Economic Troubles: From Elevated to High
By Howard Dean
“Despite the president’s claim that his tax cuts increased consumer spending, we now know that a big chunk of the money went to people who make over $1 million per year. That does not help consumer spending, because it has no effect on consumers who already had enough money to buy what they wanted anyway.”

Expert: Bush is Disaster
“It has been one of the worst performances of an economic administration ever.” “On everything from tax policy, to rising health-care costs, to economic stimulus, Kerry would make it better and Bush would make it worse”

Scorched-Earth Strategy
“After a terrible week for his campaign, Bush has one agenda between now and Election Day: attack Kerry”

Terror Fears Only Card Bush Has To Play
“Cheney Still Bluffing On Iraq, 9/11 Connection”

Cheney’s poor grasp on reality

November 2 PSA

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hip-hop confidential

hip-hop confidential
last spring several sources broke the story that a secret “Hiphop Task Force” exists inside the NYPD. this week The Smoking Gun published 24 crazy pages of “MUGSHOT PROFILES” the unit put together…

NYPD’s Secret Hip-Hop Dossier
“Cops covertly monitor rappers like P Diddy, 50 Cent, Jay-Z”

when you look past the profiling and bad scans, there’s some pretty interesting info provided on many of today’s top rap artists, including ages (birthdates), arrest details, real names and home addresses.

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night rider

night rider
we never get tired of taking drive-by shots of NYC’s bridges. the GWB is a favorite…


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how to win friends in business

how to win friends in business
wanna make everyone in your office’s day for $36?… pick up 2 dozen assorted cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery on you way to work…


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Buddy the badass

Buddy the badass
passed out on top of the mess he made tearing his toy’s guts out…


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Bobs against Bush

Bobs against Bush
this is Bob. we met him on the subway. the cool pin on his hat says “Books not Bombs”. Bob served with great honor in WW2 in the 83rd Infantry Division. Bob says Bush has no honor. Bob says Bush is a coward and is not the right man to lead this country. Bob’s voting for Kerry.


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up close

up close
and kissable… Buddy says hi


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photo finish

photo finish
Photo Friday, a site we previously profiled, has a cool challenge today called “2 by 4” (more info below on the rules) here’s our submission…


“the “2 by 4″ Extra Challenge: Start outside your location (could be your home, school, workplace – it’s up to you.) Travel two units straight in one direction. Turn to your right and travel 4 units. Wherever you are, your mission is to creatively interpret your surroundings. Bring back and post photographic evidence to your website”

we started in our office (waited until it got dark out), walked out 2 cubes and then turned right and went 4 cubes over. ended up at a window over looking 42nd St and capured the Friday night street life below.

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