Times Square Anti-War Sign

Times Square Anti-War Sign
the headline is a little tribute to the cool story and photo on Gothamist today. one of the things we love about the Gothamist is those moments it feels like they’re feelin the same city we are…


snapped this excellent billboard smack in the center of Times Square on 42nd and Bway this morn. (hope it stays up longer than Christina Aguilera’s Declare Yourself billboard)

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tickle me Buddy

tickle me Buddy


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king of all parms

king of all parms
as cold weather comes around, we start craving warm, homey food, and there’s nothing like a great chicken parmigiani sandwich…


one of the best in NY can be found at Lazzara’s, on W 38th St. Lazzara’s has been around for about 20 years, and is a midtown gem and oasis for inexpensive and delicious food. but it’s their Chicken Parm that’s truly king! made on wonderful fresh Italian semolina bread, amazing homemade sauce, quality mozzarella, and 2 huge chicken breasts. served piping hot and oozing cheesy tomato goodness – a massive sandwich for just $7, and one of the tastiest chicken parms around!

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smashing linkage

smashing linkage
a little old, but no mold…

- MONOBROW! (via)

- “Sharon Osbourne Still Not Dead “Gawker’s killer headline on Ledge of Liberty’s great story (have no fear, Sharon’s still kicking)

- “What could possibly have happened to Princess Stephanie? Her face appears to be made entirely of beef jerky”

- “Coolest looking class picture of the decade for sure”

- Britney’s juicy wedgie

- “Man of Leisure, King George”

*yo, we’re headed out to Vegas with about 20 other crazy tattoo’d motherfuckers to drink, gamble, get lap dances and party ’till all hours and, oh yeah, watch our friends get married. got some fun stuff stacked that will be publishing automatically over the week so stay tuned, and see ya next Monday!

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stop staring

stop staring
there he goes again with the staring at us. if he wasn’t so cute, it might be creepy.


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Britney Spears: cheap = creep

Britney Spears: cheap = creep
while we’re waiting for Brit and Kev to do it, here’s a slamming story about wild child Brit getting a tattoo on St. Marks Place last year…

Brit_tatoo2b_copylast summer (end of June) our boy Eric comes over and drops this bomb “I um, tattooed Britney Spears yesterday” – to which we reply “shut the fuck up” and pound him for the dirty details…

Britney Spears and a friend are shopping at Rags-A-Go-Go on 14th Street. Brit tells the owner, Susan, they want to get tattoos and asks her where to go. she sends them over to Eric working at Medusa on St Marks Place.

Eric has only the vaguest idea of what Britney Spears looks like, so when these 2 hot underdressed girls walk in and start fast-talking about what to get, he pretty much treats them like tarts and shows them some books to look through. Brit eventually (and spontaneously) decides on the Chinese character for “freedom” and asks Eric to draw a vine and butterfly to go around it.

throughout the tattoo Britney: chain smokes Marlboro Menthols, talks about sex, swears frequently and loudly (Eric says she “talks like a slut”), rocks out to ACDC, and lets her nipples fallout (and stay out) of her shirt (check out her barely-there shirt in the pic.)

we kinda loved her for all of that, until he sprang the ending on us – after she pays the cashier the $80 for the tattoo, she runs out with NO TIP! (it’s standard to tip the tattoo artist, and this wasn’t her first tat.) come on Brit, we love that slutty-trash style you’re rockin, but CHEAP = CREEP! it might be cool to look like a low-life but it’s never cool to act like one.

off the net… “Star magazine was the first to reveal that Britney Spears got a new tattoo on her foot. Britney explain that the tattoo “hurt extremely”. The tattoo was described as “butterfly winging its way off a vine.” Britney said, “It means free – I’m free like a butterfly.” (via)

(photo is copyright CityRag.com)

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come and meet those dancing police

come and meet those dancing police
here we go again! last June CityRag began reporting on weekly Times Square drills conducted by the NYPD. this morning, for a second week in a row, we were greeted by an infinite row of cop cars and flashing lights on 42nd between 7th and 8th Aves…


complete with riot gear armed cops in front of The Lion King, sporting scowling faces and the “just a drill” line…


here’s a complete run-down of our coverage of NYPD’s Times Square drills over the last 4 months

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Nov 2 – we’re in it to win it

Nov 2 – we’re in it to win it


What economic recovery?
“The latest job figures show that Bush has bungled the economy as badly as he has Iraq.”

Economic Troubles: From Elevated to High
By Howard Dean
“Despite the president’s claim that his tax cuts increased consumer spending, we now know that a big chunk of the money went to people who make over $1 million per year. That does not help consumer spending, because it has no effect on consumers who already had enough money to buy what they wanted anyway.”

Expert: Bush is Disaster
“It has been one of the worst performances of an economic administration ever.” “On everything from tax policy, to rising health-care costs, to economic stimulus, Kerry would make it better and Bush would make it worse”

Scorched-Earth Strategy
“After a terrible week for his campaign, Bush has one agenda between now and Election Day: attack Kerry”

Terror Fears Only Card Bush Has To Play
“Cheney Still Bluffing On Iraq, 9/11 Connection”

Cheney’s poor grasp on reality

November 2 PSA

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