landing ears

landing ears
“ground to Buddy. lower your right ear. perfect. hold her straight on. you’re ready to land”


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Paris, drag queens and a joint

Paris, drag queens and a joint
what’s not to love about this insane photo from Mark theCobraSnake


(we dig shots of celebs in close proximity to weed)

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we *heart* drunk girls

we *heart* drunk girls
combing the JJB board last night we spotted these hilarious shots of this girl’s new years eve party. we LOVE that she looks like the drunkest person at her own party (and posted these crazy pics of herself.) NYC may be party capital of da world, but we wanna party with this chick!



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linky goodness

linky goodness
A Test of Will captures first hand the holiday bag insanity at NYC’s La Guardia Airport, and pretty much nails in his comments the reason we’re all about the carry-on! (photo below is from his site)


- spotted on Nick’s cool CatchDubs… “SWAPATORIUM: A Journey Through Junkland – Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Antique Shops, Garage & Estate Sales, Collecting, Odd Finds, Swaps” and we knew it was love at first site. got even better when we clicked around and found this post… “Several years ago, I purchased a large set of female mug shots from the 1940s. These are a few examples.”

- You Can’t Make It Up cracked us up with this rant on an NYT article about a snotty, spoiled chick and her apartment (we also like the random “Charles Nelson Reilly Says” posts speckling the site.)

- found this on Lusty Lady one of our fave sites… Manolo’s Shoe Blog is super fabulous, and these “Boots for the Super Fantastic Tough Girl” kick ass!

- a funny holiday story and comments from Peace Dividend… “I think if you purchase, for your 2-year-old son, a gun that makes burping sounds when you shoot it, you pretty much deserve what you get.”

- Rion‘s photos of New Years Eve in Times Square are incredible. rich and vibrant, they take you right into the heart of it all and the energy of the moment. the confetti shots are simply MAGICAL!

- and last but not least, Brooklyn Vegan is our favorite blog covering the NY MUSIC SCENE these dayz! this guy is hitting some of the best shows in NYC and posting on them the very next day! the writing is down to earth, real and informative, photos are raw and beautiful and the depth of coverage is fucking prolific. (and scroll through the archives and check out his best of 2004 compilations and lists)

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2005 kisses

2005 kisses
wishing you all a fucking fantastic 2005! (and thanks fo reading this lil site. Buddy sends you kisses!)


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Buddy’s holidays…

Buddy’s holidays…
what did Buddy do for the holidays?… bugged our adorable nephews 24/7 (and they loved every minute, even though he tried to steal their presents :-)


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The Power of Compassion

The Power of Compassion
like you, in the wake of the unbelievable devastation and death left behind by the tsunami, we’ve been overwhelmed with feelings of deep sadness alternated with intense helplessness. and we’ve been searching for ways to ease the confusion and pain that’s consuming our heart and thoughts (donating money, reading others thoughts, getting angry at Bush’s horrendous response.)

yesterday we caught the title of a book we’d been meaning to start by the bedside – The Power of Compassion (a lecture by The Dalai Lama) – and that line struck us with a moment of empowerment that we’ve found ourselves turning to over and over.

there’s no way to make sense of this incredible tragedy and the magnitude of what needs to be done right now. but the Power of Compassion lies within all of us and is a moving universal force that has the capacity to rise up and bring hope to this mess. and we find a small bit empowerment in knowing that we can be part of that force.

doctors without borders
action against hunger

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dressing up the baby

dressing up the baby
superman. monkey. (check out how he takes on the character of the costume :-)


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