family drama

family drama
everyone’s got a little post holiday family drama to deal with. an old sore, or maybe some forgetten ig-nor-ant trait or off putting touch of google-eyes in a cousin you’d surpresssed nicely for years – thrown in your face all of a sudden…


we’ll eBaum has just the cure for you. a page called “My Family Photos” that’s so dam hilarious you’ll forget you even have a family! (oh sorry, do we sound angry?) even if you’re a lucky freak and love everyone in your family go to this page and laugh your ass off!

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going to the dogs

going to the dogs
the highlight of Buddy’s day is his visit to the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run. come along with us…

“hurry, we’re almost there”

seeing friends

kickin’ it up

gettin’ some love

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history behind walls

history behind walls
we’ve been in the same apartment in the LES for over 17 years. but it wasn’t until 1996, after over 8 years there, that we discovered the fireplace.

reading The Alienist at the time (a GREAT book by Caleb Carr about a series of child murders in the late 1800’s, primarily set in the Lower East Side), and immersed in a part where Carr vividly describes tenement life, we realized “all the apartments had fireplaces back then.” noting the section in the center of our wall that jutted out slightly – it hit us!… there’s something behind there!!! we quickly started knocking about the wall … knock, knock, knock, THUNK! there was a hollow spot! grabbed a hammer, and a minute later we’d bashed a baseball size hole in the wall. a “whoosh” of musky, ancient air filled the room. got the flashlight out and we could see it was a really old and really dirty fireplace (but with great potential.) next day we rented a reciprocating saw from Ace Hardware and started cutting down the wall. the fireplace was filthy. we spent days wiping it down, and weeks repointing the bricks (the cement made today is much brighter and didn’t match so we hand mixed in some of the old mortar we’d scraped off to maintain the old look.) later we finished off the edges with sheetrock.


and today we have a beautiful fireplace that really speaks to the history of our apartment and the LES. it’s very tall, the hearth area is almost 4 feet high. which fits the LES tenement scene painted by the Alienist. these fireplaces provided warmth but just as important, they were used to cook in. there’s also a small square hole towards the top that served as a flue. the interior still has remains of a blue ceramic that covered the surface. and our favorite part is the massive hand cut granite hearthstone that supports the bricks above the opening.

it seems it was fashionable back in the 30-40’s to cover these old fireplaces when they became obsolete (due new fangled heating and cooking methods coming on the scene.) but it’s time they were brought back in the open! our fireplace is beautiful and adds a touch of magic to the apartment, with it’s warm look and interesting history. we’ve spent many hours wondering what life was like at the turn of the century and it’s given us a wonderful sense of the history we live in. so if you live in an old building in NYC and have strange architectural angles, grab a hammer and see what’s behind it! (just a little warning, start with a small hole, our downstairs neighbor followed our idea and his fireplace was a cracked and smashed up mess.)

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snow fight

snow fight
the beautiful white snow, fresh air, pine tress, sparkling powder… we’re not sure what makes this snow boader and skiier go at it, but this isn’t your usual snow fight


and since we haven’t gotten much snow in nyc this season, here’s a very addictive and cool little snowball fight game to get your freak on.

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scoop of the day!

scoop of the day!
Mary’s Dairy, the fabulous dessert and ice cream place that hit the west village by storm this summer is opening an east village branch! it will be located on 1st Ave between 9th and 10th Streets. unfortunately they won’t make it in time for tomorrows warm weather, but we’re told it should be open sometime in the next week or 2! stay tuned for a visit. we scream for ice cream.

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east village dog fashions

east village dog fashions
the streets of the east village are filled with cutting edge fashionista’s, but it’s the dogs that rule the scene…




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shape of things to come

shape of things to come
it hit us like a ton of bricks this weekend (ok, pun intended) – the Avalon Chrystie Building has arrived! we have to admit we’re pretty psyched about Whole Foods, a swimming pool and hopefully some good restaurants coming in. but there’s no denying the landscape of our lovely, old fashioned, tenement lined East Houston has been changed forever


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cult of the ukulele

cult of the ukulele
clicking around BoingBoing, we caught a note on Mark’s page that he’s “a ukulele fanatic” and has a site dedicated to this passion. our grandfather played a uke until he died at 99, and we love Hawaii, but never really considered the idea of “ukulele fanaticism” – seemed worth a quick click…


2 hours later on we’d…
– read tons of uke trivia, viewed beautiful sites by passionate Hawaiian’s and other people dedicated to this great instrument.
– became absorbed in the cult of unusual custom ukes
ordered the coolest uke kit for only $30 delivered! (we’re seriously psyched)
– and then, yesssss!, we found a page with easy cords for Beatles tunes
(if this all goes well, we will be retiring in one year to Anguilla we’re we’ll be in high demand for bar entertainment!)

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