a dog named Sew

a dog named Sew
an incredibly touching rescued dog story, and it happened right here in the LES (near Seward Park.) blogger Ash Tree shares the sweet and heart warming tale of Sew, a NYC street dog who finally finds a loving and safe home. (via Ebway)


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snow Buddy

snow Buddy
Buddy had fun tearing it up in the snow this weekend. we call him “the little blizzard”.


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don’t blame the cake

don’t blame the cake
an email convo we had with a friend today on Brad and Jen and Ang. dam we love this crap. check out the totally unverfied info our friend got this weekend, second line down…

us: Subject: why Brad left Jen – hilarious!

gf: haaa! I have an inside source with the scoop. My brother’s girlfriend friend’s friend works for ___(sorry, removed) and it turns out Brad and Angelina did have a little affair. The people on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith knew about it but were told to keep it on the down low. Poor Jen!

us: NO F’ING WAY!!

gf: Yes F’ing Way girlfriend! I mean come one who are we kidding – two hot people totally = they gonna get it on for sure!

us: did you see AJ did an interview last week on how much she loves sex?! um, good timing Ang, rub it in why don’t cha! :-)

gf: No I didn’t see that but CD just showed me an article where she states that she denies having an affair and doesn’t want to be viewed as a home wrecker. She claims she was just a shoulder to cry on and vent – yeah riiiight! It was more than just a shoulder Angelina – paalease!!! HAAAA

us: well, technically, she isn’t the home wrecker. if you’re on a diet and can’t have cake, but then you go and eat the cake, it’s really not the cakes fault

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pimps represent

pimps represent
Black Lily sent us this delicious link to “Don Magic Juan’s Annual Birthday and Players’ Ball” that was held in Chicago last month. the commentary is great and the photos are even better (all by Will Okun)… “virtually all the attendees at Don Magic Juan’s party are pimps and hos. Not Halloween pimps and hos acting funny at fraternity bars in the Midwest, but real street pimps and real street hos.” so step off you wanna-be pimps, ain’t no half steppin here… (all images below are copyright of Will Okun from Vibe Magazine)




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dressing up the baby, pt 2

dressing up the baby, pt 2
elephant. cookie monster.


dressing up the baby pt 1

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another funny comic from Jason Feifer of Happy Scrappy


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dim lights big city

dim lights big city
looking up 2nd Avenue in the mist last night…


more misty NY shots

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tag city

tag city
been snapping lots of street shots lately. here’s a bunch of tags n’ street art snapped in a short walk…



for amazing street art from NYC and around the world, stay tuned to the Wooster Collective.

wanna know what it’s like to live in the East Village?… the GammaBlaBlog does a great job of capturing little snips of daily life that are raw and real. and there’s a KILLER Street Art collection, that’s nicely organized in categories for viewing (Marker, Messages, Murals, Paint, Pasted Paper, Sidewalk Art, Stencils, Stickers, etc)

and on the Gothamist.com today there’s a report on the Graffiti crack down in NYC

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