grand facade

grand facade
since last June we’ve been photographing various stages of the demolition of the buildings along 42nd St and 43rd St. between 6th Ave and Broadway to make room for the new Bank of America headquarters. including Chashama’s old performance space coming down, a construction hottie, and a cool reader submission. this fall we noticed an unusual slow down in the demolition as they began taking one building down literally brick by brick. it was amazing and sad to watch and as they exposed many layers of an old theater on 43rd St. including a grand staircase. we decided to step off our normal 42nd St. path and take a look on the 43rd St. side and discovered this strange style demo was being done to save the facade of NY landmark – Henry Miller’s Theater – while the building around it was being torn down. as codeOrange notes “it’s a sad thing to see a theater die”. NYC’s great architecture and history are so frequently demolished to make way for crappy new buildings. but it was good to see this effort to save a small piece the areas great past.




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Lombardi’s delivers

Lombardi’s delivers
Lombardi’s is often noted (and debated) as being New York’s best pizza. we’re not ready to give them that award, but they do make a dam good pie. great homemade sauce, fresh mozzarella, and a fantastic flavorful crust. any night of the week you’ll find a line of people waiting to get in, but here’s a little tip… Lombardi’s delivers to just about anywhere below 14th St! (including the EV and LES!) delivery is fast and the pie is fab. so next time you order pizza, why settle for average when you can have a world class pie that people line up for delivered to your door.


the shot above is their traditional cheese pie. Lombardi’s toppings are also excellent – pepperoni, sausage, fresh vegetables, and other great stuff like fresh ricotta and wonderful calamata olives. all pies are dusted with a sharp pecorino romano cheese. if you don’t like sharp/pungent cheese you can ask them to hold it.

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great blogs

great blogs
inspired by the New Year and the 2005 Bloggies (some of our most highly consumed sites are up for awards!) we’d like to give a shout out to some of the GREAT sites we visit daily.

check out these great sites and then visit the Bloggie voting page and throw in some votes! (in no particular order…):
Go Fug Yourself
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and while we’re namin names – a big CityRag thanks & props to a few of our first reads of the day:
Thighs Wide Shut
A Socialite’s Life
Daily Kos
Chowhound Manhattan

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drug territory or art?

drug territory or art?
both. street art and street life commingle on a lamppost on Eldridge St. in the Lower East Side.


Running down what’s behind hanging sneakers

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kitty smoke-in

kitty smoke-in
dam, now the cats are mocking our smoke-ins. this is getting serious! Trixie and Olive smoke it up…


and they sent over a bonus link – Granny Smoke-in
(from the lovely Joanna)

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Global warming is real and underway

Global warming is real and underway
so much in the news recently related to new studies that Global Warming may be going on at twice the rate previously expected. reminds us in this cold weather to be careful what we wish for…

New Scientist: Soaring global warming ‘can’t be ruled out’
“The Earth may be much more sensitive to global warming than previously thought”

Union of Concerned Scientists: Global warming is real and underway
“mountain glaciers the world over are receding; the Arctic ice pack has lost about 40% of its thickness over the past four decades; the global sea level is rising about three times faster over the past 100 years compared to the previous 3,000 years”

Computer models indicate global warming
“The world’s climate may be more sensitive to rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than previously believed”

“President George W. Bush has repeatedly rejected the accord as flawed and detrimental to American business interests.”

Bush needs to check out the EPA Global Warming SiteImpacts
“Rising global temperatures are expected to raise sea level, and change precipitation and other local climate conditions. Changing regional climate could alter forests, crop yields, and water supplies. It could also affect human health, animals, and many types of ecosystems. Deserts may expand into existing rangelands, and features of some of our National Parks may be permanently altered.”

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treat time

treat time
for the handsome boy…



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mocked by cats

mocked by cats
fully knowing our friends cat’s would be jealous, we ran the story of Irving and Olive last month. and now we are being mocked by cats! submitted by our brilliant friends George and Joanna, we fear it’s only the beginning…

Downtown Cats Stage Sleep-in Protest to Support “Real Olive”


three of New York’s most influential cat activists staged a six hour sleep-in to protest the appearance of an impostor kitty named “Olive” on the blog site When reached for comment during a particular frisky moment, the original east village superstar ‘Olive’ was gracious: “At first I was angry, but Trixie pointed out that imitation is the highest form of flattery, everyone knows I’m the famous original ‘Olive’, I guess there’s room in the litterbox for another.”

Pictured are the original ‘Olive’, Trixie, and Noodle.

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