New York court rules in favor of same-sex marriage

New York court rules in favor of same-sex marriage
hot off the press!

New York court rules in favor of same-sex marriage
“Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in New York State, a court ruled on Friday”

Same-Sex Marriage Case Wins in New York City
“Tens of thousands of gay and lesbian couples who live in New York City are one step closer to walking down the aisle—with a marriage license in their hands.”

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the US goverment’s Trafficking in Persons Report

the US goverment’s Trafficking in Persons Report
the internet abounds in eye-opening information. years ago we came across the US Governments annual Trafficking in Persons Report. as with any government issued information – we take it in with caution, but we continue to find the report to be a detailed and unique source of information on a subject many people do not consider in their daily life. a couple recent items in the news have caused us to reflect on the reports: the speculation on abductions after the tsunami, and the abduction and disappearance of 27 people traveling to certain areas of Mexico in the last 6 months. so we wanted to bring these reports to the attention of our readers. cuz knowledge is power!…

every year since 2001 the US government has updated a Trafficking in Persons Report. the Trafficking in Persons Report provides in-depth detail across the world.

Trafficking in Persons Report – Overview:
“The State Department is required by law to submit a report each year to the Congress on foreign government efforts to eliminate severe forms of trafficking in persons. This June 2004 report is the fourth annual TIP Report. Although country actions to end human trafficking are its focus, the report also tells the painful stories of the victims of human trafficking–21st century slaves. This report uses the term “trafficking in persons” which is used in U.S. law and around the world, and that term encompasses slave-trading and modern-day slavery in all its forms. We cannot truly comprehend the tragedy of trafficking in persons, nor can we succeed in defeating it, unless we learn about its victims: who they are, why they are vulnerable, how they were entrapped, and what it will take to free them and heal them.”

Report Main Page: 2004 (2003, 2002, 2001)

the “Tier Placement” page lists the status of countries around the globe. it’s interesting to compare previous years against the current report. (a small example of potential flaws and why we take it with a grain of salt, between 2003 and 2004 Haiti has disappeared from the list)

and please note: there’s been an incredibly disgusting movement by some of the extreme religious right groups to use these reports combined with tsunami event to make some bizarre statements. we just can’t link to that shit even to expose their foul and decrepit asses. here’s an article that has some credible sources that was released this month -
Few Reports of Increased Human Trafficking in Tsunami-hit Nations

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cats defy gravity

cats defy gravity
we love this crazy photo of this kick-ass cat sent over by our friend Jo (it’s making the email rounds, sorry we don’t have the original site to credit)


Callalillie offers her own proof this week that cats can fly

and you may have noticed, we just can’t resist HappyScrappy and the fabulous stuff they show us daily. yesterday they offer “IF YOU LOVE cats, and you love Fat Boy Slim, then you will love this video.” and we say yes yes… this is GREAT!

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NY memorial for Nicole duFresne tonight

NY memorial for Nicole duFresne tonight


words cannot describe the incredible tragedy of Nicole duFresne’s death. on the corner where she was murdered a street side memorial has been erected to honor Nicole Kids and give people a small way to express their deep grief and condolences. last night the majority of people spending time there – thinking about Nicole, reading the memorials and offering prayers, were locals. especially a lot of young teens coming by. there were crowds at times and as the people flowed and changed the mood remained deeply somber and heartfelt. the air was thick with sadness, shock, and shame. the look of despair in the eyes of the kids brought us to tears. a horrible tragedy that has shaken the community and the loss of her beautiful spirit has devastated the world.

we learned today that there will be a memorial for Nicole this evening in the Lower East Side:

“A memorial service is being held here in New York for Nicole this Thursday, February 3rd, at 4pm, at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts, located at 172 Norfolk Street.”

the Nicole duFresne Memorial Scholarship has been set up by the family and is accepting donations

Update on the LES Memorial for Nicole duFresne

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Japanese tapas

Japanese tapas
one of the best things about living in NYC is vast variety of wonderful food you can have delivered to your door. has made it easy to browse through tons of great places by neighborhood. we’ve posted many of our favorites in the past, and here’s another one… Yoshi, a Japanese restaurant on Houston and near Ludlow, has great delivery! we’re not big on having sushi delivered so we usually get a mixed bunch of small plates and call it Japanese Tapas!


here’s a favorite meal of some of the items that shine at Yoshi (going clockwise from the upper left corner)…
– goma-ae – steamed spinach in a rich sesame sauce
– shitake yakitori – shitake mushroom grilled on skewers in a flavorful teriyaki sauce
– fried gyoza – tasty homemade pork dumplings
– edamame – fresh steamed soy beans with sea salt
– miso soup – lots of nice chunks of tofu and seaweed
– spicy fried shrimp roll – 2 fresh jumbo shrimp, deep fried and rolled up with spicy mayo, lettuce and a bit of flying fish roe – great texture and so tasty (one of the best fried shrimp dishes around!)
– tatsuta-age – tangy crispy chicken chunks with fresh lemon on the side (simple and delicious)

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killer dragons

killer dragons
our boy Eric (who tattooed Britney Spears) has done some KILLER work! here are a few of his detailed and colorful dragon tats…


and on World of Wonder we found… Hanzi Smatter - a site “Dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters (Hanzi or Kanji) in Western culture.” some funny posts that reveal the true meaning of the symbols people have tattooed.

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happy pappy

happy pappy
you’re never down when Bud is around…


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the good

the good
some Good, to balance out the Bad and the Ugly below…


Girls Make Noise at Rock ‘n’ Roll Summer Camps (via Lusty Lady, photos from

peoples deepest secrets , sent in anonymously by postcard, some beautiful stuff (from HappyScrappy)

FORCE them to wear it” (Star Wars pet costumes)

Man urinates his way out of avalanche (via World of Wonder)

and this is too fucking funny…
“Awful Plastic Surgery – Dakota Fanning”

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