rock the tote

rock the tote
we’re all about finding custom stuff made by crafty artists (still lovin our cozy’s, thanks Cat!) today we were checkin out a cool new site we linked to last week and came across these FABULOUS TOTES! Rock the Tote also has some great t-shirts, purses, pins and other fun stuff (and some very funny writing.) check em out!…


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gnocchi nirvana at Apizz

gnocchi nirvana at Apizz
Apizz is a hidden gem when it comes to Lower East Side restaurants. heavenly food, a rich and warm atmosphere, great service, and tucked away enough so that, although it’s usually full, it doesn’t get the crazy and busy scene ‘inoteca and others do (and they take reservations.) we’ve dined there several times since they opened in 2002. at first the food was off to a slow start, but we’re happy to report that on our last couple trips just about everything was excellent!

and last night we discovered a dish that embodies the term “to die for” – Gnocchi con Ragu di Carne


homemade gnocchi with the perfect sublime texture, covered in a rich and slow cooked tomato sauce loaded with braised short rib meat that’s incredibly tender and has a deep beefy flavor, and topped with a superb grated pecorino. the best Gnocchi dish we’ve ever had.

most of the menu features food either fully cooked or finished in the beautiful wood burning oven that’s open at the front of the restaurant. more great dishes last night included: a fantastic appetizer of lightly fried asparagus, zucchini, and cremini mushrooms served with fresh lemon and a caper mayonnaise ( finished in the wood burning oven giving the vegetables a lovely smoky depth.) a whole sea bass wood smoked with lots of thyme and rosemary, served with a wonderful herb sauce, and a big arugula and tomato salad on the side. and a crispy chicken fillet with the same perfect arugula salad and shaved parm on top, sounds simple but this was an exceptionally bright and flavorful dish.


other highlights of dining at Apizz – the room is beautiful and romantic, tons of brick, raw wood, exposed beams. the head chef cooks everything in front of the room in the large brick fireplace, surrounded by fresh ingredients, bottles of high end olive oil, etc. service is excellent. a nice selection of Italian wines are listed by region, many great wines in the $30 range. and before the meal they bring out some of their wonderful chewy and crusty bread, with a dish of excellent ricotta and the server comes over to your table with a big crock of yummy tomato sauce and ladles it into a bowl on your table. so good, we could make a meal out of it.


the mussels, calamari, wild boar lasagna and many other dishes are also excellent. we’ve found the meatballs to be a bit plain. and while the pizza is very good, not rave-able. and they seated us for our 7:45 reservation at 8:20 – ouch.

more NY Gnocchi info … we’re a gnocchi lover, if it’s on the menu we’re getting it. and Apizz’s version is now officially our NYC favorite! some other great versions around NY (for fellow lovers): the simple and incredible ricotta gnocchi at Lupa, Uncle Tony’s gnocchi at Frank’s (made with basil, marinara and fresh mozz), and the gnocchi in white truffle sauce at Assenzio (menus and directions for all can be found on And for the very best NY chow talk and some in depth Gnocchi discussion, check out (we’ve heard from the ‘hounds that Hearth has a slamming version.)

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snow be gone

snow be gone
observed this snow removal team moving down 1st Ave this morning. some heavy equiptment is used to bring together several blocks worth of snow piles and haul them off. a nice little operation, and it’s good to see NYC’s sanitation workers keeping smiles up after 5 days of this mess.



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Farrah’s reality series starts early

Farrah’s reality series starts early
we were floored by a photo Ms. Miu ran last week of Farrah Fawcett looking very freaky and bloated. it threatened to stomp our childhood crush on her for ever! yesterday we happened to pass a bus stop poster for a new Reality TV Series called Chasing Farrah that is debuting in March (YUM!), and Farrah looked slamming in the poster. so we did a little digging online and Farrah’s actually looking pretty hot these dayz. check out the pics in this recent shoot for her new show (even her shots from last August were looking good.) our theory is that what the Sun found is a post-plastic surgery photo of whatever voodoo-procedures Farrah gets to keep herself up (and not verification as the Sun notes that she’s hit the wall.) Farrah’s crazy, but she still looks good.


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there’s an obvious question here, if only we knew what it was.


today we came across Leo the Dog, a great dog who’s had his own site since 2002! (big props to his owner) we showed it to Buddy and he’s inspired.

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a load of fun

a load of fun


Snow Ass-Fire – one way to stay warm in the snow

When The Uggs Rule The World

TOTC catches some funny and honest snips of a conversation as Dave Navarro chews the fat with Courtney Love

The Yuckiest Little Miniature Golf Course in the West (from ThighsWideShut)

Joe’s NYC has some beautiful city snow scenes

Dress-A-Vac – truth is definitely stranger than fiction on the web! (from BoingBoing)

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East Village dog electrocution last night

East Village dog electrocution last night
wanted to alert friends and readers in the East Village that a dog was electrocuted last night on northeast corner of E. Third St., at Avenue A. there was also an incident in Brooklyn Heights yesterday. this is almost a year to the day that a woman was killed in the east village last year. please be careful out there!

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Fragglerock and why Deborah Harry kicks ass

Fragglerock and why Deborah Harry kicks ass
from the late 90’s until around 2002, there was a great party that toured the rock club circuit called Fragglerock. Dh_1Fragglerock was put together by some of the East Village’s hottest promoters and drew a wild and mixed party crowd. but what made it great was a house band made up of local rock legends, that would cover one well known 80’s band for each party. they’d practice until they had the songs down, dress up as the band did, and cover their best tunes (big hits and underground classics.) from Guns ‘n’ Roses to Heart – this was not a joke cover night, the band took it seriously, and every party was KILLER! here’s one of our favorite stories from one of those nights….

the party’s at Acme Underground, a down and dirty, rock space below Acme restaurant and Blondie is the theme of the night. the house is packed and everyone in the room is shoulder to shoulder. the band’s amazing and the crowd is jumping. listening to Rapture, someone over our shoulder is singing along kinda loudly. so we turn around and it’s… DEBORAH HARRY! she looks fabulous and is totally rocking out with the rest of the room and gives us a big smile! how fucking awesome is that – Debbie Harry checking out a cover night of her own music! a true rock goddess.

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