Buddy looks like a giant when he stands next to this mini Marshall amp (6 inches tall.) and speaking of giants, Bud wants to send a big sloppy kiss to our hero Bob (we love ya Bob, hang in there.)


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and it was all yellow

and it was all yellow
been watching the construction of 195 Bowery out our window for a couple years now. not sure what it means in terms of progress, but the bright yellow walls are visible from anywhere in the area these days. did a little digging around and found these great photos on the cool site they really show the building’s looming size and it’s contrast against the LES architecture and traditional tenements.


also found a listing for a 3 bedroom, 1800 square ft condo in the building for a cool $1.5 mil. – “sweeping views thru walls of windows, private terraces and balconies, magnificent Italian kitchens and sumptuous baths. Set in NYC’s most vibrant neighborhood, 195 Bowery raises luxury to a new level downtown.”

dam, the hood is changing fast. having lived down here for 18 years, it’s a strange and striking juxtaposition watching these very expensive and modern residences invade the area.
(thanks for the note Big O!)

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the perfect storm

the perfect storm
these photo’s Spinach Dip took of this Monday’s storm capture a snowy evening in the Lower East Side perfectly. love the lighting, simplicity and New York feel…



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does it get any cuter? 3 Indo-Chinese tiger cubs cuddle together by biting each others head (2 weeks old in the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Neb.)


(photocredit: AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

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celebrities smoking weed

celebrities smoking weed
some cute photos of Aaron Carter smoking it up with friends have been making the rounds this week (snagged these from PinkistheNewBlog that will rock your world)…


we’re seriously developing a fetish for pot loving stars:
Lindsay “the blunster” Lohan (Lohan: “I’ve Tried Pot”)
Arnold Schwarzenhuffer
– and we know Paris Hilton loves da chronic and drives around with a blunt in her ashtray!!

did a little googling and came up with some more…
– this site has an excellent, HUGE list of famous people throughout time who have smoked pot. as does The Hemp Files.
– on Friends of Cannabis we found lots of juicy gossip on stars that enjoy a nice smoke… Jennifer Aniston: “I enjoy it once in a while”.
– and Cannabis Culture has a huge series of articles with tons of insight, gossip, and speculation on celeb pot enjoyment….
fun shot of Charlize Theron smoking an apple bong at a party
the many weed references worked into the film Ocean’s Twelve.
– and this list wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey

Goldie Hawn blames insanity on one joint
Desperate Housewives” actor busted for weed in NYC

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more disturbing info about Michael Jackson

more disturbing info about Michael Jackson
um, yellow nails with brown around the edges are gross on anyone, but for some reason they seem particularly disturbing on Michael during his child molestation trial. free tip to MJ’s legal team – get the man a manicure!


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dog fight

dog fight
if you didn’t know they love each other, Dolly and Dio’s play fighting might look down right vicious! (they’re so f’ing cute…)




Dolly is a fawn colored French Bull Dog (about 3 months old) and Dio is a creme colored Frenchie (about 3 years old). 2 wondeful dogs who live in Brooklyn with Pam and Eric.

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brat turned rat

brat turned rat
the unedited photo on the left from Bush’s trip to Bratislava last week is pretty awesome on it’s own; but we couldn’t resist making this slight adjustment…


LowCulture has a great round up of Unintentionally Hilarious Photos from Bush’s trip to Europe last week, and a nice series of “Not Welcome Mr. Bush” protest photos.

(photo credit: AFP/Joe Klamar)

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