every day we stumble on another great voice in blogland. this post by AngryBlackBitch kicks ass and takes names….


1. Make the tax cuts permanent even though they have not stimulated the economy or created jobs.

2. Overhaul Social Security by creating private accounts which will invest directly in the Stock Market, which is about as stable as a crack ho’ jonesing for a fix.

3. Continue to fuck with Medicare, make it so complex that the old people will fall out dead from the stress thus reducing the dependent population.

…more Bush-o-nomics

I want my surplus back. I want Bill Clinton back. It feels like the inmates have taken over the asylum. And once they are done overhauling us into an “ownership society”, they’ll have created a society no one will want to own.

amen. we’re feelin’ you ABB.

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New York City’s dog friendly hotels

New York City’s dog friendly hotels
the New York Times has a cool article today on hotels in NYC that will let you bring your pets, and even offer special services like pet pampering programs and dog walking!…


We’ll Leave the Lights On, and a Milkbone
“Guests at the SoHo and TriBeCa Grand hotels are offered Pampered Pooches and Finicky Felines programs, providing special food, grooming and bedding.”
Loews has a special doorknob sign to alert housekeepers that there is a pet in the room. In addition, the chain asks for a cellphone number or provides guests with a “puppy pager” so that the hotel can contact them if there is a problem with a pet.”
“…at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Central Park South, the loan of a Burberry raincoat if it happens to be raining when the need for a walk arises.”
“The W Hotel at Union Square not only welcomes pets arriving with two-legged guests, but occasionally celebrates its connection with the animal world”

and we’ve found other great NY hotels allow dogs too!

more info on traveling to New York with your dog:
New York is a great place to bring your dog on vacation with you. most cabs will let dogs ride in the back (carry a towel for the seat if your dog cannot ride in your lap.) there are tons of dog runs and wonderful parks throughout the city to tour with your pup (you could spend 2 days just hitting Central Park and the west river!). some great shopping. and many outdoor cafes allow your dog to sit quietly by your side while you dine.

(photos from helpshelterpets.org)

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standing in the shadows of Bud

standing in the shadows of Bud


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Angelina Jolie has soul

Angelina Jolie has soul
being a good person is so fucking hot


Jolie Helps Launch Center for Refugee Children
“The Oscar-winning actress came to the nation’s capital Tuesday to promote a favorite cause: aiding refugees. She’s given more than $3 million to the effort, including $500,000 to help bankroll an organization that will provide free legal aid to the thousands of children who arrive alone to the United States each year as refugees and immigrants.”

(photo credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

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renovating backwards

renovating backwards
our good friend Janet sent over the note below about an apartment owned by a Victorian collecting maniac and his decked out co-op in Park Slope. crazy stuff. we love this idea… “Every fixture was changed back to something 100 years old.”


from our friend… “For those of us who love to collect things. I went to an open house in Windsor Terrace with a friend of mine on Sunday and saw the craziest place I have ever seen – just insane! Here’s a link to it. Victorian furniture, paneling, so much religious stuff and a dozen plus stained glass windows plus a full size stuffed peacock I mean just covering every inch on wall space. Every fixture was changed back to something 100 years old. Seems this man (in his 50’s) has just bought a big (you guessed it!) Victorian House in Maine and is moving. Its way overpriced and when I was there everyone who came thru just freaked! “

we think the place looks amazing. rich, warm and fun, almost hits that our childhood dream of living in a museum.

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we’ve received some great dog photos from people who read Buddy’s page. like these sent to us of this adorable pup named Nigel. from his lovely owner… here’s “my little guy, also a chihuahua mx (w/ jack russell we think), and also adopted from the CACC. I hope people see your pics and realize what beautiful dogs can be found in shelters.”




does this little guy have “the life” now or what! his Mom has a great website called HelpShelterPets that’s driving us crazy with the cutest photos of dogs in hand knit blankets!! (and handsome Nigel has his own page)

NYC’s main animal shelter is the CACC (they seem to have recently changed their name to AC&C ?) they desperately need donations and people who want to adopt dogs and cats. in “2003, over 50,000 animals passed through the doors of AC&C facilities“. please visit their site and do what ever help you can to help.

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just Jocelyn

just Jocelyn
couldn’t resist posting this photo sent in by a friend… armed with a fresh face and peppy beret, our favorite plastic surgery spokes person, Jocelyn Wildenstein, ate at Pastis last Friday.


this is probably a good time to mention that we’re addicted to the fabulous Gawker Stalker updates, the best celeb stalking in NYC!

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24 days until the Shake Shack reopens!

24 days until the Shake Shack reopens!
UPDATE – Shake Shack has moved the opening date to Monday, April 4th!

one of the biggest culinary events to hit New York last year was the opening of Danny Meyers Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, and for good reason! PERFECT burgers, tender, juicy and full of flavor; served on a soft bun with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and special sauce. the BEST BURGER IN NYC! they also have excellent hotdogs, great shakes and some very tasty fries (that you can get with their wonderful cheese sauce.)


put this together with the lovely park atmosphere the Shack is nestled in, with lots of trees, benches and a great area with tables and chairs… and you have one slamming New York meal! (and why we found ourselves jumping on the R train once a week to hit it during lunch.) which is what we would have loved to do on a gorgeous day like today, so here’s CityRag’s inside scoop on the Shake Shack’s Reopening!…

called Danny Meyer’s management company (everyone we spoke to was very helpful) and were directed to a woman in operations. she told us that… the Shake Shack will reopen on Friday, April 1st! for the first month they will only be open for lunch (11-4). then around May 1st they will extend to full hours (which they anticipate being 11-10.) she also told us there won’t be any menu changes right now, just the same great stuff, and pointed us to the Shack Shake’s Official Site – that has the shack’s full menu and some great photos. man, we can’t wait! 24 days and counting…

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