heartbreaker – 2

Buddy’s buddy, Gus, is so cute he makes our heart throb…


here’s an amazing dog shot from flicker (thanks to Gus’s dad for sending us the shots, and a shout out to The Brazilian Muse for turning us on to flicker’s cool stuff)

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New York Punk (a random playlist)

New York Punk (a random playlist)
BlogCritics has a fucking awesome article on the 70’s New York punk scene called: Blank Generation: New York Punk (a random playlist). some brillaint writting and great notes on NY punk, written by uao of FreewayJam. this article is a must read for punk lovers and anyone interested in the history of the New York music scene!


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friday fun stuff

friday fun stuff


the fabulous photo find above is from Happy Scrappy

Don’t hate the player, playas — hate the game. Kelly Ann Collins sets y’all straight on female “players”

impulse bride weekly, so funny. via Socialitelife

Kimora Lee Simons “I’m filthy fucking rich!

Angelina Jolie talks about fucking girlz, yay!

we *HEART* Jay – a great interview with the winner of Project Runway

Bore George all over the place dissing any celeb he can get his hooks in (because that’s the only way he gets any press)

Bring On The Terrible Twos – his Thighness puts together the post of all posts, hours of great reading!

blog cheese – funny stuff from Lindsay (hey, we resemble those remarks!)

and an awesome interview with one of our blog hero’s Uncle Grambo of Whatevs

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off to Mars

off to Mars
and flying high…


CityRag smoke-ins are all about taunting NYC’s policy of aggresively hunting down and arresting people with incredibly small amounts of marijuana. and in doing this we often flirt with disaster. but this was a close one. just after we snapped this shot we noticed a cop 10 feet south of us watching traffic.

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Bedazzling MP3’s

Bedazzling MP3’s
Moviecleopatrajones_1if you’re a fan of funky, obscure MP’s and videos check out Bedazzled. it’s hard to describe what you’ll find there… a little of everything cool, unusual and nostalgic…
Out Of My Mind On Dope & Speed by Julian Cope
I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun by Cat Stevens
– The Raspberries doing “Go All The Way” on Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert
– the Mr. Machine TV Commercial.
– and a recent favorite, the AWESOME radio spot for the kick ass 1973 film Cleopatra Jones

“She’s 6 foot 2 inches of Black beauty. She handles her car like a gun. She handles her gun like a man. And she handles a man like Cleopatra.”

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The Earl of Fashion

Instead of admitting he didn’t know the shirt snapped UNDER the pants, the Baby’s daddy called this his “wrestling outfit”…


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every day we stumble on another great voice in blogland. this post by AngryBlackBitch kicks ass and takes names….


1. Make the tax cuts permanent even though they have not stimulated the economy or created jobs.

2. Overhaul Social Security by creating private accounts which will invest directly in the Stock Market, which is about as stable as a crack ho’ jonesing for a fix.

3. Continue to fuck with Medicare, make it so complex that the old people will fall out dead from the stress thus reducing the dependent population.

…more Bush-o-nomics

I want my surplus back. I want Bill Clinton back. It feels like the inmates have taken over the asylum. And once they are done overhauling us into an “ownership society”, they’ll have created a society no one will want to own.

amen. we’re feelin’ you ABB.

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New York City’s dog friendly hotels

New York City’s dog friendly hotels
the New York Times has a cool article today on hotels in NYC that will let you bring your pets, and even offer special services like pet pampering programs and dog walking!…


We’ll Leave the Lights On, and a Milkbone
“Guests at the SoHo and TriBeCa Grand hotels are offered Pampered Pooches and Finicky Felines programs, providing special food, grooming and bedding.”
Loews has a special doorknob sign to alert housekeepers that there is a pet in the room. In addition, the chain asks for a cellphone number or provides guests with a “puppy pager” so that the hotel can contact them if there is a problem with a pet.”
“…at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Central Park South, the loan of a Burberry raincoat if it happens to be raining when the need for a walk arises.”
“The W Hotel at Union Square not only welcomes pets arriving with two-legged guests, but occasionally celebrates its connection with the animal world”

and we’ve found other great NY hotels allow dogs too!

more info on traveling to New York with your dog:
New York is a great place to bring your dog on vacation with you. most cabs will let dogs ride in the back (carry a towel for the seat if your dog cannot ride in your lap.) there are tons of dog runs and wonderful parks throughout the city to tour with your pup (you could spend 2 days just hitting Central Park and the west river!). some great shopping. and many outdoor cafes allow your dog to sit quietly by your side while you dine.

(photos from helpshelterpets.org)

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