new york doorways

new york doorways
history, street art, grafitti, tags, stickers, decay; NYC doorways are living, changing works of art…



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fingering Bush

fingering Bush
Happy Scrappy posted a BRILLIANT hand-puppet recreation of Bush’s 5 day trip to Europe. it’s so clever, funny and dead on.


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Oscar Star Flap

Oscar Star Flap
we wanted to jot down some pre-awards dirt from the red carpet, but we were too mesmerized by Star Jones’s flapping back and bobble head to take any notes…


some GREAT Oscar coverage from the GothamistJen Chung “live blogged” the entire event, capturing the best moments with some very funny and insighful commentary. it’s better than the show itself.

and YESSSS… Defamer comes through in their usual fabulous style with hilarious coverage and some juicy zingers in their live blogging of the show!… (“Dustin Hoffman is clearly drunk as he slurs his way through the nominees for Best Picture” – HA!)

GoldenFiddle and PageSixSixSix‘s coverage are also so fucking funny. Miu tells us what’s inside the oscar goodie bag. and more on this live blogging the Oscars stuff.

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Con the Dom

Con the Dom
some funny commentary out there on Condoleezza Rice‘s black jacket and stiletto heels look last week. the S&M styling does suit her well. we wonder what Condoleezza Rice’s dominatrix name would be?…
Con the Dom, Doctor Pain, Mistress of Foreign Affairs, Lady Leezza, Bootsy Rice…


(photos: Michael Probst/AP and Moxie)

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doing the math on Fred Durst’s teeny weenie

doing the math on Fred Durst’s teeny weenie
(warning: all links below are not safe for work. and consensus in blogland is that we’ve all been traumatized forever by these photos)

by now everyone knows that, in addition to the Paris scandal this week, Fred Dust’s Sidekick was hacked and a pathetic video of him having sex with some poor woman is making the rounds.

Fred SUCKS. He’s a scummy, talentless, JERK. and a notorious ego-maniac (which he proves over and over on his blog.) so it made us very happy to see he ain’t bulging up under the belt. we’re calling his wimpy little penis at about 4 inches. click here…
…come on girls, you know the move. you go to wrap your hand around a guys cock and, well, your fingers are longer than his rod. so what do you do?… stick out your pinky like you’re having high tea! actually if you look closely at the shot she has to leave off the pinky and pull up on the ring finger a little. so looking at Fred’s 3 fingers worth of shaft plus his pruney head – our generous calculations say he’s packing 4.5 inches (hard.)

and OH-MY-GOD – we just found this hilarious story on our favorite site of the day called… Did I ever tell you about the time Fred Durst tried to pick me up? – it’s awesome!

UPDATE: check out Fred’s needy email to Paris Hilton after she ditched him (Tue, 16 Nov 2004)…
“So much it hurts me that you just vanished! You are my heart. You told me so many things about how much you loved me and I was the one. Remember I have been in the mountains recording since I last saw you. I come to LA for two days today then back to the woods until christmas. I know you love me and haven’t been able to replace me!! I haven’t fucking shaved since I saw you! I’ve been in a depression. But more clear than ever. wfd”

(small note: this post is a juvenile laugh at Durst, cuz he’s an ass. size doesn’t matter; it’s all about how you turn it out.)

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Buddy meets Dolly

Buddy meets Dolly
Buddy wasn’t too happy about meeting baby Dolly, until Eric let him smell her feet…



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dog day afternoon

dog day afternoon
lots of pics of pups going up in the next couple days. maybe it’s time to get you one…
“In a desperate bid to avoid killing an influx of unwanted pets, the city is slashing adoption fees for pups and kittens through this month… Up for grabs is a whole litter of fuzzy two-month old Lab mixes stumbling over their oversized puppy paws at the Manhattan branch of the Animal Care and Control.” (that’s where Buddy was saved! thanks for the link Toutie!)

and this little picnic munching pooch should make you run to the closest shelter!

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Paris puffs up

Paris puffs up
just like us, it seems Paris likes smoking a little weed to relax during those stressful moments (in addition to this fab photo found on the cool site Washington Socialites, there were references to hanging out and “drinking and smoking” in Paris’s email, and then there’s this)


Update: oh snap! Defamer ran the photo last October – dam, we fucking love that site

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