stick to your ribs

stick to your ribs
this weather whispers BBQ in our ear. Dinosuar and R.U.B. are some of the hot new comers, and we’ve always liked Virgil’s, but for kick-ass ribs – the place to go is Blue Smoke! we’re talkin’ real wood smoked ribs, slow cooked, tangy bbq sauce, and meat that’s so tender it falls off the bone…



Blue Smoke highlights and tips:
– dish recs: ribs ribs ribs! – all are excellent, pulled pork, (all their meats are slow smoked and amazing), mac and cheese, creamed spinach, fry bread is a must and the home made chips and blue cheese dip are a favorite. great cockatils, mojitos and blood orange margaritas are strong and delicious.
– on the expensive side, but worth it! sides serve 2+ generously, we skip appetizers and dessert and still can’t finish the amazing rib sampler and sides (and the leftovers are killer.)
– get a reservation or go very early. they get packed. but tables are roomy and well spaced, service is excellent, and food comes fast (the waiters are very helpful with dish recommendations)
– NY Metro’s Blue Smoke review
– Blue Smoke’s official site has lots of info and menus
(thanks John, George and Laura for the help on this!)

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yo K-Fed, STOP smoking around the baby!


what the fuck, right after they announce Brit’s pregnant, more photos come out of Federline smoking next to her. smoking’s a hard habit to kick but dam dude, can you stop smoking right in the car with her. what a fucking selfish loser. we’re seriously feeling sorry for little Britney these days.

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the Chowhound Guides are coming!

the Chowhound Guides are coming!
Chowhound, the best NYC and all around restaurant resource on the net, is publishing a Guide to the NYC TriState area! (and one for the San Francisco area.) Chowhounds and their leader Jim Leff, are hands down the most knowledgeable, accurate and passionate food consumers around. we read the site daily (and post often), and their great insight has been tipping us to new places and guiding our dining decisions for many years. according to Jim the guides are being published by Penguin (great!) and will be out at the end of the month! “Each book contains more than one thousand eateries.” Keep an eye out on Chowhound and Amazon for Chowhound’s Guide to NYC Tristate Area – guaranteed to rock your NY chow life!

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Street Fight Video Motherload #2

Street Fight Video Motherload #2
fights happen. they can be very ugly, cityrag’s caught a few. on the street we just snap what we see


on the web, we try and avoid the ultra violent videos, and look for ones that are funny or catch a crazy moment. here’s an update since cityrag’s last Street Fight Video Motherload post… continues to reign supreme! lots of additions in the last few months to Smoothy’s killer Fights and Knockouts Collection. and they do a nice job of labeling what’s on each video, so you can pick and choose how low you want to go (for super fight fans, the pages of messages that follow the list contain even more vid links.) couple wild knockouts…

one simply titled Bar Fight, is an amazing example of a – “how did they catch that” – street fight film.


knockout fans will appreciate this big mouth, college kid getting knocked out in one punch – in Don’t Talk Shit (stills above are from that video.)

another list we found is LookatEntertainment’s “Fighting Videos” (lots of repeats but a couple new ones) usually adds a couple fight photos and videos to their weekly updates – like this CRAZY crowd fight!

and more in the first Street Fight Video Motherload round-up!

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ludlow street art

ludlow street art
graffiti & street art covered building on Ludlow…



the great GammaBlaBlog sent us this link on the artist of the work in the top photo – WK Interact. check out more NY work on their site. or better yet, GammaBlaBlog has many awesome photos of WK’s projects that capture the art and street scene around it.

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Rourke throws a punch at Paris

Rourke throws a punch at Paris

Mickey Rourke is one crazy plastic-faced freak. 5 minutes back on the scene and he’s throwin’ punches… at Paris Hilton!

“It has to do with little tiny s**t that gets under my skin. Business stuff. It’s like the word ‘actress’. You know. Cate Blanchett is an actress. Paris Hilton is not… I mean, how can they use the same word?”

we know it’s shallow, but dam dude, your stretched out skin is beyond gross. maybe you should dis someone who isn’t so young and hot that it makes you look like a deformed creep picking on the starlet who wouldn’t give them the time of day.


and dam, Mickey’s even trying to cop her doggie style! more on a Socialite’s Life (photo credit: Getty Images)

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unintentionally gay comic book covers

unintentionally gay comic book covers
BoingBoing pointed us to the new feature on the Best Site in the Universe called Unintentionally sexual comic book covers, and it’s fucking great! Superman spankings, monkey love, and more to come. don’t miss this brilliant piece!


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Law and Order returns to the LES

Law and Order returns to the LES
Law and Order filmed last night in the Lower East Side. there were props set up in the style of a memorial to the dead, revealing what appears to be the shooting of a child on the street as a show plot line. guess someone noted it might seem a bit creepy to locals (especially with Nicole duFresne’s memorial having been just a couple blocks away a few months ago), and put up a note to remind us this is “NOT REALITY”…


thanks for sending us the cool photo! and THANKS to the people who emailed us that they’re also bummed by film crews taking all the parking and setting up big food tables in the middle of the sidewalks. it’s great hearing from everyone. even our film friends have had a good sense of humor about it. a friend who works on Law and Order left us this sweet message yesterday morning… “guess who’s filming in your neighborhood today bitch and has all your parking spaces? me. that’s right. they’re all mine”

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