who’s your master

who’s your master
the Thighmaster tried to eat Buddy the other night, but we took him out for a burger instead


in case you haven’t peeped his site, Thighs Wide Shut is our #1 favorite blog ever, and the reason we started one!

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Foodie NYC rules!

Foodie NYC rules!
Foodie NYC is a great, one of a kind, bi-monthly, NY food event. 6 courses, 6 wines, 50 people. born from his passion for food, wine and sharing these with friends, organizer and chef Joe DeSalazar has created a dining experience that’s delicious, original and a lot of fun. 4 key elements go into making the event so special…


Atmosphere: each event is held in a beautiful loft exclusively devoted to Foodie for the night. the space is decorated magically with fresh flowers, candles, linen and nice place settings. there’s a handsome menu at each seat with the person’s name printed at the top. the lovely atmosphere is breathtaking when you walk in. cool music is played throughout the night.

Food: having read Joe’s great food blog and column in the Gothamist for a few years, we knew the meal would be wonderful, and it was. the site has excellent descriptions of the menu and theme of the night (Joe plans each meal with great detail, the main aspects being region and season.) we attended Modern Takes on French Classics and every course was great, read it and drool (our favorites: Braised Lentil Spring Roll with truffled gruyere fondue and Skate and Mushroom Paupiote with curry mushroom broth, mushroom puree, haricot vert, charred yellow pepper) and the next event, Burgundy Spring Tasting on May 22nd sounds fantastic.


Wine: hands down the finest wine tasting we’ve ever experienced. for the higher level wine option, Foodie’s wine guy Ben Brandt, pairs a group of truly exceptional wines, each SUBLIME. to be able to try so many older vintage, rare and well known (and very expensive) wines in one night is an experience we’ll never forget. our favorite was the 1975 Haut Brion (at around $620 a bottle, it’s hard to believe they don’t loose money on the wine.) the list of wines Ben has put together for the next tasting looks incredible.

People: this is an aspect of FoodieNYC that surprised us. we were a bit worried about dining with a bunch of people we didn’t know, but found ourselves enthralled in great food conversation with everyone at our table throughout the night. topics ranged from best NYC restaurants to favorite recipes, wines and shops. the fine food and wine conversation and the warm vibe at our table made the night even more memorable. the event is pulled together by an eclectic group of hard working chefs and stylists that are dedicated to making sure every element is perfect. in addition to Joe and Ben’s work, Whitney Horsey-Sherin decorates and does the menus; and in the kitchen is – Grant Bremer a great cook and prep master Wayne Cheng.

and we’d like to add a note on value… at $105 per person for the tasting with traditional wine and $205 per for the tasting with classic Burgundy wines (including tax and tip), it’s a bargin. 3-4 hours of delicous food and fantastic wines in a beautiful setting. Foodie NYC is a wonderful and unique New York dining experience.

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it’s all in the detail

it’s all in the detail
a stretch of colorful graffiti along Forsythe, near Rivington



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…and date

…and date
Johnny Knoxville and Usher hit last night’s gala at the Met with beautiful women on their arms, identified as “and date” in various photos. can anyone help identify their “dates”? (the woman with Usher has some cool tats!)…


Update: much THANKS to Cassie, SuperCath and TigerLilly for identifying Usher’s date – Eishia Brightwell. Cassie sent this article with the full scoop. and TigerLilly emailed this link to another shot of Usher and Eishia with Jay Z and Beyonce, the comments are great!

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fashion passion at the MET

fashion passion at the MET
celebrities turned it out in NYC last night for the MET Costume Institute Gala – from Style.com… “The Metropolitan Museum of Art was awash in camellias and couture Monday night as the Costume Institute celebrated its latest exhibit, an homage to the house of Chanel. The event, co-chaired by Nicole Kidman, Karl Lagerfeld, and Vogue’s Anna Wintour, attracted a who’s who of global glitterati.”



- great photos from Style.com
Artistic and Fashionable Go on View in a Met Gala from the NY Times
Coco meets Karl
A Fabulous Fashion Frenzy
the MET throws its so-called “party of the year
Joan Rivers Was Not Working This Red Carpet
MET’s Costume Institute Gala Honoring Chanel
– and more photos from around the web.

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the art of awkward kissing by Tom Cruise

the art of awkward kissing by Tom Cruise


whatever the goal was behind the public kissing sessions, it backfired…
Roman Ha-Ha-Day
Tom And Katie Publicly, Uncomfortably Osculate
Tom Cruise looking very comfortable
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes “Dating” In Italy
Tom showing all he’s flipped for Katie

and this little tidbit in The Post found via A Socialite’s Life is insane!… from Tom: “I’m a helper. For instance, I myself have helped hundreds of people get off drugs. In Scientology, we have the only successful drug rehabilitation program in the world. It’s called Narconon.”

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Buddy parts

Buddy parts



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NY manholes

NY manholes
manhole covers are one of those things that we get sentimental about. after a life spent in the city, we’ve stepped on thousands. their bold, gritty, and historic presence are an imagery that screams NYC! call us crazy, but we love those big metal circles. and so does Forgotten NY. their great article on NY Manholes and Coal Shute Covers is packed with excellent photos and fascinating info!




in tribute to Forgotten NY’s great article we decided to snap some manhole cover photos. a testimony to the amazing variety and abundance of NY manholes out there, all 9 manhole covers above are from the intersection of Chrystie and Rivington in the LES (each with a different pattern!)

Manhole Tattoo and Exploding Manholes from the Gothamist

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