Chitty Chitty in the city

Chitty Chitty in the city
walked by the opening of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on 42nd St last night and snapped some photos to catch the “Broadway Opening” vibe… (the celebs were super nice and responded to our shouts)

Fred Armisen is fabulous. we yelled “hi Fred!” and he came running over like he was gonna kiss us. he’s funny and cute. Tina Fey was also there, didn’t catch a pic, when we asked if what a boy or girl she said she didn’t know.


Harvey Weinstein looks like he lost about 100 pounds. told him he was looking great and he said “thanks, I’ve been working hard!” and Eric Bogosian was all stylish.


no idea who these people are but they capture the opening scene fun… (actually we thought the guy at the bottom was K-Fed for a minute but it turned out to be some junkie dude)



the only bummer part were the horrible, nasty photographers that didn’t like us taking pics behind them and tried to harass the shit out of us. we told them to go fuck themselves and took our photos. they called the cops on us, cops told them to back off and let us stay :-)

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smoked apple

smoked apple
is there anything hotter than a slamming chick smoking an apple bong?… (photos from excellent site of Mark the CobraSnake)



and here’s some fabulous shots of Charlize Theron apple-bonging!

more celeb smokin’ in CityRag’s round-up of Celebrities Smoking Weed

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brooklyn kid

brooklyn kid
one last photo of those curls before our godson’s first haircut…


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Stanton Sociability

Stanton Sociability
catching the buzz around The Stanton Social opening, we stopped by this week with a couple friends to check it out – and wow, it’s a great place! beautiful space, decorated with darks woods and golden lighting; very roomy and comfortable. there’s also a cool bar on the 3rd floor. and the food is inventive and delicious. over 50 items on the menu, everything is small plate and designed for sharing. at first the portions seemed small, but by the end of the meal we couldn’t finish dessert (at around $55 a person, including drinks tax and tip, for 3 hours of great dining it seemed like a bargain!)


cocktails were tasty and refreshing (our one complaint of the night was that they were on the weak side), but they have some unusual “signature” combinations (and a good wine list.) a bowl of super thin, homemade potato chips flavored with rosemary are brought out while you browse the massive menu. service is good and our waitress was very helpful. the menu is huge but organized in a way that makes it easy to order. you can start with a few dishes and add as you go. (we ordered several dishes at the beginning and the kitchen did an excellent job of paring items and sending them out at just the right pace.) everything we tried was very good, some were amazing….


- Kobe beef sliders, at $6 each and about 3-4 bites, are probably the most expensive burger we’ve ever had. they are also off the scale, insanely good! can’t even compare them to a regular burger. so flavorful, a decadent texture and there’s simply nothing you can do to keep the juice from rolling down your chin. even with our eye on so many things to try and their high price – we ordered a second round as soon as the waitress came back.
Ahi tuna kabobs with a brown sugar crust and watermelon salsa fresca were heavenly, nicely browned with a delicious glaze on the outside perfectly rare and melt in your mouth tender on the inside. 3 for $14.
French onion soup dumplings – LOVED the chewy dumpling dough and crispy crouton on the outside contrasted with the juicy burst of super rich onion broth and melty gruyere cheese inside. served in a cool escargot like dish, with bamboo spears, makes it easy you pop the whole thing in your mouth. 6 for around $8.
Haricot vert with buttered almonds – a simple dish that we’re a sucker for, done perfectly with tons of luscious toasted almond slivers tossed in a pile of freshly steamed haricot vert $6


and we found ourselves in constant envy of what was being delivered to other tables. on our list for next time: red snapper tacos looked cute and delish, everything from the raw bar was fresh and fab, and the soufflé dessert trio looked fantastic. all around a great new addition to the hood that we can’t wait to return to!

Update: Catherine’s Pita hit it Friday and has some raves of her own. and do not miss Andrea Strong‘s fascinating article in New York Magazine about AvroKO – a visionary group of young architects and designers behind The Stanton Social’s fabulous space!

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dude smokes ’round the baby

dude smokes ’round the baby
MORE shots of K-Fed smoking around Brit. the dude just doesn’t care about the health of his kid. there’s been speculation that Britney’s making faces due to morning sickness but it looks like she’s wincing from all the smoke around her…




check out JustJared’s fat post K-fed Smokes Like a Chimney

and this has to be the best quote ever from Char Jackson on K-Fed… “He has told me that it is really a lot, what with a breakup, a wedding and two babies in a year” Jackson says.

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there’s something about Colin…

there’s something about Colin…
just looking at this shot on the fabulous site A Socialites Life makes us feel kinda dreamy and relaxed, and want to lie on the beach with Colin Farrell drinking beer, dangling kids over our head and listening to the waves…


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Buddy and the carrot

Buddy and the carrot
carrots are one of Buddy’s favorite treats. juicy and crunchy, and a litlte sweet. he likes to take his time and make em last. at the end of his carrot frenzy he had a small piece on the end of his nose. it was still there 20 minutes later.



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that’s so NY

that’s so NY
New York City has it’s own unique energy that’s continually pouring out all around you. shots like this flip us out cuz they just speak to the crazy energy that abounds in this city we love… from Curbed today… In Astor Place, Cube is Gone, But Good Times Remain


this fantastic photo was sent to Curbed by Stuck in His Head, who included this note “There’s nothing that says ‘No War’ like crucifying yourself in Astor Place.” (dude, you rule!)

Update: the Gothamist has an awesome photo and story on the protester’s arrest!

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