Stones throw

Stones throw
some friends just got back from the Rolling Stones performance at Lincoln Center this afternoon and had this to report… 3 songs were played: Start Me Up, Brown Sugar and Oh No Not You Again (a new song.) it was more of a publicity event than a show for NY’ers – the set up/stage was directed at the press not for the crowd, and made it so that you couldn’t really see the band. still, they were happy to be able to hear the Stones play outside on this beautiful afternoon…


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take that Jack

take that Jack
Hollywood’s #1 whacky rebound chick Renée Zellweger shocked everyone by marrying Kenny Chesney yesterday (just a few months after the end of her intense 2+ year affair with Jack White.)


if that’s not enough juicy gossip to make yer day, there’s this…
Janice Dickinson on Omarosa… “When I first saw Omarosa, I thought it was Rick James. I thought it was Mr. Ed on crack.”
Some Silicone Sisters With A Manager Mister… “Can you imagine how many heart attacks were suffered by the Appalachian bourgeoisie last weekend at the Derby when these two hozebags walked in the room?”
Our favorite coke whores at the Cartier bash
Kelly Osbourne’s Boobies Nearly Explode. Again.

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silhouettes of clarity

silhouettes of clarity
silhouettes of the band Clarity on the roof of their practice space in Williamsburg (Brooklyn)


(another great photo from Josef)

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big boy

big boy
baby got a hair cut. he’s a big boy now…


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inspired by love

inspired by love
a funny déjà vu hit us seeing Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf‘s “I Love You” gown on model Karolina Kurkova at the MET gala last week. for a minute we wondered if they got their inspiration from graffiti artist/tagger i love you‘s work…


it’s certainly possible they’ve seen i love you’s work around. or maybe it’s just that “love” is in the air.

the i-love-you graf photos above are from BlueJake‘s EXCELLENT street art library, a huge and amazing collection of wonderful stuff.

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Dolly‘s cuteness drives everyone crazy…


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writing on the wall – 2

writing on the wall
must try harder, must-try-harder.


writing on a bus stop, Ave A and 2nd St.

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speed demon

speed demon
Buddy loves to get his run on…


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