writing on the wall – 2

writing on the wall
must try harder, must-try-harder.


writing on a bus stop, Ave A and 2nd St.

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speed demon

speed demon
Buddy loves to get his run on…


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what a week!

what a week!
Gossip whores got a good fill this week…
Pitt And Jolie’s Sexual African Safari Gets More Sexual
Angelina and Brad Hook Up in Morocco
Holmes-Cruise Situation Takes A Disturbing Turn
Britney Spears Used Pregnancy Test Sold
Timeline for Britney’s baby (hilarious!)
Paula Abdul’s Future: Now taking bets
Rosie O’Donnell on Paula Abdul (oh the imagery)
Reconfiguring the terrible “Surreal Life” cast
Stars at some MTV event in NYC (great stuff)
Lindsay Lohan’s morphing into Mary Kate Olsen
Fergie sucks vs. Gwen sucks
Bootsy Spears, Christina passes a stone and more juicy Pinkness

but our favorite story of the week is… Uncle Grambs awesome scoopage and blow by blow description of Chloë Sevigny and Vincent Gallo running into each other at Coachella!

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sign of the Times

sign of the Times
inside the massive construction site for the new NY Times building…




and here’s some info on the architecture and construction:
The new Eighth Avenue tower for The New York Times
NYT, Hearst Headquarters to Spruce Up Eighth Ave.
$320 Million Construction Loan for 52-Story NYTimes Headquarters

(thanks Josef for sneaking inside and sending us the photos!)

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durst is still an ass

durst is still an ass
we found this photo off one of the boards. not sure how old it is, but dam, Fred Durst is such a pathetic load!


and from the fabulous PageSixSixSix this week… it looks like creepy Fred was trying to spread it around that he got Jessica Simpson… Fred Durst Got A Piece Of Jessica Simpson’s Nookie. but Jessica Simpson’s people were quick to bust that rumor with a big NO

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replacing Paula

replacing Paula
OMG! Dummocrats.com has the funniest fucking list of people who could replace Paula… check out: Who Should Replace Paula Abdul on American Idol?


and we have a couple to add:
Rosie O’Donnell – just as annoying as Paula and would take a similar approach that everyone is great and act appalled that people have to leave the show.
Madonna – she’d make em cry, hard
Cher – the hair, the outfits, the voice – Cher would be awesome!

(image above from Dummocrats.com)

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canceled flight arrives

canceled flight arrives
Tuesday night we hit the opening of the art exhibition for the book – Canceled Flight: 101 Tried and True Pigeon Killin’ Methods – and it was kickin! some of NY’s best artists and photographers, cool music, free beerz and KILLER ART.




the book is a brilliant and hilarious collection of images. and the exhibition is great. tons of mind blowing art filled with detail, irony and humor. each piece is fascinating. some knocked us out. and we know CityRag readers will get it, but due to the bizarre feedback on Amazon, we’d like to add – this is not an offensive show, the theme is intended and presented in a very humorous way, the work is moving and funny.

free and open to the public, the show runs May 4th-May 24th (1pm–7pm everyday) and is at the Reed Space, 151 Orchard Street (b/w Rivington + Stanton) stop by and check it out! and if you can’t make it – check out the book, a fantastic collection of illustration and photos from some of the most talented artists around, a bargain at $16

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an offer you can’t refuse

an offer you can’t refuse
passing the one-hitter at a show


and be warned y’all – NYPD continues to arrest and jail people for amounts as small as one joint

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