neckface begins!

neckface begins!
love Spinach Dip and check his site often, but it took our friend Tale of Two Cities to point us to SD’s fat scoop on this awesome new tag by Neckface. it’s so cool we had to jump on TOTC’s wagon and join in and “share this instant classic Neckface tag just off the Williamsburg Bridge”…


(photo credit: SpinachDip)

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Courtney and the Bean

Courtney and the Bean
the best part of the Idol finale was seeing Courtney and Francis Bean attending. during Courtney’s wild days it seemed all Francis wanted was to get her mommy back. it’s nice to see them together and happy.


Update: Josef sent us this from MTV

“I’m rooting for Bo. I like his style, I like his vibe and I like that he rocks,” Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, said outside the Kodak Theatre with her mother at her side. “I’ve never watched it,” Love said. “The word ‘mainstream’ comes to mind.”

Kurt_cobain_frances_bean_1 and our boy Chucky sent us this… “dude, how much does Bean look like Kurt!?” so we whipped this image up. thanks for Chucky!

and more cool photos of on da BusBlog

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free bike

free bike
cool shot of a trashed out bike in the EV sent in from our friend Black-E. the Jack Daniel’s bottle in the spokes makes it…


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Burt Reynolds keeps pulling his face back, and is starting to look like an alien. he’s becoming the male Jocelyn Wildenstein


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‘Wichcraft hits Bryant Park

‘Wichcraft hits Bryant Park
taking a cue from Danny Myers’ Shake Shack – renowned NY chef Tom Colicchio is opening 2 branches of his diverse and delicious sandwich shops – ‘Wichcraft – in kioskes in Bryant Park!


snapped this photo today – looks like they should be open just in time for the free Monday night movies in the park!

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gossip a go-go

gossip a go-go
so much juicy stuff this week…
Burt Reynolds slaps a reporter
is Mary-Kate Olsen a Size Queen?
E!’s big fuck up
Jack Osborne in the buff on a bike
the new Madonna
the new Guy Ritchie
Cameron Diaz thong a dong
Brad and Ang – the beginning
Nick has a penis
Death Pool 2005
Brit & Kev, Renee and Kenny, Idols n’ more
and take a crack at captioning this crazy shot!

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from a cool new site, Propcrastination, an eeiry shot of part of an old tile bathroom sign on the wall of a subway platform…


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this month’s What Happened Award goes to….

this month’s What Happened Award goes to…
Michael Madsen. hands down. no contest. he get’s June’s too.

still hunky in May 2004 -(1 year later)- funky in May 2005

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