star power

star power
round-up of this week’s gossip fun…
The I’m Dating Tom Cruise Pose (great call)
Dean & Deluca protects Lindsay Lohan from paparazzi
Carson Daily looses his chubby
Hayden Christensen kisses Ewan Mcgregor
George Lucas’ Sets Record For Longest Chineck
Mena Suvari hottness
Tanorexic Nation: Dying to be thin
Can we just say that he has a little pecker and be done with it?
Gross out photo of the week: Larry King
We’re not sure what’s more disturbing…
“Sly” Sylvester Stallone’s new magazine. ew.
Insanely juicy gossip post from Pink

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“Desperate Housewives” actor busted for joint in NYC

“Desperate Housewives” actor busted for joint in NYC
in the Post today, actor Cody Kasch was arrested for smoking a joint in the EV last night…


“Desperate Housewives” actor Cody Kasch was arrested last night after he was caught smoking a joint outside a Lower East Side bar, police said. Kasch, 18, who plays Zach Young on the ABC drama, was spotted puffing the joint by plainclothes narcotics cops at 11:15 p.m. on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue. Kasch was issued a desk appearance ticket.

why does he get an “appearance ticket” while everyone else we know gets hauled off to spend 48 hours in jail!?… gives us a little hope NYPD’s policy is changing. anyway congratulations Cody! you’ve made CityRag’s ever growing list of Celebrities that Smoke Weed!

ps – why doesn’t the Post know that 1st St and 2nd Ave is the East Village (not the LES)?!

Update: leave it to the Gothamist to come up with a killer headline: Desperate for a Celebrity Pot Bust

Update 2: from the Post “The young ‘Desperate Housewives’ star busted for allegedly smoking pot on the Lower East Side was ‘just in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ his manager said yesterday”

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Manhattan’s Ultimate Penthouse

Manhattan’s Ultimate Penthouse
“what may well be the most elegant residence in the world” – the triplex penthouse crowning the Pierre Hotel in NYC is for sale (a cool $70,000,000!) we’re not quite sure what a “mansard-roofed château” is but the views are amazing!


(photo credit: Christie’s Great Estates)

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more melon

more melon
yeah, he likes beans and carrots, but Buddy would eat a whole watermelon if you let him.


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all we need is Love

all we need is Love
Katie and Tom, boring. Lindsay’s downward spiral, over that. Paris drunk in Cannes, whatever. we long for the days of that cutting edge, let a guy in Wendy’s suck your tit, drama that only Courtney Love can provide. Mark the Cobrasnake snapped the first shots of Courtney back on the scene in months, at a show in LA recently. hoping it’s a sign of Love fun to come.


(photos from

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that’s LOCO

that’s LOCO
The Ludlow Orchard Community Organization is kicking ass and taking names! we first learned of L.O.C.O. on Curbed a couple weeks ago and were pyched to find a group taking on some of the community abuse going on in the Lower East Side, including the massive hotel being built on Allen St. and the never ending flood of film crews.


from their site

We are rising up: To stop the 24 story hotel and other high-rise developments on Orchard Street – and demand the landmark status and zoning changes that will “keep the Lower East Side low!” To tell our local political leaders that we want a say in how this neighborhood and its residents are affected by all the bars, film shoots, and new developments that are bringing an influx of traffic and noise into our streets, and destroying our quality of life! To tell the landlords: we don’t want more yuppy bars. We do want culture and things that enrich the lives of residents! L.O.C.O. seeks to take these issues on, to affect city policy and send a message to developers and local politicians: We have had enough of the takeover of our community! We are reclaiming our streets, and going to keep our community intact and vibrant.

and yesterday’s newsletter (email them to sign up) has a tip on an interesting meeting TONIGHT: Housing, Land Disposition, Zoning, & NYC Housing Authority Committee meeting – Tuesday, May 17 at 6:30PM — Project Renewal, Kenton Hall – 333 Bowery (near 3rd St) the first presentation will be regarding the new Allen Street Hotel

GO LOCO GO LOCO! CityRag is behind you…
demise of the LES: Pomeranc’s Allen St. Fuckover begins
production companies love messin’ with the locals
why film production companies SUCK
Law and Order returns to the LES

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stone faced

stone faced
Sharon Stone arrives for the world premiere of “Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith” at the Cannes film festival with a fresh facefull of botox, and looking like she stepped back in time…


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Secret Wall Tattoos

Secret Wall Tattoos
on GorillaMask we found a link to an amazing site called Secret Wall Tattoos. here’s the deal… you rent a hotel room, remove a mirror or piece of art, create your own art piece on the wall underneath, and then put the item back on the wall. and the flip side is it’s creating an army of people peaking behind stuff on the walls of their hotel rooms. fucking awesome!…



not much info on the SWT site about it, but following the “discuss” link we found a newly started message board and a post that has the scoop… “caught this article in the German magazine Der Arztwitz Jun 2005 Issue” (from the article…)

Josh Homme, the 6’4″ frontman for the Queens of the Stone Age, has a new venture. Its art and mystery. Homme is known for the enigmatic, the vague and the unexplained. “We’ve been doing this on tour for some time. It’s like crop circles, but better. I used to collect corks as a hobby, but several of us got together and started doing this”, muses the rock-star and guitarist from his Berlin hotel room. “We’re actually being paid to do this. It all started out in Joshua Tree at local art festivals where local artists we knew down there would do people’s ranch house rooms. There’s several SWTs in Rancho De La Luna.”

His soundman Hutch and Wayne Sherman, a Seattle based tatoo artist Homme met while attending the University of Washington after leaving Kyuss, are the creative forces behind this work. Homme fills in as art director. “Basically, it’s like a box of Cracker Jacks. You get a secret toy surprise. We have a set of patterns and each art piece is kind of a stepped up rendition in the duration we spend in a room. We spend a lot of time in museums and hotel rooms while touring. That’s our inspiration.”

And how do people discover secret wall tatoos? “It’s for the obsessive types who are prone to move a picture in a room that is off center, and have to dismount it and they get this little surprise behind it. It like to think it’s like panties, there’s something better behind the mystery, the ucovering that’s even more mesmerizing”

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