new york new york

new york new york
Plaza Hotel stuff for sale on Ebay
Bars That Bar-B-Q (For Free!)
Big Apple Ducks, NYC’s first amphibious sightseeing tour bus
Time Mag pays graf artist to bomb billboard
Celeb’s are everywhere in New York!
Runner’s up in Curbed’s cool “Hoodwinked” contest
The Secrets of Prospect Park
Cool old buildings from Lost Brooklyn
More side walk & less cars for Times Square
Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, June 11 & 12
Chowhounds pick NYC’s most sublime dishes
Now if only we could get a Waffle House in Times Square!
The best sketch comedy teams in the US descend on NYC
Is yet ANOTHER hotel coming to the LES!?

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barren Bleecker

barren Bleecker
most of the length of Bleecker St is packed with shops and restarants, except the last couple blocks on the east end. they have a strange, quite vibe. virtually store-less, but full of graffiti and peeks at NY past…




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guidelines for dating Mary-Kate Olsen

guidelines for dating Mary-Kate Olsen
apparently there’s been a height requirement all along!…


Mary-Kate Olsen and the Giant
Mary-Kate Olsen, Size Queen?

photo from – there’s a bucket load of fun stuff to be found there

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Future New York

Future New York
paper is the perfect collectable for city living. there’s tons of great stuff out there to find and it’s easy to store. under the bed we’ve got a box full of interesting postcards, photos and other various scraps of paper collected over the years. inspired by One Man Safari, we took a snap of one of our favorites, a cool old NY postcard (circa 1917) titled: Future New York, “The City of Skyscrapers,” New York – that depicts a city packed with skyscrapers, a sky filled with small air craft and trains that run through buildings…


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life art

life art
hot tattoos, from Mark the Cobrasnake


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Madonna makeover

Madonna makeover
reading in the news that Madonna’s “reps are interviewing potential plastic surgeons” made us curious what work she’ll get done and how it will look. and since we’re not good at waiting, we jumped ahead and made her over in photoshop. here’s what Madonna might look like with an eye lift, jaw lift, skin peal, lip collagen and the little bump in her nose removed


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gossip storm

gossip storm
The Best and Worst Male TV Personalities
Say No to Ugg
Jessica Simpson, made for sex and ringless
Where’s Dave Chapelle? photoshop contest
What’s Demi hiding?
Sienna Miller goes into attack mode on the paparazzi
Paris is getting hitched
Is Jon Bon Jovi the missing link?
Christian Slater arrested on sex abuse charges
Tom Cruise gets freakier by the day
Why Zsa Zsa Gabor should be made queen of the earth
Welcome To The New!

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scariest museum in the world

scariest museum in the world
we stumbled on the super creepy museum of ventriloquist dummies


from the Ventriloquist Museum page on the Roadside America website…

Lisa Sweasy, the curator, is an energetic encyclopedia of ventriloquism facts and history, and she understands that one of her jobs is to be candid about dummy-phobia and to put visitors’ fears to rest. Her eyes flash, however, when she describes people who freak out in front of the dummies and insist, “They’re staring at me!”… “Why would someone like that come here?” she asks. “Ninety percent of ventriloquism is uplifting and funny and cute. Clowns are scarier.”

ah, sorry Lisa, we disagree. and will not be stopping by for the “once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity to sit in “an entire classroom of dummies assembled in school chairs”.

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