gossip storm

gossip storm
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scariest museum in the world

scariest museum in the world
we stumbled on the super creepy museum of ventriloquist dummies


from the Ventriloquist Museum page on the Roadside America website…

Lisa Sweasy, the curator, is an energetic encyclopedia of ventriloquism facts and history, and she understands that one of her jobs is to be candid about dummy-phobia and to put visitors’ fears to rest. Her eyes flash, however, when she describes people who freak out in front of the dummies and insist, “They’re staring at me!”… “Why would someone like that come here?” she asks. “Ninety percent of ventriloquism is uplifting and funny and cute. Clowns are scarier.”

ah, sorry Lisa, we disagree. and will not be stopping by for the “once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity to sit in “an entire classroom of dummies assembled in school chairs”.

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bright eyes too

bright eyes too


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Curse of the Squares

Curse of the Squares
Bunny sent us this Separated at Birth observation… Joan Rivers and Madame! (the drag queen puppet, from Waylon and Madame that was on Hollywood Squares and had a short lived sitcom in the 70-80’s, and appears once in a while as a character on The Simpsons.) Bunny notes that both Joan and Madame were regulars on the Squares, and suggests “Maybe there is something evil about the center square!”…


Joan is also a member of the over pinched nose club.

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Summer is here!

Summer is here!
Memorial Day weekend sounds the bell for summer fun and WE’RE READY! hope you have a killer weekend and some fun out there. we leave you with one of Tien’s fabulous shots of Shea Stadium (a lifetime summer mecca for us.) Tien knows the Mets and Shea like nobody’s business


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bright eyes

bright eyes
cuz we love Coner and we love The Majority Report - here’s a cute photo of Conor Oberst, “Bright Eyes”, talking to Janeane Garofalo about his single “When the President Talks to God” on the show this week…


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our best friend’s dog, the ultra fashionable Peepers Saint Marie. Buddy’s not much into big dogs, but by default, she is his best friend. Peepers also goes by Mimi, Murray, Tommy Raisins, and Jimmy (this is why Buddy is sometimes known as Tiny Tommy and Little Jimmy – here’s a photo of them side by side.)



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craptastic ride

craptastic ride


Howard Stern’s limo is being sold on Ebay by his chauffer “Ronnie the Limo Driver” with a $125,000 reserve. the Ebay ad says… “The fully loaded 2004 Cadillac Escalade stretch limousine has been put up for auction because it’s time for Howard to move on to another vehicle.”


we sensed this wasn’t the whole story so we searched Howard Stern’s site and found the real dirt on why the limo is being sold… excerps from arguments about the limo from the site…

Howard said he really doesn’t like the limo Ronnie got him… he should have never trusted Ronnie’s taste… Howard hates how big the car is and how high off the ground it is… the seat in the back he uses is so uncomfortable. He said it’s small and it’s like a hard bench seat which he keeps sliding off. He was trying to read the paper and eventually just sat on the floor of the car because it was more comfortable. He said the worst part about the car is getting in and getting out of it. Howard said he has to sit on his ass and scoot his way out, which is really annoying.

what a sweet ride! congratulations Ronnie, you’re the Captain Craptastic of limo’s!

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