saying goodbye to the Fulton Fish Market

saying goodbye to the Fulton Fish Market
ForgottenNY has an excellent tour of NYC’s soon to be moved Fulton Fish Market. tons of amazing photos, including lots of the great old buildings and our favorite, the hand painted and hand-lettered signs. a really wonderful memorial for anyone who remembers the Fulton Fish Market and those who never got a chance to visit.



(photo credit: ForgottenNY)

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star chunks

star chunks
Jen to Brad: “Billy Idol called he wants his look back”
Mary-Kate Olsen Falling Thong Pictures
“I’m not wearing my wedding ring”
Jessica Alba Digging for Gold
Fred Durst’s Nookie home is for sale
Un-aired reality show Welcome to the Neighborhood
Time to put the “Naomi hit me and I loved it” tshirt back on
I Get Lindsay Lohan’s Fan Mail
More VIP Room fools
Angelina Jolie is a fucking super woman
The reality TV cat fight of the century
A Day in the Life of Britney Spears
What’s Wrong With Jessica Simpson?
Spirit Fingers!
This chick is giving me nightmares
MTV Tricked Us! Andy Milonakis is 29 years old!
Paris Latsis’s Fashion Source Revealed
Big Brother 6: Bring Back Kaysar
Gorilla Mask Interviews Dane Cook

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well hello there

well hello there
Buddy says how you doin’…


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presidential load

presidential load
in case you missed it, Bush just left on a 5 week vacation the longest presidential retreat in 36 years.


from the Washtington Post
“The August getaway is Bush’s 49th trip to his cherished ranch since taking office and Tuesday was the 319th day that Bush has spent, entirely or partially, in Crawford — roughly 20 percent of his presidency to date”

Bush’s long vacations are more than a curiosity: They play into diametrically opposite arguments about this leadership style. To critics and late-night comics, they symbolize a lackadaisical approach to the world’s most important day job, an impression bolstered by Bush’s periodic two-hour midday exercise sessions and his disinclination to work nights or weekends.”

as Towleroad notes: “Meanwhile, 43 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq in the past ten days.” CNN has a moving section dedicated to profiling the casualties with heartbreaking photos of our soldiers that have died in Iraq.

Update: from… turning away from the casualties of war seems to be a Bush tradition – check out this insane quote in David Rakoff’s new book from Barbara Bush on the eve of the Iraq war… “Why should we hear about body bags and deaths…? It’s not relevant. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that.” check out’s killer transcription from Rakoff’s book. (via Lindsayism)

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getting Owen Wilson’s nose out of our system

getting Owen Wilson’s nose out of our system
Owen Owen, we love him, but what’s the deal with his nose? we can’t stop staring at it, it’s mesmerizing. thought we’d take a moment and try to exhaust our fascination so we can get on with our lives…


in her review of “Wedding Crashers” Debra Dickerson from Salon shares our wonder… ” I’m dying to know what the deal is with that adorable crook-nose”

and Time provides the answer!… “It’s a wonder to behold: a twisting, swollen ski slope; a special effect that seems to expand and change angles with the light. He broke it first in ninth grade, then again playing football at the University of Texas. Has he considered having it fixed? “I get bombarded with those questions,” he says. “I must look like a freak”

more on the nose of the decade…
Stare at Owen Wilson’s nose. Go ahead. He can’t see you.
I bet nobody did this to Karl Malden
An ode to Owen Wilson’s schnoz

Defamer’s like an encyclopedia on Owen mystique…
David Spade playing Owen Wilson in a SNL sketch
Owen Wilson’s Speedo
The Butterscotch Stallion T-shirt

there’s even group discussions – “Is it true that Owen Wilson’s nose has a separate zip code?

and FameTracker gets the final word… “We don’t think there’s anything wrong with his nose.”

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mud floppery

mud floppery
staying cool can be dirty business… from the backwoods of sports, comes the 10th annual ‘mudpit belly flop’ competition


(photo credit: REUTERS/Tami Chappell)

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porn ago

porn ago
on Bedazzled there’s always something cool and quirky to click… like this link to a great collection of Porn Posters from 60’s & 70’s!


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roar of Thunder

roar of Thunder
our friends at Thundercut have some brilliant new work out there! great shots from their site…




- awesome Thundercut Boombox shot
– more cool Thundercut photos