slice of construction

slice of construction
heavy new construction has popped up directly next to the development of the hotel at 200 Allen St. assumed it was expansion of the hotel’s footprint, but when we stopped by to take photos, the construction supervisor said a new pizza place is going in. it was an informal conversation but he mentioned the name will be “La Sala”. and from the looks of the serious construction going on, gutting deep into the walls and at least one story below ground, it’s going to be a big place. with all the sucky over-development in the LES, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that some good pizza comes in.


Pizza restaurant construction << -- >> Pomeranc’s Allen St Hotel

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Bolivian women wrestlers

Bolivian women wrestlers
thanks to Gawker, we found the NYT’s article on the fantastic Bolivian wrestling circuit, and the kick ass women who rule it…



“Wrestlers warming up in El Alto, Bolivia, near La Paz. Indigenous women, dressed in their traditional garb, are the stars of the increasingly popular bouts, Bolivia‚Äôs version of the World Wrestling Federation.”

(Photo credit: Noah Friedman-Rudovsky/The New York Times)

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how you know you’re at a gay party…

how you know you’re at a gay party…


this hilarious shot and comment are from the fabulous site Towleroad, and just a small example of why you should go there every day!

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no Cruise news!

no Cruise news!
and yet, still no shortage of crazy celeb stuff…
John Stamos Gets Wasted
Mariah Carey Needs a Better Brazilian
“Even my entourage wouldn’t talk to me anymore.”
Princess Stephanie of Monaco vs. Kelly Monaco
Federlines Choose Movie Over Son’s Birthday
Courtney Love Versus Dave Grohl Round 41
Jennifer Aniston’s Teenage Love for Sale
Reaction to Dove’s fuller figured ads
Is Jessica on the Richie-Lohan plan?
Paris Hilton: Return of the Wig
Odd-Couple to the Maximus
Is it a man or a woman?

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when pets rule the world…

when pets rule the world…
it’s gonna be dam cute!…



from the great site OneManSafari (unfortunately they seem to be down)

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Anna Nicole Smith’s Boobs

Anna Nicole Smith’s Boobs
we know this is going to come as a tremendous shock to everyone, but it appears that sometime over the last couple months Anna Nicole Smith got GIANT new boobs. Silicone breasts baby!


and this is too good to miss – Once again Anna Nicole Smith confuses being sexy with being trashy

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guide to the summer blockbusters

guide to the summer blockbusters
we love Thighs Wide Shut for all the awesomeness they serve up daily. but it’s the movie reviews that we live for! always so dead on, and fantabulous to read. it’s like having a good friend with an impeccable eye for film, who sees every flick and then guides you to what’s worth seeing (or not seeing.) this week he gives us a great guide to this summer’s blockbusters with juicy reviews of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cinderella Man, War of the Worlds, Batman Begins and the Fantastic Four. his Thighness is the Roger Ebert of blogland!


and check out Pajiba (a site that’s been advertising here) for some very interesting and in depth reviews of the latest films

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proud pup

proud pup
Buddy stands so tall when he’s around other dogs…


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