2013 Hot Colors for Spring …

spring colors 2013

Have sprung. Wakey wakey for yer eyes. Who’s rocking the 2013 spring sorbet pastels a little early?… U go girl

Guess Who:

Kim Kardashian or Octomom?
Lady Gaga Resembles Who?
Who’s Rocking the Snooki?
The Art of the Selfie
Guess Who’s Dirty

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Must… Get… Gossip

must get

Hollywood Tuna
Pop Sugar
Socialite Life
Coed Magazine
Hollywood Rag

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Beyonce’s Rocky Horror

Beyonce rocky horror

Oh sh*t!

Every once and a while something comes along that you gotta reblog… “Beyonce Super Bowl 2013 Commemorative” – Via the kidz at Imgur!

Bey to the Bey:

Beyonce’s Wardrobe Malfuction
Beyonce’s Tumblr to the Left
Beyonce Has the Final Word
Beyonce’s Super Nose Job

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Justine Bieber’s Pot Pictures Rap Up

justin bieber pot photos (7)

Justin Bieber coped to peer pressure and gave a lame apology on Saturday Night Live this weekend for his pot smoking pictures. His weak defense sucked the life out of what could have been a good skit. He should have done Jay’s Rap, that would have been awesome!…

Noise noise noise.
Smokin weed, smokin weed.
Doin’ coke, drinkin beers.
Drinkin beers, beers beers.
Rollin’ fatties, smokin blunts.

Dude, What the Face?

Via TMZ!

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Rihanna’s Belly Fur

Rihanna arrives at the Supper Club after the Grammys, where she met up with Chris Brown

Damn, we’d be totally enjoying these pictures of Rihanna’s post Grammy belly flashing if she didn’t foil it with fur.

Ok, we found a fur-free picture. Better, like butta, click to enLarge

Ri-Fur Madness:

Rihanna Is Double Jointed
Rihanna the Pot Princess
Rihanna Gets Blunted

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Star Wars Street Art & Links


Star Wars Street Art (41 Pics)
Dina Lohan Scares Children
Helen Flanagan in Lingerie
Faces of Jessica Chastain
Miley Cyrus’s Tragic Style
Johnny Depp Is a Gangster
Kelly Brook’s Hot Bikini Top
Lady Gaga’s Crazy Demands
Genesis Rodriguez in Green
One Direction Fools Around
Nina Agdal Is Smoking Hot
Plane on German Freeway
Lana del Rey Goes Anime

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Subliminal Seduction in Advertising Lives

sub sud top

Checking out the weather forecast and caught this ad. Looks like someone at Lower My Bills.com found an old copy of “Subliminal Seduction: Are You Being Sexually Aroused By This Picture?” and added a few pixels to her chest area. Oh sh*t, that’s so 1974.

Click the picture to enLarge

Between the lines:

20 Lesbian Motivational Posters
Subway Psych’s Messages
Antonio Banderassed
Ads That Bite

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Yasmin Le Bon Keeps It Rocking

yasmin le bon (1)

Reflex on yesterday’s Simon Le Bon stach’ story… Yasmin Le Bon is more gorgeous than ever. Married to Simon for 26 years, 3 grown up kids, and still Hungry Like the Wolf.

Rock on Yasmin…

These Go to 11
Ramones Food Truck Rocks
Georgia May Jagger Has the Moves

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