French Bulldog Crying

By the sound of it, Arthur the French bulldog is possessed by Satan … so give him what he wants! Watch as French Bulldog Cries To Get on the Bed!

More bull sh**:

Little Grunt
Bulldog Boogie
Play Us Off, French Bulldog DJ

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Jessica Biel Magazine Covers Conundrum

No, we’re not puzzled by Jessica Biel’s vastly different looks on these covers, including her latest — we’re wondering why none of these publications managed to feature her greatest asset! 20 Jessica Biel Magazine Covers

Zine scene:

Justin Bieber Magazine Covers
Emma Stone’s Cover Girl Makeover
20 Sexy Jessica Alba Magazine Covers

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Naomi Campbell’s Hair Fail

Like Naomi herself, karma’s a bitch! Naomi Campbell’s Going Bald

Karma chameleons:

Naomi Campbell’s Ninja Cell Phone
Julia Roberts Is a Bad Mamma Jamma
Ashley Olsen’s Fur Pleads for Their Lives

Via Mail Online!

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Megan Fox in a Bra & Links

Megan Fox Works It in Her Underwear
Randy Travis Caught Drunk & Nekkid
Beach Volleyball Stars Are Awesome
Cintia Dicker Has Hot Bikini Pictures
Penny Lancaster Scratches Her Itch
McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed
Ryan Lochte Hangs With Celebrities
14 Hottest Olympic Pole Vaulters
‘Arrested Development’ Film Pics
Testing the Triumph Thunderbird
Liberty Ross Seen With Husband
What Your Photo Face Is Saying
Jennifer Lawrence Hits the Gym
The Krupa Sisters Hit the Beach
‘Boardwalk Empire’ Sneak Peek
Black Mesa: Source Gameplay
No Clothes for Danell Leyva
Observations About Women
Lindsay Lohan Poolside Pics
A Supremely Hot Army Girl
Kristin Cavallari Gives Birth
Michael Phelps’s Next Job?
Gillian Anderson Is Single
‘Killing Them Softly’ Trailer
Drunk Woman vs. Bull Video
Guide: How To Spot a Redneck
Hillary Clinton Gets Grinded On
Cute Things Dressed as Sharks

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Cats in Boxes

Maru mania takes the world! Click to release the cute — 21 Cats in Boxes!

Cat tales:

Comedy Cats
Kitten Close-Ups
24 Shaved Cat Pictures

Top pic via Imgur!

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Paris Hilton Attempts To Crawl Back to Relevance

Pity poor Paris Hilton as she struggles to make the long, slow climb back to relevance this week in Italy — click here to see if she made it!

More at Hollywood Tuna!

Hilton hits and misses:

Brokeback Paris Hilton
Is Paris Wearing a Tranny Suit?
Paris Hilton Is an Urban Legend
Paris Hilton Caught in Her Headlights

Pics via Celebslam!

Coco’s Bikini Bomb

Coco’s butt can be seen from space, so just imagine the shock and awe of seeing it up close and personal — Coco’s Ass Makes an Impact!

Assential Coco:

Coco’s Ass Breaks Twitter
Coco’s Butt Is Making Faces
Coco’s Booty Won’t Back Down
20 Pictures Of Coco’s Ass Puppies

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The Ginger Neil Patrick Harris & Links

Meet the Olympics’ Ginger Wizard
Daisy Fuentes’ Bikini Booty Shots
A Little Something for Everybody
Kim Kardashian’s Tight Spandex
Adrianne Curry’s Bikini Birthday
Gwen Stefani’s Hot Beach Body
Ryan Lochte GoT Totally Drunk
The 8 Hottest Javelin Throwers
25 Deadly Bears Looking Cute
Jon Hamm Hanging With Elmo
Johnny Depp Sees Aerosmith
Mars Rover’s 10 Worst Photos
Irina Shayk’s Newest Hot Pics
Paulina Gretzky Wardrobe Fail
Patriotic Nails of the Olympics
Track & Field Fails in Gif Form
2012 Mini Cooper S Roadster
Michael Phelps’ Hot Girlfriend
Rihanna’s Too Sexy for Nivea
Kim & Kanye Go On Vacation
Alyssa Miller Is Unstoppable
Jennifer Garner Looks Great
Ewan McGregor’s Biker Chic
Lana Del Rey’s New Mixtape
Introducing Babe Lyla Ashby
New Mariah Carey Supercut
21 Sexy Pics of Freida Pinto

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