Brangelina Wedding Watch & Links

Angelina & Brad’s Wedding Watch
Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures
Micaela Schaefer at the Olympics
Kim Kardashian Has Sheer Style
Megan Fox Takes On Kelly Brook
‘Arrested Development’ Set Pics
Rihanna’s Hot New Beach Shoot
Olympic Pictures by Celebrities
The Top 5 Weird Sea Creatures
Lindsay Lohan Crashes … Party
Natalie Coughlin Swimsuit Pics
One Crazy ‘Red Hook Summer’
Olivia Wilde’s ‘Deadfall’ Trailer
6 Sexiest Girls of BMX Racing
Jennifer Lawrence Is Low Cut
Joe Simpson Arrested for DUI
Jackson’s Chimp Had Powers
‘Bourne Legacy’ Film Review
Kim K. Wants Kanye’s Baby?
This Week in Booze Pictures
Lady Gaga Channels RuPaul
20 Cool Animal Brain Scans
Tabitha Stevens Wants You
What Doctors Really Mean
Whole Lotta Hot Cowgirls
Bar Refaeli Keeps It Up

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42 Ooompa Loompas

It’s mid-August — we’re seeing orange everywhere! Sing it with us: “I don’t like the look of it, Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da”42 Adorable, Awesome or Awful Oompa Loompas! (Warning: They’re notorious troublemakers!)

Freak outs:

20 Celebrity “Derp” Faces
Evil Vintage Christmas Elves
13 Strange Twilight Baby Products

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Sofia Vergara’s Ass Fixation

Sofia Vergara’s breasts get most of the press, but for the Colombian actress herself, her sexiness stems from what she’s got going on below the waist:

“I don’t like when the ass gets smaller [after losing weight]. In Latin America, if you don’t have a big ass, you’re nothing.”

These pics from behind the scenes of her cover shoot for September’s issue Allure don’t show it, but see fer yerself if Sofia’s booty is big enough!

Sexy Sofia:

Sofia Vergara Is Hot
Sofia Vergara Over-Easy
Sofia & Minka’s Sexy Twitpic


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Lindsay Lohan Drug Store Run

Man, does Lindsay Lohan love a good drug store or what? Here she is picking up some stuff in Beverly Hills yesterday, and just like Miley, bringing a friend along to do most of the work — score! Lindsay Lohan Hits the Drug Store

Oh no, LiLo:

Lindsay Oldhan
Lindsay Lohan Is Smoking
Sex, Drugs, and Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan Off Coke, On Collogen
Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Her Roots


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s VMAs Promo & Links

Kim & Kanye Star in VMAs Promo
Anna Kournikova’s Sexy New Pics
At Least She Had a Terrific Excuse
Amy Childs: Smoking Hot Redhead
Samara Weaving’s a Bikini Beauty
Gisele Bundchen Baby Bump Pics
Victoria Beckham Takes the Gold
Miranda Kerr for Victoria’s Secret
James Bond’s Pickup Lines Guide
20 Odd Life-Sized Board Games
Why It’s Good Summer’s Ending
Pink’s Crazy Torso-Baring Dress
5 Videos of Epic College Parties
Some Animals Act Like Sharks
A Great Job With Jessica Alba
2013 Toyota Venza Reviewed
LeAnn Rimes Is Crazy, Right?
A Winning Olympic Nut Shot
Ryan Lochte’s Bad Hair Days
Cheerleaders in Slow Motion
Adam Lambert Goes Blond
Amazing ‘Bodyscapes’ Art
LiLo for Lady Gaga Video?
Natalie Portman’s Dior Ads
‘Star Wars’ Shaped Veggies

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French Bulldog Crying

By the sound of it, Arthur the French bulldog is possessed by Satan … so give him what he wants! Watch as French Bulldog Cries To Get on the Bed!

More bull sh**:

Little Grunt
Bulldog Boogie
Play Us Off, French Bulldog DJ

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Jessica Biel Magazine Covers Conundrum

No, we’re not puzzled by Jessica Biel’s vastly different looks on these covers, including her latest — we’re wondering why none of these publications managed to feature her greatest asset! 20 Jessica Biel Magazine Covers

Zine scene:

Justin Bieber Magazine Covers
Emma Stone’s Cover Girl Makeover
20 Sexy Jessica Alba Magazine Covers

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Naomi Campbell’s Hair Fail

Like Naomi herself, karma’s a bitch! Naomi Campbell’s Going Bald

Karma chameleons:

Naomi Campbell’s Ninja Cell Phone
Julia Roberts Is a Bad Mamma Jamma
Ashley Olsen’s Fur Pleads for Their Lives

Via Mail Online!

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