Taylor Swift Trouble Maker

Taylor Swift lets loose with a case of the revenges at last night’s Brit Awards — well, ya can’t win ‘em all… Taylor Swift Goes Bad

Bonus pics: Taylor works it on the red carpet and after-parties hard…

Swift justice:

Taylor Swift Boo Boo Child
Taylor Swift’s Glamour Shots
Taylor Swift Is Trying Too Hard

Via Mail Online!

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Olivia Munn’s Look & Links


Olivia Munn Had Her Own Party
Heidi & Spencer’s Gun Collection
Hayden Panettiere Back With Ex
Selena Gomez Is All Growed Up
Minka Kelly Forgot Something
Jessica Simpson’s Baby Name
Oscar Winners ’13 Predictions
‘Safe Haven’ Has 5 Montages
Mila Kunis Hits Up Taco Bell
Rihanna Smoking Weed Pics
Kim K. Totally Used Kanye?
20 Animals Hidden in Snow
The Flyboard Is Pretty Cool
Andressa Urach in a Thong

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Chuck Norris Tattoos Kick Ass

There’s a thin line between badass and badyou decide who’s crossed it (we don’t wanna piss off Chuck Norris)! 17 Chuck Norris Tattoos

Tattoos are forever:

21 Bad Idea Tattoos
18 Justin Bieber Tattoos
15 Deranged Britney Tattoos

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Anne Hathaway’s Hats Throw Shade

Yikes, it’s like they’re procreating in her closet or something… Anne Hathaway’s Fugly Hat Collection!

Even the dog is embarrassed.

Top this:

The Hattie Couple
20 Dogs Wearing Cat Hats
Rachel Bilson’s Droopy Do-Rag

Via Mail Online and Celebrity-gossip.net!

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Rihanna’s Bikini Is Smoking


Hey, it’s Rihanna’s 25th birthday today — sexy bikini pics and weed for all! Rihanna’s Smoking Bikini

rihanna-bikini-smoking-2 rihanna-bikini-smoking-3

Rihanna rama:

Rihanna’s Hallo-Weed
RiRi Invites You to Barbados
Rihanna’s Bikini Has a Good Life

Via Mail Online!

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Irina Shayk Beach Bunny & Links


Irina Shayk’s a Beach Bunny
Clive Davis Comes Out as Bi
Rihanna Is Still Texting Drake
Katherine Webb Makes a Splash
Kate Upton Bodypaint Spectacular
Bethenny Frankel Surfing Lessons
Andrew Bynum’s Odd Hairstyles
Sexy Hillary Clinton Photoshops
Win a Chance To Meet Tina Fey
You Bet Paris Hilton Still Sucks
Kate Middleton Back To ‘Work’
Russian Model Laura Blokhina
Johanna Lundback Is Hot
Glasses On, Clothes Off

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Squeaky Frog


This cute clip of a Namaqua Rain Frog scaring off predators is guaranteed to make your whole day — and no doubt your cat’s — introducing the Most Adorable Frog in the World!

Pet sounds:

Talking Otter
Tiny Hummingbird Saws Logs
Pomeranian Sneeze Will Blow Your Mind

Via Daily Picks and Flicks!

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Vanessa Is a Punk Rocker

Looks like Miley Cyrus isn’t the only one happy to be leaving her Disney days behind… Vanessa Hudgens explains:

“Ever since I was young, I wanted to play really heavy and intense roles and really push myself in a dramatic direction. So I was like, ‘A prostitute! I can play a prostitute! This is going to be exciting.'”

Check out Vanessa’s full interview with Paper Magazine and its new punked-out pics of the “Spring Breakers” star below:

Vanessa 4eva:

Vanessa Hudgens Undercover
Vanessa Hudgens Dumpster Diver
Vanessa Hudgens’s Walk of Shame

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