Pink Comes Out As Lesbian, Resembling

Damn straight. Pink has had our gay-dar up for yearz! But apparently it’s just the way she “looks”. As she explains to the Advocate this month

“I should be gay by the way that I look and the way that I am. I just happen to not be”

Um, whatevs

Get down:

Pink Wants To Eat Kelly Osbourne
20 Lesbian Motivational Posters
Jennifer Lopez Goes Butch
Xtina’s Lesbian Fantasies

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Claw Money Tags NASCAR

Props to legendary NYC graffiti and street artist Claw Money, for being selected as the first female artist to design a NASCAR! And props to NASCAR and Nelson Piquet Jr. for picking her. Claw stays true to her grrl power roots and pays homage Breast Cancer Awareness month in her stunning, kick-ass design! Click the pictures to enLarge…

The race is on Saturday Oct. 6, with special edition t-shirts and diecast models of Claw’s unique race truck go up for auction on eBay Monday! All proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Graffiti Is Art From The Heart
Cameron Diaz Rocks Claw Money

More at Blogue!

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Natalie Portman Blonde & Links

Natalie Portman as Hot Blonde
Rihanna Back With Chris Brown
Lindsay Lohan Was Bullied Now
Jessica Jane Clement Is Sheer
It’s Rosie Jones vs. Sam Cooke
Downey Jr.’s New Iron Man Suit
Hillary Clinton Checks Out Xtina
Hottest Twitpics of September
Jennie Garth Talks Depression
Happy 29th Birthday, Hooters
Cameron Diaz for Esquire UK
It’s Obama’s Debate Notepad
T.I. Saved Scott Stapp’s Life
Mariah Hires Extra Security
What the Debate Taught Us
8 Reasons Why People Drink
Kate Upton’s Cosmo Outtakes
Review of the 2013 Acura ILX
TV’s New Captain Hook Is Hot
Nicole Kidman on Katie Holmes
Cooking w/ Christopher Walken
Anderson Cooper vs. Star Jones
Look Whose Sister Made News
Kardashian Kosmetics Koming
JHud Dissed Jessica Simpson?
Evangeline Lilly Retrosextive

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Peter Lik’s Photos of Unearthly Beauty

Peter Lik’s photos are a guilty pleasure. Yes, he uses a bunch of tricks to achieve the depth and colors that illuminate from his photography. But it’s almost impossible to step into one of his galleries and not be hugely moved by unearthly beauty of his photos, and the planet we live on…

“Some have criticized his work for heavy post-processing. In his defense, however, I think one has to judge art photography by the result. Darkroom manipulation of photos has been going on since the beginning of photography.”
— via New York Daily Photo

“Tree of Dreams,” above, is an example of Lik’s art — here’s a few more:

Check out many more on Facebook at Peter Lik Fine Art Photography!

Pretty as a picture:

Dubai Overhead
Humbled by Hubble
Take Me to the Beach

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Salma Hayek Is Dramatic

Confirmed: Two things that Salma Hayek doesn’t do: 1) snakes and 2) boring photoshoots… click the pics to see her bring a range of emotions to 20 Salma Hayek Magazine Covers!

Hayek here:

Salma Hayek Animated
Salma Hayek Retrosextive
Salma Hayek No Likey Snakes

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Rachel Bilson’s Droopy Do-Rag

Some people really know how to rock a knit hat, and then there’s Rachel Bilson. What the?! …

Rachel on her fashions:

“I like girls who have individual style. It’s just like they wear whatever they want and it’s easy and effortless.”

37 Lizards in Tiny Hats
20 Pugs in Funny Hats

Via Celebrity Gossip!

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Rachael Leigh Cook’s LBD & Links

Rachael Leigh Cook’s Back in Black
A Cameron Diaz Spread for Esquire
Richard Belzer Freaking Out on Fox
Eric Johnson Cheated on Jessica S.?
Tara Reid’s Dress Is Much Too Short
Candice Swanepoel: Victoria’s Secret
Gwen Stefani’s Sexiest Bikini Photos
Johnny Depp’s ‘Lone Ranger’ Trailer
Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey Battle
The Ultimate Fresco Jesus Costume
A Bunch of Hot Girls Getting Frisky
Presidential Debate Drinking Game
Chris Brown & Rihanna Hooked Up?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Around
Kat Graham Does Yoga in the Park
Liam Hemsworth and a Big Pussy
25 Videogame-Themed Pumpkins
Minka Kelly Does Walk of Shame
Ninja Turtles Go Gangnam Style
Watch: A Belly-Dancing Wookie
Paz Vega’s Sexy for GQ Mexico
Bikini Basketball’s a Thing Now
‘The Avengers’ Blu-ray Review
Doutzen Kroes 4 Eblin Lingerie
12 Crazy Looking Motorcycles
September Fail Compilation
Kelly Kelly Leaves the WWE
Kate Winslet Photoshopped

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Hedgehog Hairbrush

Hedgehogs — they’re not just for cuteness anymore! Click the screenshot to enjoy the amazing sight of a Cat Brushing Its Fur on a Hedgehog…

Purrty kittehs:

Kitten Close-Ups
27 Cats on Scanners
24 Shaved Cat Pictures

Via Daily Picks and Flicks!

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