Jennifer Lawrence Trolls the Oscars

Falling flat on her face, flipping off the press room, putting her face in the E! Mani Cam — that’s our girl! JLa Does the Oscars Like a Boss

Extra: The 16 Most Epic Faces Jennifer Lawrence Made On Oscar Night!

Lawrence love:

Jennifer Lawrence Is Superwoman
Sexy on the Rise: Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Acting Is Stupid

Via Mail Online and Stylebistro!

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Anna Paquin’s LBD & Links


Anna Paquin’s LBD of Licorice
Heather Graham’s Comeback
Michael Bay Hires Megan Fox
Paulina Gretzky’s Short Dress
American Model Lane Lindell
Sword Swallowers Day 2013
How Kate Upton Sells Shoes
Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail
Vanessa Hudgens’s Sparkle
15 Videos of Epic Dad Fails
Rosie’s Tight Leather Pants
The Oscars: Who Will Win?
Tasteless Pistorius Jokes
A Pair of Hot Blondes

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Best Picture Pie Charts


Which Oscar-nominated movie is 10 percent “Method Acting Seminar” and 5 percent “The Supercut of Goats Yelling Like Humans”? Dunno? Vulture to the rescue, with Best Picture Nominee Pie Charts!

best-picture-pie-chart-1 best-picture-pie-chart-2 best-picture-pie-chart-4

See the rest of the best at Vulture!

And the award goes to…

Puppies Predict the Oscars
Marion Cotillard Bear Naked
Galifianakis Between Two Ferns

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Jennifer Lawrence Does Miss Dior

Best Actress Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence replaces Mila Kunis as the face of designer Miss Dior — we’re just not sure whose face she’s using to do it! Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior

The Look of JLa:

Jennifer Lawrence White Swan
Jennifer Lawrence Is Superwoman
Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs Are Wonky

Via WWD!

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Bieber Gets His Wings

Giant metallic wings? That’s one way to contain drop-crotch meggings! Justin Bieber Wings It in the U.K….

Just in:

Justin Bieber Needs New Swag
Justin Bieber’s Pot Pictures Rap Up
Justin Bieber and Rihanna Hook Up Photos

Via Mail Online!

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Colin Farrell Is Skrillex & Links


Colin Farrell Is Skrillex Now
What’s Shia LaBeouf Smoking?
Jessie J Is Rocking the Cleavage
Scarlett Johansson Is Still Single
Who’s Appearing at the Oscars?
Nicole Kidman’s Got a Big Chill
What Your Favorite Drink Says
Prince Harry Reunites With Ex
Josh Brolin & Diane Lane Split
Lindsay Lohan Destroys Dress
Jennifer Love’s Very in Shape
‘Spring Breakers’ Madrid Pics
Make Your Life Look Exciting
This Year’s Unsexiest Actress

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Puppies Predict the Oscars


Our prediction: This Jimmy Fallon clip will be more entertaining than anything on Sunday’s Academy Awards show… Release the puppies!

P.S. These puppehs rule — they were right about the Super Bowl!

Dogs rule:

Pug Avengers
20 Fluffernutters

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Miley Cyrus Fingered



She says she’s not even on Instagram — but Miley Cyrus does love weed and tattoos! Miley gets fingered by her distinctive finger tattoo…

Miley time:

Miley Cyrus Drug Run
Miley Cyrus Tattoos Tour
Miley Cyrus Attempts To Jog

Via X17 Online!

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