Have You Voted?

Please be sure to vote today, we have a lot to lose — “especially women, and people who like women and respect them,” as we’re reminded by Cher, her logic and Kathy Griffin in this informative and entertaining video from Actually.org. And if you’re still undecided, let Griffin’s wisdom guide you:

“This is Cher, bitches, do what she says… and God bless America.”

Don’t Let Mitt Turn Back Time on Women!

Rocking the vote:

20 Rich Fat Cat Pictures
Barack Obama Likes Awesomeness
Mitt Romney Can Has Binderz of Women

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Laura Linney Is a Thief

Ha! Turn out Laura Linney steals stuff, besides scenes. We love this quirky little habit she reveals to Gotham magazine

On taking souvenirs from her movie sets: “I do try to take one little thing. I have a tea cup from one movie.”

Laura Linney can steal our heart any day…

Just sayin':

Don’t Worry, Be Sexy
Keira Knightley Has a Potty Mouth
Irina Shayk Loves a Small Brazilian

Via Celebrity-Gossip!

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Zooey Deschanel’s Boots Have a Name

Guess what Zooey Deschanel’s boots are called?… click the pic to find out!

Get yer kicks:

Boots ‘n’ Daisy Dukes
Miley Cyrus Hooker Style
Britney Spears’ Nasty Uggs

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Justin Bieber Blow-Up Doll & Links

The Justin Bieber Blow-Up Doll
Hayden Panettiere’s Sexy Yoga
Kristen Bell Expecting a Baby
Britney Spears Leg Crossing
Rumer Willis Granny Panties
Victoria’s Secret’s Sexy Past
Mark Wahlberg Enjoying PDA
Kristen Stewart Is White Hot
21 Best Election ’12 Moments
CollegeHumor’s Top Costumes
Top 5 Post-Halloween Regrets
No Doubt Pulls Its Own Video
Penelope Cruz Rocks Leather
Guide to November’s Movies
Louis CK as Lincoln on ‘SNL’
Rita Rusic Enjoys the Beach
Hottest Twitpics of October
Jessica Jane Clement Sexy
Kate Upton in Vogue Italia
A Skittles Sorting Machine
‘Walking Dead’ 3.04 Recap
Andrew Lincoln’s Awesome
Drunk Guys Fall Out of Tree
Bullock’s Toy Story Cuteness
Amanda Bynes Is Gonna Sue
Fitness Hottie Ashton Taylor
Sexy Shots of Isabel Lucas

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20 Rich Fat Cats

Hey, we like a big fat greedy cat as much as anyone, but please help keep them out of office. The future is in our hands – VOTING IS POWER!

Keep Hope Alive!

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Mel Gibson Explains Sex

Mel Gibson explains the “blow-hole” technique taught to him by Demi Moore to a friend… click the pics for free Mel Gibson’s Sex Lessons!

Mas Mel:

Mel’s Drunk Mug
Mel Gibson Rage Face
Deep Thoughts With Mel Gibson

Via X17 Online!

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Rihanna Topless in Your Bed

And we thought this was going to be another shitty week … Riri gets it off to a smexy start with a little wakey wakey Twitter fantasy… Rihanna Topless Morning Glory! Click the picture to enLarge …

(PS – This was Tweeted after Riri’s “Pot Princess” adventures, but we’re just waking up.)

Dream Girl:

Rihanna Wet & Wild Fantasy
Riri Looks Like a Vision
Rihanna’s Knuck Tats

Via BadGalRiri on Instagram

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Peace to the East

Wishing everyone devastated by Hurricane Sandy throughout the East Coast – a weekend of peace and rebuilding.

There’s hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Image via Ego TV

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