Give It Up for Legs

Hooray for legs! Who else is giving their approval to a pair of hot legs in sexy striped tights this morning?… click the pic to see!

Hot legs:

Emmy Awards Kickers
Jennifer Lopez Leg Xing

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Rihanna’s Sexy Bikini Tweets & Links

Rihanna’s Sexy Bikini Twitter Photos
Kristen Stewart Keeps ‘Em Guessing
Alice Goodwin Makes Good Videos
Pot Geography 101: The New Map
Rihanna’s Top Seven Best Songs
Rita Ora’s Dress Is Really Short
Brittney Palmer Hot FHM Shoot
Meet Honey Boo Boo’s New Pet
Fall Television Scorecard 2012
Miranda Kerr Steps Out in NYC
Awesome Quidditch Beer Pong
Lipsy London Love Launch Pics
English Model Alexina Graham
The Lindsay Lohan Conspiracy
Ciara Expecting Fiddy’s Baby?
Daniel Craig’s a Curmudgeon
Bad Movie Product Placement
Fitness Myth Busters Updated
Olivia Munn Gives Lap Dance
Goodbye to Yet Another Mag
Beautiful Girls Wear Glasses
Melissa Darmawan Pictures
Weird Facts About Mascots
Harrison Ford As Han Solo
Guess Who Delivers Now?
‘Twilight’ Stuff for Babies

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Haters Gonna Hate

Nice try, Donald Trump! Ain’t no one gonna stop our strut this weekHaters Gonna Hate… As Told By Animals!

Creme de la meme:

Mitt Romney Can Has Binderz of Women
Hugh Jackman’s Meme Joyride
Ermahgerd Evuhrwerr

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Pippa Middleton in Red

When a girl knows her color, a girl knows her color… and Pippa knows her color, as you can clearly see: 16 Pictures of Pippa Middleton Rockin’ Red!

Red hots:

Rihanna’s Fiery Hairdo
A Red Ferrari For the Win
Christina Hendricks: Big Red

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Justin Bieber’s Model Behavior

Dude, if you’re trying to show a bunch of hot supermodels how cool you are, maybe don’t show up wearing a diaper! And, OMG, is that a pacifier?!?! The Biebs dresses to impress at last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…

Just Justin:

Justin Beiber’s New Haircut
Justin Bieber Magazine Covers
Justin Bieber’s Tattoos on Tour

Via Mail Online!

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Pamela Anderson’s Wetsuit & Links

Pamela Anderson Rocks Wetsuit
Nicola McLean Is a Drunken Mess
Beyonce Really Told Those Mitches
Diane Sawyer Drunk Election Night?
Georgia Salpa’s Dress Is Too Short
Famous Women With Flags in Hair
The 1st Draft of Romney’s Speech
See Celebs Celebrate the Election
Suri Cruise Simply Isn’t Having It
Kim Kardashian Wedding Rumors
Backstage With Victoria’s Secret
Celebrities Rocking Obama Gear
Sexiest Pink Panther of All Time
Who Loves Pizza? (Watch Video)
Animals Rescuing Other Animals
The Best Sandy Storm Bloopers
Dioni Tabbers Rocking Lingerie
Trump’s Epic Twitter Meltdown
10 Hardest Video Games Ever
Johnny Depp & Amber Heard?
Sienna Miller’s Sexy Portrait
25 Pics of Real Election Riots
Election Night’s Top Images
People’s Sexiest Man Alive?
This Month on Blu-ray/DVD
Sophie Turner’s Scorching
Madonna Has Man Hands

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Paris Hilton Photoshopped

Paris Hilton tweeted this ridiculous picture of herself Photoshopped with paint splatter. Silly Paris, you call that Photoshopped?!… Nahhhhh. Now THIS is Photoshopped! Via Worth1000, 16 Photoshopped Paris Hilton Pictures!

Please note — despite popular myth, Paris Hilton’s hands and feet are abnormally HUGE and are not Photoshopped to appear so in pictures:

Paris Hilton Has Enormous Dogs
Paris Hilton Is an Urban Legend
Paris Hilton’s Bigfoot Look
Paris Hilton’s Man Hands
Paris Is Really Handy

Top pic via Paris Hilton’s Instagram!

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Adam Levine Tattoo Help

Adam Levine has been slowly growing on us, kinda like his tattoos have been growing on him. It’s awesome the way he uses his star power and smexy tattooed arms to draw attention to a quick and easy way to send funds to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, by texting the Red Cross at 90999!… Adam Levine’s Tattoos to the Rescue!

Adam good time:

Adam Levine’s Tattoos Tour
Snap Judgment: Get a Room
Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo PDA

Via Celebuzz!

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