The Perfect Book to Give New Yorkers

katz-baldomero (8)

Or anyone who loves NY, eating, people watching and great deli’s…
Katz’s: Autobiography of a Delicatessen

Photographer Baldomero Fernandez spent 9 months shooting Katz’s Deli with unprecedented access by the owners. The result is a wonderful book filled with delicious photos that tell the story of this legendary landmark, and visually taps the deep connection between food and life in New York City. This is a book you will leave out to share with others and nibble on throughout the year. More at Amazon and Bauer and Dean Publishers. A bargain at $39.95, with over 600 photos, it’s thicker than a Katz’s pastrami sandwich.

Interview with the author on Bon Appetite

Photos by Baldomero Fernandez

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CityRag is Back!


Hey y’all – We took a little nap after Buddy left the building, but finally woke up and they’re letting us out of the basement again. Are you ready to have some fun?… we have some stuff to catch up on!

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Gossip Happy Hour

couch links

Kick back and dig in…

Pop Sugar
Socialite Life
Hollywood Rag
Coed Magazine
Hollywood Tuna
The Wow Report
Taxi Driver Movie

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Britney Spears Fashion Plateful

Britney Spears looking looking very fit and brunette

Despite the hideous wedge sneakers, (didn’t they ban those?) – Britney Spears is looking smexy and confident with her new brown hair, rocking shades and obligatory turtle neck. We love us some Brit Brit fashion eye candy. Click the pictures to enLarge, and play spot the stain, or belly…

Britney’s Hair Flow:

Britney Spears Can Has A Mullet
Britney’s Brown Hair and Stains of Yore
14 Things That Look Like Britney’s Weave
Britney Spears Is Exhausted, Buys New Uggs

Via X17online!

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Justin Bieber’s Twitter Therapy

Justin Bieber arrives at his London hotel

Justin Bieber’s Twitter rant continued yesterday with a load of new thoughts on the same shit. Dude, we get that life sucks, it’s all fake, and nobody understands, but the Tweet-speak is staring to sound kinda maniacal. Maybe see a therapist or talk to a friend or something…

rumors rumors and more rumors. nothing more nothing less. might talk about them 1 day. rt now im just gonna be positive. cant bring me down. im focused on the good things in life. im blessed and not forgetting it. im giving back every day for it. cant phase me. fake stories to sell papers i guess are part of the job. but im a good person. i know that. u cant tell me different. we know the truth as long as my family, friends, and fans r with me u can say whatever. we are all equal in God’s eyes & we have a responsibility to each other. So make up stories about fake fines and make no mention of the positive. or say when i came out of my show with my shirt off because after performing for 2 hours i might be sweaty i was going into a club (really?) or any girl i stand next to is my girl or that i dont care, or that i dont feel, or that a 19 year old going to a club in europe is wild.and be careful of the judgement u pass but know this…im only judged by one power, and i serve him. so yeah I will continue being me. i will continue to serve, to perform, to care, to love, to smile, to dance, to play, to sing…and u are welcome to join, because i carry no hate. We got to much love for that. Im about the music.

Ain’t no faking Justin Bieber on Twitter

Justin Bieber’s Snake Is Named Johnson
20 Justin Bieber Magazine Covers
Justin Bieber’s Home Address

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Good Buddies

Wow. Thank you so much to everyone who’s sent condolences and notes of inspiration by email, comments on Dlisted, or just through yer hearts. You people are fcking awesome.

One last shot of Buddy in his final dayz, tumors and all, sleeping happily with his motley crew (Gidget and Ty.) Sweet dreams.


We’ll be back tomorrow, with a new weekly feature called “Wonder Dogs” dedicated to urban rescues in Bud’s honor. Thanks again. Rock on y’all.

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Best Buddy Ever

buddy the wonder dog (10)

A note to long time readers – Buddy the Wonder Dog has passed away. He was 20 years old and a happy pappy to the end. My partner and I adopted him from a NYC shelter shortly after Sept 11 2001. He needed us, and we needed him. He was tough and unruly, and we loved him all the more for it.

When CityRag first started in 2004, Buddy’s life as a New York City rescue dog was a big part of the site. He was often recognized on streets of the East Village, competed on Gawker, and had some awesome fans. As his health slid I stopped posting about him. Blogging can change your relationship to things and I wanted to keep it real with him. Or maybe I just didn’t want to blog his decline. Buddy was an amazing dog – sweet, funny, loyal, always up for an adventure, and a badass to the end. Thanks for loving him with us.

We’ll never forget you Buddy…

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Katherine Webb’s Wetsuit & Links


Katherine Webb’s Making a ‘Splash’
Who’s Taylor Swift’s Latest Victim?
Series Predicts Rihanna’s Future
15 Trashiest Spring Break Sites
The Best Bieber Tribute Ever?
Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Look
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Katie Holmes Is Having Fun
Latvian Model Julia Lescova
A Mariah Carey Malfunction
All the ‘Iron Man 3′ Posters
Jessica Alba Is Fashionable
20 Hilarious Baby Pacifiers

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