Good Buddies

Wow. Thank you so much to everyone who’s sent condolences and notes of inspiration by email, comments on Dlisted, or just through yer hearts. You people are fcking awesome.

One last shot of Buddy in his final dayz, tumors and all, sleeping happily with his motley crew (Gidget and Ty.) Sweet dreams.


We’ll be back tomorrow, with a new weekly feature called “Wonder Dogs” dedicated to urban rescues in Bud’s honor. Thanks again. Rock on y’all.

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Best Buddy Ever

buddy the wonder dog (10)

A note to long time readers – Buddy the Wonder Dog has passed away. He was 20 years old and a happy pappy to the end. My partner and I adopted him from a NYC shelter shortly after Sept 11 2001. He needed us, and we needed him. He was tough and unruly, and we loved him all the more for it.

When CityRag first started in 2004, Buddy’s life as a New York City rescue dog was a big part of the site. He was often recognized on streets of the East Village, competed on Gawker, and had some awesome fans. As his health slid I stopped posting about him. Blogging can change your relationship to things and I wanted to keep it real with him. Or maybe I just didn’t want to blog his decline. Buddy was an amazing dog – sweet, funny, loyal, always up for an adventure, and a badass to the end. Thanks for loving him with us.

We’ll never forget you Buddy…

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Katherine Webb's Wetsuit & Links


Katherine Webb’s Making a ‘Splash’
Who’s Taylor Swift’s Latest Victim?
Series Predicts Rihanna’s Future
15 Trashiest Spring Break Sites
The Best Bieber Tribute Ever?
Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Look
Gwyneth Admits to Faux Pas
Justin Bieber Is Marky Mark
Katie Holmes Is Having Fun
Latvian Model Julia Lescova
A Mariah Carey Malfunction
All the ‘Iron Man 3′ Posters
Jessica Alba Is Fashionable
20 Hilarious Baby Pacifiers

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Kanye West's Playhouse for Sale

Weird that dad-to-be Kanye West is re-listing his $3.3 million Hollywood Hills bachelor pad — it’s already set up for a small child! Designed to be “a cross between a museum and a Louis Vuitton boutique” and featuring a ceiling mural and fur pillows — it’s also a mod-strosity! Peek into Kanye West’s Bachelor Pad!

OMG, does purchase include Kanye’s shoes?!

Kinda Kanye:

Kimye Pose Nude
Kim and Kanye in Bed
Kim & Kanye’s $11M Love Shack

Via Trulia Luxe!

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Vanessa and Selena Break for Fun

Wait — celebrities can actually have fun promoting their movie?! Like a breath of fresh air,Spring Breakers” stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez show their cranky colleagues how it’s done on wacky Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero” yesterday… U go girls!

“Spring” flings:

Selena Gomez Wallpaper
Vanessa Is a Punk Rocker
Vanessa Hudgens Undercover
Selena Gomez Bikini Breakout

Via X17 Online!

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Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures & Links


Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures
More Great Decisions by LiLo
Kelly Brook’s Too-Short Dress
Meet Marc Anthony’s Young GF
Melissa King’s $250,000 Offer
Alexander Skarsgard Pumped
February’s Hottest Celeb Pics
A Dog Fetches Vodka (Video)
Steven Tyler & 19-Year-Old?
Emilia Clarke and Her Pussy
Justin Bieber Wore This Hat
Hottest Freeway Sign Ever
Big Building Put on Stilts
Analu Campos Gives All

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Les Mila-serables

Just some pics taken yesterday of super-couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis — on opposite ends of the earth — enjoying their celebrity

Mas Mashton:

Kutcher & Kunis Love Triangle
Mila and Ashton’s PDA Getaway
Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis Kiss Off

Via Mail Online and X17 Online!

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Jennifer Lawrence Pot Pictures

The more we try to resist her, the more she does to make us love her: Here’s Jennifer Lawrence smoking a joint, chugging wine and hugging a gal pal in Hawaii yesterday… Damn right, this is JLa’s Best Week Ever!

Lawrence love:

Jennifer Lawrence Does Miss Dior
Jennifer Lawrence Trolls the Oscars
Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs Are Wonky


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