Team Daryl!

Things aren’t lookin’ good for Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead (played by awesome actor Norman Reedus). We’ll have to wait a few months to find out his fate, but in the meantime – let’s revel in the glory of everyone’s favorite Hillbilly Knight in Shining Leather and his Trusty Crossbow!

You know if the sh*t goes down tomorrow, you’d wanna be on HIS TEAM!… Daryl Dixon Rocks Hard!

Bonus: 20 Celebrity Zombie Tattoos

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Supermodel Gone Wild

A crazy animal-print bikini to put a little PHWOAR into your Thursday… which sexy supermodel is Wild at Heart?

Turn around:

Jeep Wrangler
That’s Egotainment

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Coco’s Peepshow & Links

Coco’s Sexy Vegas Peepshow
Most Chill Neighbor in History?
Sara Underwood Loves Twitter
Claudia Galanti’s Easy Workout
Claudia Romani Bikini Catwalk
Miley Cyrus Shows Some Skin
Madonna’s See-Through Party
Anne Hathaway Was a Witch?
A Super Sexy Santa’s Helper
Finnish Model Satu Tuomisto
Guess Who’s Single, Ladies?
Sam Jackson Doesn’t Care
Pamela Anderson on Ice
12 Lego Movie Scenes

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A Home For The Holidays

Meet Sparrow, Dr. Teeth, Mabel and Woody, your potential new best friends!

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than by expanding your family? Shelters are full of adorable dogs and cats desperately seeking to fill your home with love!…

Pet Finder
NYC Animal Care & Control
Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition

To a rescued pet, you are the world!

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Taylor Swift Boo Boo Child

Ya know, now that Honey Boo Boo Child totally OWNS the pageant hair and red lipstick thing, Taylor Swift might wanna move on to a new look in 2013. Just sayin….


Taylor Swift’s Glamour Shots
Honey Boo Boo’s Xmas Special
Taylor Swift Is Trying Too Hard
Honey Boo Boo Quotes to Live By

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Kim Kardashian’s Bracelet Rawrs

Oh, how thoughful. Kim Kardashian recently instargramed this handy $60,000+ gift idea. Click the picture to learn more about Kim Kardashian’s cuff… “tribute to devastating seduction

The Glamorous:

Kim Kardashian’s Nose Job Progress
Play Kim Kardashian Ass Detective
Twitter Show Off Extraordinaire!

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Brad Pitt Through the Years & Links

49 Fun Facts About Brad Pitt
MMA Fighter Breaks His D*ck
AnnaLynne McCord Hits Beach
Mom: Miranda Kerr Isn’t Single
‘Dexter’ Season Finale Surprise
Kardashian Kristmas Kard 2012
Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Wet Bikini
25 Funny Snowman Protesters
Lindsay’s Available for Parties
When SantaCon Gets Sloppy
Vanessa Hudgens Workin’ It
Candice Boucher in Lingerie
Gwen Stefani Covers Vogue
Candice Swanepoel Is Sexy

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The Faces of Shoe Fetish

Artist Gwen Murphy‘s spectacular series “Shoe Fetish” continued to grow in 2012, with some kick ass additions! Click on the pics below to enLarge. And visit her site for tons more (she’s created over 95!)…

Step up:

20 Killer Pumps
Wonder Woman Kicks

Via Gwen Murphy Studio!

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