Irina Shayk’s Jingle Bell Rock

Some holiday joy for you in the shape of Irina Shayk, shaking what her mama gave her in this crazy/sexy video… Irina Shayk Jingles Your Bells

Bonus stocking stuffer: Irina Cuddles a Christmas Pup!

Shayk Shayk Shayk:

Irina Shakes It Up
Irina Shayk Bikini Break
Irina Shayk Loves a Small Brazilian

Via Irina Shayk on Facebook!

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Have a Harley Jolly Christmas

Holy Rolling Christmas Spectacular! A lil somethin’ to light up the eyes of kids big n’ small. Riding you into the holiday weekend… Harley Jolly Light Show!

The Magic of a Harley Gathering
Honey Boo Boo’s Christmas Special

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Celebrity Celebrations & Links

Celebrities Celebrate in Twitpics
Amber Heard Over Johnny Depp?
Jessica Alba Rocks Skinny Jeans
James Deen as the Ikea Monkey
20 Naughty Christmas Displays
ScarJo Busts Out on Broadway
Kim Kardashian vs. Instagram
Bieber Scored a Supermodel?
More Alex Morgan Bikini Pics
Sexy Kristina Rihanoff Shoot
Kelly Kelly Sexy and Sheer
Ben Affleck for Senate?
21 Babes of Christmas
Your Bacon Yule Log

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25 Edible Christmas Trees

At first we were scared it would be all stacked brocolli, but there’s some tasty idearz out there, from pancakes to tortilla rolls! And what’s not to love about Christmas Tree Pizza! Click the pictures to dig in…

Yummy in yer tummy:

20 Epic Breakfasts!
Hobbit Gingerbread Houses
Happy Face Sandwiches Served

Via CuteFoodForKids and the interwebz!

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Joanna Krupa’s Bikini Restoration

Who knew?!… Not only is Joanna Krupa insanely sexy, she’s a funny bad-ass! Her take-no-prisoners attitude, and hilarious comments on people with too much time on their hands, singlehandedly revived the “Real Housewives of Miami” this season. Oh, plus her sexy bikini wear! Click the pics to enLarge… 20 Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures

Bikini nation:

Halle Berry Beach Break
Selena Gomez Bikini Breakout
Gwen Stefani’s G-String Is Bananas

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Miss Universe Olivia Culpo & Links

Say Hello to Miss Universe 2012
LeAnn Rimes’s ‘X-Factor’ Failure
Rihanna’s on Bikini Beach Break
Lively & Reynolds Wedding Pics
Styles Spends Night With Swift
Jessica’s Weight Watchers Ad
29 Gorgeous Lucy Pinder Gifs
Paz De La Huerta for Playboy
‘Pain and Gain’ Trailer’s Here
Miley Cyrus Loves Big Booty
Naya Rivera’s Sexy Slip-Up
Angelina Jolie Hates JLaw?
Santa’s Top 5 Complaints
Party Time? Excellent

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21 Kittens Stare Into Your Soul

Don’t worry, we’re all gonna be OK tomorrow! But just in case, a little self reflection never hurts… 21 Soul Searching Kittens for 12/21/12!

Eternally cute:

30 Kittens Stuck in Stuff
24 Very Surprised Kitties

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Team Daryl!

Things aren’t lookin’ good for Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead (played by awesome actor Norman Reedus). We’ll have to wait a few months to find out his fate, but in the meantime – let’s revel in the glory of everyone’s favorite Hillbilly Knight in Shining Leather and his Trusty Crossbow!

You know if the sh*t goes down tomorrow, you’d wanna be on HIS TEAM!… Daryl Dixon Rocks Hard!

Bonus: 20 Celebrity Zombie Tattoos

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