Dutchess County Fair highlights

highlights from this year’s Dutchess County Fair…
– tons of animals you can pet, lots of baby pigs & cows
– fresh squeezed lime fizz drinks
– the wild energy, throbbing lights, loud music, and tweaked-out kid’s faces along the midway at night


- pig races, especially the hilarious giant pot bellied (that move so slow)
– scary old carny lady “fool guesser” (who guessed everyone’s weight wrong for like 5 people in a row) trying to flirt with the young dudes. in her scratchy cigarette voice “hey are you winking at me”
– fresh cut Idaho potato fries, served in a giant dog bowl (we loved them with mustard)


- wood smoked roast beef sliced super thin and pilled on a fresh roll with horseradish, onion and beef broth
– colorful, jamming mummer parade winding it’s way around


- frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, fried dough, fresh strawberry shortcake, 4-H milkshakes and more
– overhearing a kid say to his Dad “this is the funnest day!”
– Charo rocking the house with her Vegas act and 50 year old jokes. a totally fabulous performance, singing to babies, dancing with people in the crowd. she entertained everyone young and old. and you walk away feeling Charo loves you.


- loved everything in the canine tent from rescue dogs to crazy agility shows
– all kinds of farm and agriculture displays, funny, educational, more baby animals
– watching the baby watch everything, love everything and want everything (baby wants a mustard fry, baby wants a monkey, baby wants Charo)


check out iamafriendofthesquirrles for an excellent in depth review and more cool photos. next up this weekend – the Columbia County Fair!! even more rural/farmy, with demolition derbies, tractor pulls and a party down beer tent

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Korean mandu – the other dumpling

Korean mandu – the other dumpling


for dumpling lovers in NYC, Mandoo Bar has brought some fresh flavor to the scene. a small café on 32nd in the heart of the city’s best known strip of Korean restaurants and shops, Mandoo Bar features several varieties of delicious handmade mandu/dumplings (made right in the front window by friendly workers.) these dumplings have a slightly thicker skin than the Chinese variety we love at places like the Dumpling House, and are usually steamed. all kinds of wonderful fillings, our hands-down favorite are the pork and kimchee. around $7 for 10, restaurant is simple, clean and friendly and offers other tasty dishes but for us it’s all about the mandu. if you’re a dumpling lover (or kimchee lover) these are a must try!


32nd St also offers some of the best Korean BBQ in the city. one of our favorites is Kunjip, but we frequently search Chowhound for new ideas. and you can pick up kimchee and other great Korean food at any of a number of shops on the strip.

to learn more about mandu and other Korean food check out FatMan Seoul. a great GREAT Korean food blog with pages of amazing foods described and photographed in detail.

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sugar sweet lovin’

sugar sweet lovin’
Buddy gets some lovin’ from the owners of Sugar Sweet Sunshine


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RNC Coverage: A round of applause for the Gothamist please!

RNC Coverage: A round of applause for the Gothamist please!
the Gothamist’s coverage of protests and other RNC related events has been nothing short of phenomenal. from tons of links to amazing photoblogger sites, to in the moment updates on what’s happening around town – there is no better single source out there for New York RNC coverage! this is the type of journalism we’ve been missing in media (national and local) – committed, well written and tremendously thorough. Gothamist, you’re hitting our RNC news needs perfectly, and making us proud!

check in hourly for the lastest news

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cheap and easy anti-Bush t-shirt!

cheap and easy anti-Bush t-shirts!
having procrastinated on picking up a t-shirt for today, we came up with our own anti-Bush urban wear… think up your own protest phrase or copy one you’re feeling from a flyer or t-shirt website, grab a sharpie from the back of the junk drawer, and an old t-shirt, and viola!…


flyer sites:
NO RNC posters.org
RNC Not Welcome flyers
Not in Our Name resources

t-shirt sites:
Who would Jesus bomb?, How’s My Lying?
No More Bushit, Operation Enduring Stupidity
George Bush You’re Fired!
Worst President Ever, Pro-Choice Pro-Kerry

or feel free to copy CityRag’s “BUSHWHACKER” !!

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RNC Activist and Protest calendars and links

RNC Activist and Protest calendars and links

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flower glory

flower glory
a lovely person has been writing us about Adam Purple and her own circular garden created in his honor “finally have fragrant, night blooming moon flower vines, in bloom, and morning glories blooming. Hummingbirds are dive bombing each other around the feeder”. her note inspired us to put up some pics of these florescent morning glories overtaking our porch upstate…



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thigh guy made us cry, and other friday links

thigh guy made us cry, and other friday links
His Royal Thighness is our main go to guy for juicy and hilarious commentary on all kinds of media punditry. but he caught us with a hook punch this week with his incredible piece about hanging out with his niece last weekend. funny, real and touching stuff. someone should hire this guy to write full time.

and then later in the week he goes and posts this heartbreaking video of “the most amazing dog you’ll ever see

a reader was inspired to start her own blog and sent us a link to some cool kick off content. clicked a link on her site and stumbled on this amazing story a called “Allow Us to Detain You” that was written by a guy who was detained by police this past Wednesday for taking pictures of the CitiCorp building. it’s a CRAZY story! (and nicely written, with his blow by blow conversation with the cops, including their commentary on his photos as they looked through his camera!)

good post on NYC Blogger called Get Out of Town about Phoenicia, a cool little town in the Catskills that we also love and recommend.

growing up in NYC we’ve seen RIP murals all our life (there’s been a bunch over the years around the EV and LES) – Metro Plus has excellent photos that capture the style and intense passion of a series in the Bronx.

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