circle smoke

circle smoke
had a nice little smoke in with some friends on the west river last week, in front of tourist central.


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city dog goes to the country

city dog goes to the country




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a striking bridge in any light…

a striking bridge in any light…
GWB drive-bys. growing up in NY, the cities bridges always signaled a return to home.


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flower power

flower power
Buddy’s has no idea how handsome he looks surrounded by the foliage (he’s so focused on getting that dab of peanut butter that we bribbed him into this postion with.)


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LES soul sucking

LES soul sucking
another staple of LES anti-culture and artistic freedom has been kicked out of the hood. the Collective Unconscious Theater group was recently forced to leave their space on Ludlow to make way for a new “luxury apartment building” (they’ve now moved to 279 Church St.) we love the “Starbucks” and “The Gap” kiss-off they tagged up on the building front before they left…


and it seems one of our favorite local bar gardens Barrimundi, is shortly to follow. but fortunately it looks like they’ve found a new home at 67 Clinton St – yay! (some good quotes from Lockhart Steele of Curbed in the article) more on changing Clinton St. here.

the NY Press article also tipped us that one of our all time favorite LES bars – Motor City – might be is for sale (that would truly SUCK!)

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street fight video motherload

street fight video motherload
a friend sent us this link to the Danzig fight that made the rounds last month. We’re late to the fight on this one but it totally rocks seeing smug-ass Glenn Danzig get knocked down by a single punch in a fight he starts. the inside word on the fight from the guy who knocked him down and comments on message boards are great reads.


this story inspired us to google for street fight videos, and we stumbled on this f’ing GREAT post on EbaumsWorld by Smoothy, where he put together a List With Over 60 Amatuer/Street Fight Video’s!

we haven’t even gotten through them all yet, but there’s some crazy shit, like…
– 4 jocks harass skater Mike Vallely and he opens a can of whoop ass on them
– a man and woman go at it. she kicks his butt all over the neighborhood, but he keeps coming back for more. with an unbelievable moment where it looks like the police are coming in, but the cop car goes right by them without stopping!
– everything you could want in a backyard girlfight

Update: Reader PC sent this in… “Glenn Danzig is a student and instructor of the Jeet Kune Do Concepts which was developed by Bruce Lee. He was taught by Jerry Poteet who was a student of Lee’s. Danzig should know better. A proper martial artist engages in confrontation only as a last resort.” – unbelievable! Danzig is such a mook.

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voting is better than crack!

voting is better than crack
voting is like a free drug. you get that anxious anticipation, wait for your chance to hide in a small booth, make your line, slam it back and feel the rush of power wash over you!

we’re jonesing for November already. if you’re not registered, it’s time to score your stash…
Punk Voter
Declare Yourself
DNC’s simple step by step site

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tacky trump terrorizes skyline

tacky trump terrorizes skyline
that dam Donald Trump, he’s ruining the west side skyline with his chain of tacky brown monilith buildings.


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