Indian Larry rides off

Indian Larry rides off


Such sad news this week that Indian Larry had died after performing a motorcycle stunt last weekend. Indian Larry was a GREAT man, an artist, innovator and all-around cool dude. and between his studio in Williamsburg and his home in the East Village he was a New York homeboy. in addition to his passion for metal sculpture and building bikes, Larry’s honest and edgy style brought him several TV appearances over the years, including a regular stint on the Discovery Channel. his episode of The Great Biker Build Off is scheduled to run several times this month. we’d had the pleasure of meeting Larry and his beautiful wife Bambi several times over the years, and behind his tough exterior he was a funny and sweet guy. deepest condolences to his wife Bambi, family and friends. the world will miss his vibrant and unique spirit.

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dog or ham?

dog or ham?
the other day Buddy noticed the setting sunlight on the couch and decided to jump into the spotlight and entertain us with different faces…



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Photoblogger’s groundbreaking coverage of RNC Protests

Photoblogger’s groundbreaking coverage of RNC Protests
we knew this would be an exciting week, but underestimated the depth of eye opening coverage Photobloggers would bring to the masses. it’s hard to keep up with all the incredibly beautiful, moving and historically revealing photos that are being posted daily. photobloggers are out there in mass capturing every moment and proverbial angle. their shots reveal the true level of anti-Bush passion going on in New York right now, and the extreme diversity in the groups, causes, and people that have come here from around the country to be involved. the photos are shocking, inspiring, powerful and revealing. if there was any doubt that photoblogging will change the world, it’s forever gone. and the beauty of the internet is that you’re one click away from being part of this groundbreaking moment!…


Here are some mindblowing sites and photos:
Satans Laundromat
Blue Jake
NYC Indy Media
Brooklyn Vegan
View from Baxter
Alexis Robie


The Gothamist is doing a killer job of providing in-depth coverage of the flood of amazing sites and photos:
Blogger Anarchy – Day 3
Photoblogger Infiltration!!! – Day 2
Rounding Out the PhotoBloggers – Day 1

and a big thanks to reader: Jay C. Sixen who took the great pics above!

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“Streets of Rage”

“Streets of Rage”
How George Bush and his Republicans mobilized half a million people
“fear and hatred of his regime have managed to turn even ordinary Americans into full-fledged activists”

900 Arrested in City as Protesters Clash With Police

The NYPD is Out of Control

RNC Activist and Protest calendars and links

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Fag Power

Fag Power
for politcal queers everywhere, a talented friend sent us this awesome new t-shirt to add to your passion fashion arsenal…


complete with downloadable PDF files in reverse for printing iron-ons!…

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Dutchess County Fair highlights

highlights from this year’s Dutchess County Fair…
– tons of animals you can pet, lots of baby pigs & cows
– fresh squeezed lime fizz drinks
– the wild energy, throbbing lights, loud music, and tweaked-out kid’s faces along the midway at night


- pig races, especially the hilarious giant pot bellied (that move so slow)
– scary old carny lady “fool guesser” (who guessed everyone’s weight wrong for like 5 people in a row) trying to flirt with the young dudes. in her scratchy cigarette voice “hey are you winking at me”
– fresh cut Idaho potato fries, served in a giant dog bowl (we loved them with mustard)


- wood smoked roast beef sliced super thin and pilled on a fresh roll with horseradish, onion and beef broth
– colorful, jamming mummer parade winding it’s way around


- frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, fried dough, fresh strawberry shortcake, 4-H milkshakes and more
– overhearing a kid say to his Dad “this is the funnest day!”
– Charo rocking the house with her Vegas act and 50 year old jokes. a totally fabulous performance, singing to babies, dancing with people in the crowd. she entertained everyone young and old. and you walk away feeling Charo loves you.


- loved everything in the canine tent from rescue dogs to crazy agility shows
– all kinds of farm and agriculture displays, funny, educational, more baby animals
– watching the baby watch everything, love everything and want everything (baby wants a mustard fry, baby wants a monkey, baby wants Charo)


check out iamafriendofthesquirrles for an excellent in depth review and more cool photos. next up this weekend – the Columbia County Fair!! even more rural/farmy, with demolition derbies, tractor pulls and a party down beer tent

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Korean mandu – the other dumpling

Korean mandu – the other dumpling


for dumpling lovers in NYC, Mandoo Bar has brought some fresh flavor to the scene. a small café on 32nd in the heart of the city’s best known strip of Korean restaurants and shops, Mandoo Bar features several varieties of delicious handmade mandu/dumplings (made right in the front window by friendly workers.) these dumplings have a slightly thicker skin than the Chinese variety we love at places like the Dumpling House, and are usually steamed. all kinds of wonderful fillings, our hands-down favorite are the pork and kimchee. around $7 for 10, restaurant is simple, clean and friendly and offers other tasty dishes but for us it’s all about the mandu. if you’re a dumpling lover (or kimchee lover) these are a must try!


32nd St also offers some of the best Korean BBQ in the city. one of our favorites is Kunjip, but we frequently search Chowhound for new ideas. and you can pick up kimchee and other great Korean food at any of a number of shops on the strip.

to learn more about mandu and other Korean food check out FatMan Seoul. a great GREAT Korean food blog with pages of amazing foods described and photographed in detail.

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sugar sweet lovin’

sugar sweet lovin’
Buddy gets some lovin’ from the owners of Sugar Sweet Sunshine


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