Picnic Buddy

Picnic Buddy
hangin in the sun at a BBQ and licking an ice cube… more shots from Buddy’s vacation.


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RNC’s preaching podiums

RNC’s preaching podiums
Bush laughs in the face of seperation of church and state! crosspodiumhis mission is to make everyone in America a Christian. on Meet the Press this past weekend Maureen Dowd commented on the “crosses” in the RNC podiums. even the RNC podium was set up as an evangelical pulpit! If you didn’t catch it (like us) check out the photo to the right!

Maureen Dowd is a brilliant, witty and though provoking writer. she really knows how to dig out the insanity, corruption and lies in the Republican propaganda…

Amnesia in the Garden
“The $445 billion deficit? Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney erased it. In their inside-out universe, the economy is blossoming, there’s money to pay for Mr. Bush’s to-do list and No Child Left Behind is more than an empty slogan. “… “Inside Madison Square Garden, W. kept insisting he’d made the world safer. Outside, the exploding world didn’t seem safe at all.”

Cutups and Cutthroats
“Highly scripted screwball moments designed to soothe fears that the Bushies are bullies alternate with high-octane, turbo moments designed to stir up fears that we won’t be safe without the Bush bullies.”

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to punish and intimidate

to punish and intimidate
last week the NYPD’s motto of “to protect and serve” seemed more like “to punish and intimidate”. the NYCLU has been doing a great job following the biased and unjust actions the city enacted on the protesters last week, and concluded police used “practices that punish and intimidate people for exercising their right to dissent”. in NYCLU Grades Policing Of Protesters At The RNC they cover the horrendous tactics used by the NYPD:

“The NYCLU has received reports from members of the press, legal observers, medics and even passersby who found themselves caught in the Spiderman-type orange mesh netting the police used to make arrests.”

“police suddenly charged into the crowd with metal barricades and a squad of plain clothes officers later drove their scooters into the crowd. Some arrestees and bystanders reported being kicked, punched or hit with batons by police.”

“Having announced for months that it was prepared to handle over 1000 arrests a day during the RNC, the City chose to detain arrestees in this dank, filthy bus depot where people had to sit or lie on the floor covered with soot and quite possibly toxic automotive fluids.”


first hand reports from arreseted blogger’s:
Bikes Against Bush organizer arrested
Go indirectly to jail
Political Prisoner in NYC
Documentation of Gitmo on the Hudson
New York City follies

and check out:
City May Have to Pay Protesters
the Village Voice is reporting arresties “might be getting $1,000 checks from New York City” as a judge has “held the city in contempt for refusing to abide by his order to release some 560 people who had been detained without a hearing for up to 67 hours”
RNC Legal Report, The First of Many
RNC Prisoner Release Interviews (Audio)
Cops Arrest Hundreds Of Convention Protestors (CBS)


(*photos above provided by our friend Janet M.)

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Lake Buddy

Lake Buddy
Buddy went on a vacation to the Catskills, and all you get is the photos…



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why do you think they call it “weed”?

why do you think they call it “weed”?
spotted this little plant, that’s gone to seed, in a random open spot. cannabis is incredibly resilient. the thrown away seeds can unintentionally cause an illegal “crop” to pop up anywhere.


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neon bridge

neon bridge
the lights of the GWB shine our way home…


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55 mph impressionism

55 mph impressionism
sunset through the trees caught out a speeding car’s window on Riverside in the Bronx. we’re getting out of town, cya next week…


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st marks smokin’

st marks smokin’
normally we avoid this block, but in the spirit of the smoke-in we had ta do it. a tourist actually stopped us and asked if we knew where he could buy some weed! we couldn’t hook him up with the purchase, but the guy got on his knees when we handed him the rest of our joint (hey, we know the feeling dude)


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