Videos of Awesomeness

May 15, 2012

Ghetto Cross Training Video

OMG, you have GOT to see this. We were tipped off to this insanely hilarious video by the super-hot Elizabeth […] Read More
May 14, 2012

Bacon Birthday Cake

It’s what for breakfast … ’cause it’s Monday and you need something special to get your week going — drool […] Read More
May 10, 2012

Baby Giraffe Chases Butterfly

Cute to the highest power at the Bronx Zoo. Yep, the world’s most adorable chase is on … Pursuit of […] Read More
May 8, 2012

Cutest Hiccups Evar

So much adorableness in one lil’ clip: Kitten Chugs Milk, Gets Hiccups … fast-forward to the 27-second mark for so […] Read More
April 26, 2012

Cat vs. Feeder

BAM! And just like that your day is made — Cat Fights Automatic Food Dispenser! Yes, this is what your […] Read More
April 25, 2012

Puggle Shuffle

ZOMG! 28 seconds of awww-some — Puggle Works Out Like a Boss 20 Pugs in Funny Hats Baby Pug Tongue […] Read More
April 18, 2012

Planet of the Cats

Is it just us, or are cats getting smarter? See the Amazing Cat Burglar! Purrfect: Obi-Wan Kittyobi Amazing Cat Tricks […] Read More
April 13, 2012

Corgi Goes AWOL

It’s Friday afternoon — we’re making like this adorbz Corgi and busting on outta here! Do not underestimate this little […] Read More