Puppy (& Kitty) Love

July 25, 2005

when pets rule the world…

when pets rule the world… it’s gonna be dam cute!… from the great site OneManSafari (unfortunately they seem to be […] Read More
June 10, 2005

Winston has a website!

Winston has a website! Winston, the cutest cat in the world has a webpage… and it’s fucking HILARIOUS!! go there […] Read More
May 27, 2005


Peepers our best friend’s dog, the ultra fashionable Peepers Saint Marie. Buddy’s not much into big dogs, but by default, […] Read More
May 12, 2005

bathing Winston

bathing Winston this is Winston aka Pigston aka Mr. Wizard. he’s an “exotic, short hair, blue tip” cat, who was […] Read More
May 9, 2005


puppylicious Dolly‘s cuteness drives everyone crazy… Read More
April 7, 2005

scared for the dog

scared for the dog can we just call this fashion-accessory-dog thing OVER? we’re seriously worried about some of these little […] Read More
March 31, 2005

to the good life

to the good life cityrag loves stories of rescued animals in happy new homes… here’s a little of Bessie’s great […] Read More
March 30, 2005

cool cat

cool cat Mister Gato is one of the coolest cats on the web. just look at that face, those love […] Read More