Puppy (& Kitty) Love

August 31, 2005

Helping Animals Effected by Katrina

Helping Animals Effected by Katrina A reader sent us this note “perhaps you could link to a group that is […] Read More
August 26, 2005

Rudy in car

Rudy in car Rudy does his best impersonation of “Toonces The Driving Cat”… Read More
August 19, 2005


Caught SarahSpace’s gorgeous dogs Truck and Pasha… “I am pretty sure I walked in on them plotting to kill me.” Read More
August 12, 2005

foxy brown

foxy brown from Sydney Australia we present Foxensular Bergamot Parselypup… a reader sent us a link to their dog’s amazing […] Read More
August 8, 2005

flair for style

flair for style FourFour gives equal time to Winston’s adorable brother Rudy – “a handsome cat with a flair for […] Read More
July 29, 2005

Dolly and Dio hit the pool

Dolly and Dio hit the pool little Dolly wasn’t sure what was up… “save me daddy” but Dio was all […] Read More
July 28, 2005

cat stuff

cat stuff this hilarious site’s been making the rounds, but since we missed it, we thought you might have too… […] Read More
July 27, 2005

could be worse

could be worse when Buddy started to complain about the bath, we told him about a cat named Winston who […] Read More