NY Profiles

March 27, 2009

Make Out Not War

Make Out Not War And with that, we’re out. Here’s a handy list of ongoing exhibitions & shows – Now […] Read More
November 3, 2006

We are all Madonna’s children

We are all Madonna’s children When will the world realize, we are all Madonna’s children… A cool and timely shot […] Read More
October 10, 2005

here comes the son

here comes the son our godson is getting so big. scroll this section to see him get little again. Read More
August 1, 2005

baby bucks

baby bucks “here”… the baby found a wad of cash in his momma’s purse and passed a little out to […] Read More
July 21, 2005

Summer Chemistry 101

Sweaty baby + cold ice cream = melty fun! (this goes out to the baby’s daddy working in SF – […] Read More
July 11, 2005

Baby in the Sink!

there’s a baby in the sink!… and he’s gettin’ clean. Read More
May 10, 2005

big boy

big boy baby got a hair cut. he’s a big boy now… Read More
April 29, 2005

brooklyn kid

brooklyn kid one last photo of those curls before our godson’s first haircut… Read More