JLo Forever

October 24, 2012

Jennifer Lopez’s Stomach Issue

Is Jennifer Lopez seriously that clueless about how to dress in the cold? or is she that much in love […] Read More
October 17, 2012

Talk to JLo’s Hand

Ms. Jennifer Lopez was out partying late and cannot be bothered to talk to you right now. Please talk to […] Read More
October 2, 2012

Jennifer Lopez’s Forehead Rises

Didn’t see this one coming, but congrats, Jennifer Lopez: Your forehead is now the largest part of your body! Click […] Read More
August 31, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Bikini Hokey Pokey

Dayum. Jennifer Lopez in a yellow tasseled bikini, with no makeup, and doing the “lizard dance” as she gets in […] Read More
July 3, 2012

Jennifer Lopez With Harem Pants and Tiny Umbrella

Nuff said … This week just gets better every day! Click the pictures to get all up in … JLo’s […] Read More
June 26, 2012

The JLo Conspiracy

Breaking news this morning — it appears Jennifer Lopez killed a man in Rio yesterday and had her children (yes, […] Read More
April 12, 2012

Jennifer Lopez’s Revenge Dress

You go, JLo! Mere hours after ex Marc Anthony filed for divorce, the “American Idol” judge showed up to work […] Read More
March 27, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Leg Xing

Jennifer Lopez appeared to be giving lessons in different leg crossing techniques, when she was on “Melhor do Brasil” yesterday. […] Read More