Fights Happen

September 28, 2004

fair fight

fair fight at the Demolition Derby a couple weeks ago we watched this fight go down… the stands and grounds […] Read More
August 19, 2004

street fight video motherload

street fight video motherload a friend sent us this link to the Danzig fight that made the rounds last month. […] Read More
July 21, 2004


oh-my-Gotti! huge new billboard on 42nd and Park. it’s like we woke up in the Land of the Giant Gotti’s… […] Read More
July 9, 2004

Sharon Osbourne kicked my boss in the balls!

Sharon Osbourne kicked my boss in the balls! in the early 80’s we worked at various venues for east coast […] Read More
July 8, 2004

sometimes fights don’t happen

sometimes fights don’t happen there’s no mistaking a street fight in new york… even from a block away – the […] Read More