Fights Happen

October 15, 2007

Movie Badasses

Movie Badasses Amen to Celebritology‘s comments on Maxim’s poll results for the Top 10 Movie Badasses… Corey Feldman makes the […] Read More
October 3, 2007

Danny Bona-Douchebag Strikes Again

Danny Bona-Douchebag Strikes Again Stories keep coming in today on Danny Bonaduce’s attack last night on some dude. The most […] Read More
May 9, 2007

Hocky Fight!

Hocky Fight! We don’t advocate hocky or kids fighting, but this innocent scuffle set to the music of System of […] Read More
April 26, 2007

Hugh Grant’s Baked Bean Beat Down

Hugh Grant’s Baked Bean Beat Down These shots of Hugh Grant flipping out at the paparazzi, throwing a container of […] Read More
March 26, 2007

The Bjork Fight

The Bjork Fight In 1996, while walking through an airport, the signer Bjork attacked and beat down a reporter. Check […] Read More
February 28, 2007

Cheerleader Fights Happen

Cheerleader Fights Happen Staged and silly, but still sexy (and well worth our 10 views.) It’s the uniforms and cheesy […] Read More
January 10, 2007

Kurt Cobain Fight

Kurt Cobain Fight The kidz at CollegeHumor have dug up a kick-ass video! Kurt Cobain dives into a crowd, gets […] Read More
November 1, 2006

Jared Leto keywords: talentless loser

Jared Leto keywords: talentless loser Throw these on the list too… pretentious, tacky, asshole, douche – he answers to them […] Read More