CityRag Smoke-in

March 22, 2005

Paris Hilton joint shot #3!

Paris Hilton joint shot #3! It’s raining Paris! photos of Paris running around yesterday (from the JJB board) catch her […] Read More
March 11, 2005

off to Mars

off to Mars and flying high… CityRag smoke-ins are all about taunting NYC’s policy of aggresively hunting down and arresting […] Read More
March 3, 2005

celebrities smoking weed

celebrities smoking weed some cute photos of Aaron Carter smoking it up with friends have been making the rounds this […] Read More
February 25, 2005

Paris puffs up

Paris puffs up just like us, it seems Paris likes smoking a little weed to relax during those stressful moments […] Read More
February 22, 2005

high peaks

high peaks a snowy smoke-in this weekend on a beautiful mountain over looking the Hudson River during the storm (a […] Read More
February 16, 2005

double jointed

double jointed this big one from goes out to our boy JG – happy birthday you handsome motherfucker! (and […] Read More
February 9, 2005

CityRag PSA: weed still illegal in NY

CityRag PSA: weed still illegal in NY been slacking off the public smoke-ins lately, but the reports from friends (and […] Read More
January 28, 2005

kitty smoke-in

kitty smoke-in dam, now the cats are mocking our smoke-ins. this is getting serious! Trixie and Olive smoke it up… […] Read More