CityRag Smoke-in

January 12, 2006

Hot in 2006: Celebrity Potheads

Hot in 2006: Celebrity Potheads Pot is hot in Hollywood… Steve-O Kevin Federline Lindsay Lohan Kelly Clarkson Paris – Paris […] Read More
November 29, 2005

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder A fun set of shots from Flickr… Thor rolls a joint Jesus & HeMan roll a joint Lego […] Read More
November 11, 2005

News of the Weed

News of the Weed – Cool shot above from almereyda on Flickr – Pot not a major cancer risk – […] Read More
October 13, 2005

high as a cat

high as a cat Rudy is our kinda cat! lots more great shots of Rudy getting high on fourfour. and […] Read More
September 29, 2005

Lego Stoners

Lego Stoners once again, mining the Flickr tags pays off… Lego Stoners! Jesus & HeMan roll a joint Read More
September 22, 2005

happy passers

happy passers hey thanks man Yo, Hemphead! Hold that hit Bong Vodka! more weed humor Read More
August 30, 2005

Jesus & HeMan roll a joint

Jesus & HeMan roll a joint told in 103 whacky photos… Jesus & HeMan Roll a Joint (from an anonymous […] Read More
August 2, 2005

bikini & blunt

bikini & blunt word to paigesix, this awesome photo and note brings back the good old dayz big time… “I […] Read More