Celebrity Tattoos

November 4, 2009

Celebrity Tattoos In Hiding

Celebrity Tattoos In Hiding A fresh gallery of star tattoos to gaze upon. Can you name the celebrity who has ... Read More
October 20, 2009

Celebrity Tattoos: Armed & Dangerous

Celebrity Tattoos: Armed & Dangerous Can you name these celebrities with full sleeve tattoos? Click the picture to reveal who’s ... Read More
October 12, 2009

Tattoo Stars

Tattoo Stars With tattoos, you don’t always have to go big to make an impression. Here’s 3 of the sexiest ... Read More
October 7, 2009

Sylvester Stallone’s Craptastic Tattoo

Sylvester Stallone’s Craptastic Tattoo A few months ago we posted a bunch of Mysterious Celebrity Tattoos and speculated that this ... Read More
July 1, 2009

Celebrity Ink Spots

Celebrity Ink Spots A collection of celebrity tattoos done in black ink. They should be all pretty recognizable by now. ... Read More
May 13, 2009

Well Suited

Well Suited Do these sexy celebrities look even hotter in full bodysuit tattoos? There’s no denying the work is fantastic! ... Read More
March 30, 2009

Celebrity Belly Button Piercings

Celebrity Belly Button Piercings Celebrities have sucked the edginess out of belly button piercings, but the sexiness stays solid. Name ... Read More
March 27, 2009

Rihanna’s Tattoos by the Dozen

Rihanna’s Tattoos by the Dozen It’s time to update Rihanna’s tattoo flow chart. Click the pics! Megan Fox’s Tattoos Chris ... Read More