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January 10, 2005

hairy scary

hairy scary Read More
December 21, 2004

the newest elf

the newest elf bringing a little glamour to elf-dom, it’s “Austin the fabulous!” before Austin is banished to the island […] Read More
December 17, 2004

oh ellen

oh ellen in case you haven’t caught this… Ellen DeGeneres dumped her girlfriend so that Portia de Rossi could move […] Read More
December 8, 2004

the smell of jerk

the smell of jerk Donald Trump launches his new cologne. we think his next cosmetic venture should be a craggily-chin […] Read More
December 6, 2004

Paris does, Beyonce doesn’t

Paris does, Beyonce doesn’t couple quick things we caught today and had ta share… yowza… SNATCHED SNACH to the left […] Read More
December 3, 2004

a three-way we don’t want in on

a three-way we don’t want in on Read More
October 18, 2004

At least she’s not gay

At least she’s not gay some fucking brilliant shit from those crazy kidz at Sony. we’ll let the email from […] Read More
September 23, 2004


Federlings not saying we scooped this fad, cuz like it’s so obvious… but we’ve been seeing at least 3-4 Kevin […] Read More