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February 16, 2005

hairy scary pt 2

hairy scary pt 2 hairy scary twins, Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon snapped at a recent party by the CobraSnake ... Read More
February 15, 2005

Kelly Osbourne intervention

Kelly Osbourne intervention it’s starting to seem like there’s a mass blog-intervention going on to slap Kelly Osbourne upside the ... Read More
February 7, 2005

Paris caught frontin’

Paris caught frontin’ twice in one weekend… the Bastardly sums up her disappionting Saturday Night Live appearance – Paris Not ... Read More

the hottest seat at Fashion Week NY…

the hottest seat at Fashion Week NY… Fashion Week in NY kicked off last Friday, but the fun has just ... Read More
February 4, 2005

does Austin read Gawker?

does Austin read Gawker? you might remember us running a story back in December that Austin Scarlet from Project Runway ... Read More
February 1, 2005


de-facing heads will roll: someone glued Michael Jackson’s face on wrong this morning. Wildenstein challenge: Jackie Stallone is seriously challenging ... Read More
January 26, 2005

Farrah’s reality series starts early

Farrah’s reality series starts early we were floored by a photo Ms. Miu ran last week of Farrah Fawcett looking ... Read More
January 21, 2005

dead wood

dead wood Oh SNAP – this fantastic photo was caught by Low Culture on Getty Images. Check out Low Culture’s ... Read More